What goes around comes around

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What goes around comes around.





We love our children dearly their care takes hours and hours.

We’re sure that other people’s kids aren’t half as nice as ours.

Their gurgles and their winsome smiles they always make us happy

But the joy of life is weighed against that lovely poo'y nappy.

They grow up fast and act so cute behaviour is the rule.

No sooner have they learned to speak, next week there’re off to school.


Their class work all seems very slow it raises many fears

Are they working hard enough to keep up with their peers?

We know they’re bright we push them hard, such a lot of huffing

What did you do at school today the answer comes back, “nothing”

By this time you’ve had second thoughts the funding’s very tough

Your just about to pull them out when they pass eleven plus.


Your feeling pleased, work has paid, you’ve given them the right care

Alas too soon they’ve reached their teens, become a bloody nightmare.

You try to guide them help them out at least to ease the fall

You might as well have saved your breath of course they know it all,

Embarrassed by their parent’s now resentments all in spades

You’re not sure who is more surprised when they achieve the grades,


So now it’s off to uni you think there’re in safekeeping

You don’t know what its all about, or with whom there’re sleeping

Their visits home are such a rush their manners seem so brash

Forget the course work mum and dad what I need is cash

You worry they won’t make the grade, they don’t have quite the thirst

It all seems like a waste of time, but then, a double first!


They find a job that pays quite well there’re settled, in the stands

You breathe a sigh relax a bit at last there’re off your hands

But not so fast, they need some funds you’re taken all aback

They’ve met some one its really love and they need to buy a flat.

But take heart all you parents remember this refrain

The laugh is on our children when the cycle starts again.


Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Jim Green

Laughs. Oh my god I love this. This is brilliant. I was thinking it was gonna be about one thing by the title and then began reading it and found the ending so perfect. They cycle continues on. I love it. I hit the like button. Well written and thought provoking even. Wonderful.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 5:27pm


Thank you for reading Jim, glad you liked it. I don't normally do poetry but perhaps I'll put a couple more on later. Good luck with your writing I'll look out for your next contirbution regards Peter.

Thu, January 25th, 2018 1:58am


This is excellent, Peter. Not only well thought out but excellent with the rhyming too.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 8:54pm

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