The Word 'Friend' Can Mean Many Things

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 3 - Practice? More Like Complaining

Submitted: January 31, 2018

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Submitted: January 31, 2018



“So you have to go into the back,” Jin whispered backstage.
“Why do I have to go into the back?” Emma questioned.
“So we can announce our newest member peacefully,” Suga joked, earning a slap on the back by Jin.

“Hush Suga, do you know how the fans will react since we have been a seven member boy band for seven years?”
“Well I dunno Jin, considering we never actually accepted Angel as ou-” Suga was cut off by Jungkook elbowing his ribcage.
“Ow..,” Suga complained.
“Hush,” Jungkook rolled his eyes.
Everyone except Emma ran out onto the stage, the director clapping.
“Great intro! Now, continue,” He smiled.
“Well, I just want to say thank you all for coming out too see us,” RM explained smoothly.
“We have a very large announcement!” Jungkook yelled.
“We have a new member…,” Suga rolled his eyes.
“Cut..,” The director sighed. “Suga, you need to be more enthusiastic about this!
“I can’t be!” He sat down.
Moments of silence later, Emma peered her head out of the curtain.
Why are they being so silent suddenly..?

All of the members were whispering amongst one another. Perhaps they were debating whether or not to let her into the band or not.


Rap Mon/RM’s POV


All of this arguing was really tiring me, and we needed to rehearse more or else Emma will never be able to perform with us in the next concert, or even the next one after.

“Let Emma dance and sing in this concert. If we all agree that she isn’t the best for it, then we won’t let her in the band,” I sighed.
“I like that idea,” Jungkook nodded his head.
“As of we know, Emma’s a rapper, and will be rapping with Suga until we can separate lyrics in newer songs.”
Suga of course, was completely silent.

I walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “C’mon, you can tell me what is bothering you.”
“How you brought home a girl a few months ago and expect her to be in our band when all she can be is some clumsy idiot who can’t put one foot in front of another.”


Third Person POV


Silently waiting for the rest of the band members to finish with the intro, Emma leaned against the wall in the back with Suga.
“Why do you hate me..,” She muttered.
“Pardon?” He looked at her with intense eyes.
“I asked why you hate me!” She crossed her arms.
He turned away.

“Thanks for the answer..,” She muttered under her breath.


(A/N: Parts of this book are going to have Korean in it. Obviously considering they are a K-Pop band, so remember that xD)


When she heard the beat of the song drop, Emma ran out, Suga behind her. Suddenly Suga swept his arms under Emma’s legs and her back, and lifted her in the air in the front. The director seemed impressed, but Emma was trying to hide her embarrassment because she was not expecting it.


Then J-Hope started signing his lyrics.

(Another A/N: There will be no translations)


“Yeah, nuga nae nujeo deoreobdae I don’t care maikeu jabeum geumsujeo yeoreot pae beoreokhae jal igeum geotteul seutekki yeoreo gae,” He paused to take a short breath. While he did that, Suga put Emma down, and grabbed her hand, spinning her around.
“World business, haekshim seoboe ilsunwi maejin, manchi anchi i clat gachil mankkik, joeun hyanggie akchwin banchik mic mic bungee!”
Immediately after that, Suga stopped spinning a nauseous Emma and held her close to him, as they sang together, perfect harmony.
“Mic mic bungee, bright light jeonjin, manghal geo gatatget jiman I’m fine, sorry, mianhae billboard, mianhae worldwide, adeuri neom jallagaseo mianhae eomma,”
We paused to take a short breath.
“Daeshinhae jwo niga mothan hyodo uri konseoteu jeolade eopseo podo,”
Then it was just Emma.
“I do it, I do it neon mateopneun rattattui hok baega apeudamyeon gosohae Sue it,”

She took a short breath. Everyone looked impressed at her, even Suga nodded his head in approval.


“Wow! That was amazing!” The director nodded his head quickly in approval. “Your new recruit is coming along very well, she is a very fast rapper,” He smiled.
Suga sighed, and smiled. “You’re right, she really is a great rapper.”
He earned some shocked looks.
“Well, truth being, I used to rap, but people hated it so much that I stopped,” Emma admitted.
“Hey, you’re part of us now, express yourself in any way,” V smiled.
“Yeah! Because after all, we aren’t just a band, we’re family!” Jungkook pulled them all into a tight hug.


Emma was happy with the tight embrace, she hadn't felt one since RM brought her home.
“We are all family, and that’s all that matters,” Jimin smiled.

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