The Word 'Friend' Can Mean Many Things [DISCONTINUED]

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

(BTS [Suga Fanficiton]) "You're my true friend, right..?" She whispered. "The word 'friend' can mean many things.. But you're more than a friend to me," He smiles, his hand rubbing her back to
comfort her. The silent nights.. The cries of pain. That's all that she can hear at night.

- Discontinued - | Ended October 7th, 2019 |

Table of Contents


"But.. I thought you were my friend!" She cried out in the thunderstorm. "The word friend can mean many things... I was never your frie... Read Chapter

Chapter 1 - Recruit

(A/N: In this book I am going to use their stage names so that it is easier for me to remember who is who and not get confused by so many... Read Chapter

Chapter 2 - A New School Year

Suga dragged her along as Emma refused to move into the building. She HATED school. And starting a new school year was on the BOTTOM of... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 - Practice? More Like Complaining

“So you have to go into the back,” Jin whispered backstage. “Why do I have to go into the back?” Emma questioned. “So we ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4 - Concert Night

Emma silently waited in the back with Suga. Fans crowded the hall, pouring into the seats, already screaming the fan chant. “Kim Namj... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 - Is This Love?

“Hush, you’re going to wake them up!” “Shhush!” There was loud giggling that slowly woke Suga up. Suddenly, there was squ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 - The Date

Chapter 6 - The Date   (A/N: Yes, I know I died for some time. Sorry about that XD Here’s the update!)   ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 - Stay the Night

“S-Stay the night…? In YOUR room?” Suga’s eyes widened as he rubbed his elbow. His face continues getting more and more red as ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 - The Bullies at School Make me Want to Cry

It was another simple week at school, it had been about a month now that Emma and the boys were in school. Emma had choir with the boys... Read Chapter

~ Apologies... ~

I'm terribly sorry everyone, but I am unable to continue this book. I've been trying to write many, many different chapters for this book... Read Chapter

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What is the plot? Lmao I'm interested!

Thu, January 25th, 2018 2:01pm