A Little Bit Of

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Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



A little bit of water to quench my thirst; pacifying smoldering flames in my throat,

A little bit of cloth encapsulating my shriveled demeanor; offering me warmth,

A little bit of shoe covering my chapped feet; facilitating me to execute handsome strides,

A little bit of chocolate rum; to impregnate my body with warmth in shivering cold,

A little bit of stone roof over my head; shielding me from the acerbic sun and pelting rain,

A little bit of hair on my scalp; cushioning my bones from body blows of the iron bludgeon,

A little bit of pungent chili in my mouth; tingling dormant zones of my palette,

A little bit of car to roam about uninhibited; gliding enigmatically through winding
lanes of the valley,

A little bit of sunshine filtering through the window; stringently fumigating forlorn
memories of the past,

A little bit of steam bath at dawn; reinvigorating exhausted muscles of my body,

A little bit of silver watch wound on my wrist; incessantly highlighting the exact time of the day,

A little bit pencil lead in my hands; prompting me to inundate barren sheets of paper with literature,

A little bit of tear in my crystal eyes; portraying a plethora of effusive emotions,

A little bit of entangled rope; on which I could vigorously roll and swing,

A little bit of sweat dribbling down my chest; revealing signs of exhilaration,

A little bit of greenery besieging my vision; catapulting me into waves of ecstatic jubilation,

A little bit of slimy reptile in my arms; cuddling me with its enchanting charm,

A little bit of camera slung over my shoulder; capturing innumerable objects in proximity,

A little bit of moonshine infiltrating through my skin; accentuating its radiance and
supple complexion,

A little bit of cream butter to smear on roasted bread; to savor the pinnacle of appetizing taste,

A little bit of leather riveted to my hands; enabling me to punch my fists in air,

A little bit of agility in my legs; helping me clamber the steep mountain,

A little bit of tinted glass camouflaging my eye; obliterating my vision from acrid rays of the sun,

A little bit of unscrupulous joke; provoking me to burst into unrestrained pools of laughter,

A little bit of stuffed cotton quilt; for me to blissfully sleep in the treacherous night,

A little bit of blessing from the creator; to assist me in versatile arenas of my life,

And a little bit of love; from the girl I intensely loved,

Is all that I needed to rekindle my soul; making me feel I was wholesomely alive.

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