Succubus-san Wants to Drain My Life!

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reku-chan here.

I don't know the reason why I did this. Te-he~!

Anyways, here's Episode 0, senpai!

Prolog (v.1) - It All Started With "What?"

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



Impossibile est idem secundem idem simul esse et non esse.


When I was a child, I got a severe case of dengue. At that time, I'm in the first grade of elementary school, and if I'm not mistaken, we're supposed to take our Periodical Exams in school on the day I got sick.

While in the hospital, all I did every day is to rest. As a child, the inability to come out and play is a grave punishment for me.

One day, my sister suddenly visited me in my bed on the Children's Ward after living away from us for many years. Me, having to lie down in bed all day while receiving intravenous treatment and not doing anything, considered her visit as a godsend. Finally, I can have someone to talk to!

When she visited me, she held a storybook in her hands.

" that?"

I asked her why did she brought that, and she said, "I'll read you a story, so that you won't be bored in this place.". Being an elementary school teacher in the province, she often tell stories to her students before they go home.

I learned reading when I was three, so I tried to read the title of the book even though my head is still feeling dizzy. I-In Ano...ther W-World with my Gu-randmo...ther???

She opened the book, and began reading the story. At that time, I was always inattentive when it comes to stories, so I pretended to be asleep as she continued to read. Then, she began telling stories about dragons, magic, princesses and so much more. Because of that, I piqued my interest on the story.

"That's it for now. You need to rest in order for you to recover." She said as she closed the book after reading the fifth chapter.

"But I want to know the rest of the story!" I protested to her in a tantrum.

"I'll read it to you everyday, so don't be sad. If you finally recovered, I'll read more stories like this. Is that okay for you, Riku?" Sister said in a caring tone.

"Okay. I'll get well faster than you think!"

Then after that, she went home.

After a few days, I finally got out of the hospital, and Sis fulfilled her promise to me.

And thus, my interest with the world of fantasy began.

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