You just can't judge people by their looks

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This is a true story.

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



This is a true story.


A while back I use to work for a computer store. They would eventually go belly up and couldn't compete with their main competitor but that's another story altogether. Anyways I use to smoke back then and one day while I was on one of my smoking breaks outside the store I was standing around watching the people come and go in the parking lot and the traffic beyond that like I always did. I've always been a people watcher and such and I tend to study people and how they behave and such. Its just something I've always done.


Anyways, the store I worked for was next to a pet store chain, one of the big ones and they sold pet food and supplies and even had puppies and kittens, fishes and hamsters and other animals that you could buy. While I was standing there smoking my cigarette a huge monster of a truck pulls up in front of me. I mean this thing was huge, it had a lift kit and huge wheels and was pretty impressive. The driver got out on the other side and moved around the truck. He was a big dude, wearing a shirt with cut off sleeves and tattoos all up and down his arms. He had on a dew rag on his head and looked pretty fierce from what I could see. Like he could stomp you into the ground if you even looked at him the wrong way. I mean that is how he looked just looking at him. He looked mean, like “don't cross me man” type of deal.


I watched him as he moved to the passenger side of his huge truck and opened up the door. He pulled out a sweet tiny little dog. I think it was a Shis Tzu but I'm not really sure. In any case the little thing looked like Benji or Toto of something. That's what it reminded me of.  The guy took the little dog and held it close to his body, and then closed the door. He started talking baby talk to it, saying “Baby I'm gonna get you some toys” "I love you" giving it a sweet little kiss on the head and some other stuff, talking totally sweet to his little buddy as he petted it softly on the head while carrying it inside.


It was a juxtaposition of opposites I tell you. Really marvelous to watch. Here was this huge guy who jumps out of a huge truck with tattoos on his arms and he looks like he could kill you for looking at him wrong and he's baby talking his sweet little dog and hugging it and loving on it. Which made me realize you really can't judge people on their looks alone. We just never know about a person do we from first glance? We don't know their story or what they're really like or what their heart is or their intellect.


It just made me think about things a bit and to smile.  I just had to share this little memory. The photo I picked for this story isn't the guy of course. This guy is the actor who played "The Mountain" from the Game of Thrones series (which I absolutely love ) but he seemed to fit the look. Look at how loving and proud he is of his little buddy. You just never know about people based on their looks alone.  I personally try not to judge anyone for anything. I don't think it's the reason why I was put here. I just thought I'd share this little memory. 

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