Revelation: Diary of an Angel

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This is a story about an angel's journey to earth to find those that still believe in God.

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



I remember a time when the world contemplated the existence of God, how folly, now the world wishes it remained that way. It all started with the appearance of an illusionist named Frankie Wattana, a mask-wearing, self-proclaimed magician about six ft. tall. Frankie first performed his tricks in an audition of Britain's got talent where he wowed the audience with spectacular ‘tricks' like levitation, disappearing acts and for his finale, he recreated a miracle from the Bible, turning water into wine. He then challenges his audience to figure out how he did it. The audience puzzled, in total shock and awe. Social media blows up, everyone trying to come up with an answer, different theories surfaced; ‘He must have put dye in the water', ‘It must have white wine but with a coloring agent added to it.'. Even the famous magic debunkers couldn't provide a satisfying theory or solution. There was one other theory that came to play; ‘What if it was real', that theory was quickly shot down by the skeptics who called it absurd, after all, there is no way magic exists, it belongs with other fairytales like Santa Claus, Aliens, and God. If only that was the case if only Frank Wattana was just any human who performed tricks. Frank continued to perform this ‘tricks' all the while hiding his identity and his popularity continued to grow. He made rainfall, the moon to turn red and many other things that shouldn't be possible. He was all the world talked about, on the cover of every major newspaper, the talk of the media, trending on social media. Soon, to be able to enter his shows, a special three-digit code was needed. A code, the Christian faithful were all too familiar with. The beginning of the end? There were several sings to show this; War and destruction, famine in the land, bizarre technology, violence and sexual immorality, corruption, natural disasters. But the appearance of the first truly signaled it, and more was to come.

 On a Monday morning in London, there were reported sightings of a man who was dressed in all white with long black hair walking on water. His beauty enchanted all, men and women alike, his body shone like the morning sun. The Christian faithful were all full of joy, their savior had arrived to save them from the deception of the First. Many arose to welcome him, the number in millions. I remember has he laid his hands upon them and proclaimed himself as their lord. This happened all over the world, several men dressed in all white walking on water. Then came the tribulation, as this self-proclaimed Lord made his followers perform impure acts to forgive their sins. As if this wasn't a giveaway that this person might not be who he claims to be, many fell for the trap as this was an opportunity to engage in their darkest desires as their Lord had given them the permission to do so. News of this immorality quickly spread, and the world was quick to turn against them, the Many Christs and their followers. This quickly turned into a bloodbath as enraged lovers who saw their loved ones taken away from them with the excuse that they are serving the Lord, non-believers, and Christians who didn't believe the deception decided to revolt against the Lords. ‘I am your lord' said one of the Jesuses as he was crucified in dramatic irony by those who revolted, all around the world. Several of the Christs were killed and many thrown in prison for the crime of deception. But this didn't matter as the second had already fulfilled his purpose by tarnishing the general outlook of religion. I saw as several churches were burned down, faithful Christians persecuted for their faith, as the world now saw religion especially Christianity as a plaque and something that should be rid of. With the rising popularity of the first and drastic decline in Christianity due to the actions of the second then came the Third.

 Due to the second's actions, and the outlook of Christianity bad, many are calling for the government to ban Christianity. Of course, this would have been a violation of a fundamental human law and as such wasn't banned. This didn't stop mobs from destroying churches, killing faithful Christians and forcing them to deny their God. Then came a voice which proclaimed itself to be the Living God saying to Christians who were willing to listen; ‘I AM, have you forsaken me, you watch as they burn my temple and worshipping place, you watch as they defile it, you let pagans do as they please' stirring the anger in their hearts causing them to revolt against their oppressors, killing those who burnt down their churches, those who defiled it and pagans all because God spoke to them, they killed in the name of my loving God. This eventually forces the government's hand, as there was anger, and a lot of bloodshed from both sides, causing the governments of the world to agree on a policy, a no religion policy. Several months after the appearance of the first, Frankie Wattana, religion is banned. Just the mention of the name of God was enough to charge and put in prison for, pressure is put on main churches to close and they eventually do, even denying the existence of God claiming it to be a scam they all made up to manipulate people into doing what they want. From billions to a few thousand, the world watched the fall of a major religion within the span of a year. The actions of the third, the proclaimed voice of God, signaled the ending times. As wars begun to rise and the world devoid of hope it's my duty, I, Michael, son of the Living God, to protect those who still have hope. I can't just sit by and watch the little hope left be snuffed out even if I am told not to interfere, it might cost me my place in heaven, but I can't just be idle. "Servant of the living God" those words pierced through my soul. Are they aware that I am here, that I have disobeyed my Lord to save the world from damnation? I must hurry before they find me, I must protect the light in this darkened world and thus I rose from the highest mountain on earth to find those who had not yet fallen into despair.

In my search, I met a young couple whom still looked unto the Lord, whose faith never waned. The previous night, I watched as they were about to be attacked and quickly rose to defend them from an angry mob. The couple decided to thank me by providing dinner and a place to stay from the night, I do not thirst nor hunger neither do I need shelter, but I couldn't find it within me to reject this young couple, so I accepted their offer. Then appeared before me three figures, clearly not of this earth, and thus I rose up to flee, for the beasts have been given power and authority over the earth. Have I made an error? Should I have stayed to protect that young couple even if it could have cost my life? My search for the faithful continues, this time I must ensure that I protect them at any cost!

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