Her own Lucifer

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Her own Lucifer

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



She's the devil in disguise, but damn I love it. She has me wanting to breathe all of her in. She makes me want to be her own Lucifer.

My heart is as cold as ice but she makes me feel so alive. She sets fire to my body, I feel it rush through veins when she touches me. Her horns hold up her halo.

Good girl turned evil, but the way she makes me feel I just can't get enough.

I thirst for our nights when we raise a little hell. Feel the blood pumping, feel the adrenaline rush. I am contaminated by her hellish ways but maybe it is because I have finally let it lose.

I have felt the flames of hell lick at my skin, pulling me further into the twisted darkness of all my evil ways and when I am with her I would sell my soul for the high she gives me and every time we are alone she gets everything she wants and more.

We have had so many dark nights but only her darkness can deliver my love.

I need her fire to know I am alive. She has me hooked and I am burning in her blaze.

When I fall down into ashes she is what relights me. She is my ignition to all of my burning desires. I am her Lucifer and every night we are each others flames in the darkness. Together we burn brighter and no one should dare to dim or put out out light.


We are what your nightmares contain. Do not test us. We will steal your soul. You should be afraid.

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