The Word 'Friend' Can Mean Many Things

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2 - A New School Year

Submitted: January 29, 2018

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Submitted: January 29, 2018



Suga dragged her along as Emma refused to move into the building. She HATED school. And starting a new school year was on the BOTTOM of her bucket list.
“Suga, stop!” She whined. But he only pulled her along harder.
“Stop your whining, it’s just school,” He rolled his eyes.
Suddenly, someone’s arms swept under Emma’s legs and held her back as she was lifted in the air. She yelped out, and looked over. It was only J-Hope.
“C’mon! A new year will be fun! You’ll be with all of us!” J-Hope was uncomfortably excited.
She crossed her arms and looked away from them.

After a few hours, all eight members had their schedules and were comparing with each other’s.
“Look at that, we all have the same classes!” Jimin sighed in relief.
“That way we can show Emma around well,” RM smiled, and put his arm over Emma’s shoulders. She looked at him and smiled. RM was basically a father figure to her. He cared for her, but EVERYONE knows that Jin is the mom.

The first bell rang and Emma trailed behind the boys. She shook her head, trying to have a good first day.

What if people don’t like me?
What if they don’t like my style?
Or who I am?
Or what I look like?

Questions flooded her head and she felt light-headed. Someone slowly slipped their arms under Emma’s legs and under her arms and lifted her up. She looked over and was surprised to see Suga looking down at her with a slightly flushed face.

“You were falling behind, I didn’t want you to lose us,” He shook his head. He still had the same hard voice as when he first spoke to her.



RM slowly opened the door to the dorm, a sobbing malnourished Emma in his arms.
“What’s that?” Jimin got up and walked over to RM. When he realized what it was, his eyes widened. “A girl?”
Right when he said that, J-Hope and Jin were at his side.
“She looks so weak..,” Jin tilted his head, his eyes filling with worry.
“Bring her to Suga, he’ll know what to do,” RM rushed out right as J-Hope said that.


He knocked on Suga’s room door. “Suga…?”
“Come in,” His voice was low.
RM opened the door to a reading Suga. When Suga looked up, he had bright, happy eyes. When his eyes rested on Emma’s body in RM’s arms, they went dark.
“What’s this?” He sneered.
“Her name is Emma. She was just abandoned by her father,” RM explained.
“I don’t want anything to do with her,” He snarled.
“Well you’re going to have to, she is going to stay with us because she doesn’t have a family,” RM gave a hard glare.
Suga sighed. “Fine.. I will see what I can do.”

RM slowly handed a sleeping Emma into Suga’s arms. He looked down at her soft face, and slowly ran his hand over her skin.
“Such soft skin..,” Suga muttered to himself.
“What?” RM looked at him.
“I said I’ll take care of her only this one time,” Suga looked at him.
“Alright..,” RM walked out of the room.

“I may seem like I don’t care… But I truly do,” Suga lightly ran his hand over Emma’s cheek and smiled.



“This is your new classmate, Emma,” The teacher looked at her and smiled.
Emma had heard this nine times now throughout her day, and she was getting tired of it.

But this class seemed different. Most students didn’t care of her presence.

But.. She was the only girl in this class.
Everyone turned to her and she shifted uncomfortably.

“Take your seat,” The teacher motioned to an empty desk next to Suga. She swiftly took the seat next to Suga and put her head down. At least six other boys were staring at her.
“You can look up, they aren’t staring at you anymore,” Suga whispered in her ear.

She looked up to see that Suga was right. No one was staring at her anymore.



Walking home

Emma couldn’t stop looking at the scene as they walked back to the Big Hit Entertainment in America. It’s nothing like the one in Korea, the one in Korea being MUCH larger.  

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Suga said behind her.
“Yea.. I’m going to miss it when we go back to Korea..,” Emma sighed.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take you somewhere when we get back,” Suga looked in front of him, and walked back to the remaining members.
Why was he being nice to me so suddenly..? Emma wondered to herself. She shook her head to catch up with the rest of the members.
“Why do we have to go to school in America?” Emma asked.
“We don’t English very well..,” Jimin sighed.
“Jimin you got no jams.”

Everyone burst out laughing.


“Not funny..,” Jimin muttered.
“English- ah, very hard..,” Emma shook her head at the members except for Jungkook, Suga, and RM trying to speak in English.

She smiled when Jin picked up Jimin.
“Put me down!” Jimin squirmed and twisted in Jin’s hold.

Emma sighed as she looked back into the trees. Who was her real family? She had never known her mother, and her father left her months ago. What made him do this?


Heya guys, I’m possibly going to be grounded for a while, not sure why. But I might not update for a while, so ya.. Stay tuned for more.. x3

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