Under The Same Blue Sky - Vol. 3

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Volume 3

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018




Daisuke : EH!???

Aoi : I told you not to scream.

Daisuke : Wait, you are married!?

Aoi : yes.

Daisuke : To ?

Aoi : My mother’s foster daughter.

Daisuke : Your mother has a foster daughter!?

Aoi : I just knew it recently. But it was harder for her, she got to know about me just a few days before we met.

Daisuke : When can I meet her?

Aoi : Why do you want to see her?

Daisuke : Why wouldn’t I not want to see my best friend’s wife?

Aoi : (sigh)


Nayuki : Mayeda-kun, have you handed your literature notebook?

Shohei : eh?

Nayuki : Again??

Shohei : wait, I have it. Its here.

Nayuki : Thank you!

Shohei : Sakurai-san.

Nayuki : Hai?

Shohei stood up and went closer to Nayuki. He swiftly remove the dust on Nayuki’s hair and that made Nayuki hold her breath.

Shohei : You are too busy taking of the class, take good care of yourself too sometimes.

Shohei left Nayuki there and went out of the class. Nayuki was still shocked when she realized Shohei was so near to her when he dusted the dust of her hair. Some parts of her just froze and her heart was pumping so fast even when SHohei had left.

Nayuki : what was that? (holding her heart)


Haru : I don’t know about my brother. He is always this cool type but I just don’t know (laughing)

Riho : Hmmmm. I mean I think it will be nice if one day he likes someone right?

Haru : Suzu was already good for him but things just went wrong in a blink.

Riho : (laughing)

Haru : So, how was last night? Did you guys talk?

Riho : Are you going to ask me about that everyday?

Haru : Of course!

Riho : You are late for your kendo training haru.

Haru : You have training as well?

Riho : Nope, I don’t. But I have to help them with the new members.

Haru : So we’ll meet later! Ja!


Aoi was already home and he just realized Riho wasn’t home yet. Aoi was about to take his phone out to call Riho but then suddenly he stopped halfway.

Aoi : Since when do i…(sigh)

Aoi placed his phone back in his pocket and he went straight to the couch. He took out his phone and tapped on “gallery”. He was scrolling through the photos when he saw a few photos of Yuna, his ex-girlfriend. He tapped on one photo and he just stare the photo of Yuna smiling.

Aoi locked his phone and he just throw his phone on the coffee table infront of him. Suddenly he remembered the day Yuna decided to break it off between of them


Yuna : Why cant you support my passion?

Aoi : its not that I don’t support you Yuna. But you could have discussed with me before just deciding on your own

Yuna : Aoi, you were suppose to support me no matter what. And I have to do this.

Aoi : Is this an excuse for you to cut things between us?

Yuna : …

Aoi : You suddenly leaving for London and breaking of things with me.

Yuna : Aoi, enough.

Aoi : Fine,alright. I guess I am not as important as I thought. Have it your way Yuna. We are done.

Yuna : You are such a jerk! You should know how this is so important to me.

Aoi : And to think that you were the most important thing to me. I guess not anymore.



Riho stretches her arms once the last period bell rung. Everyone was so excited to go out of the class when Shohei came to her class.

Shohei : Here.

Riho : Eh?

Shohei : There is festival this weekend. Bring Aoi. I am sure this can help you.

Riho and Haru : EH!????????????????

Shohei : Bye bye.

Shohei just placed two tickets on Riho’s table and left without saying anything. Haru and Riho were both left dumb-founded when Shohei did that

Haru : A festival?

Riho : What festival?

Haru : A  festival on the.. eh!? This Saturday?

Riho : Hanabi?

Haru : So so, a firework festival.  You should ask him. Why not

Riho : Hold it.

Haru : eh?

Riho : Why do I feel like that I am trying so hard? It’s not like I am trying to make me like him. Right?

Haru : you don’t like him?

Riho : No.

Haru : So you dislike him?

Riho : No.. its just. Not that I am trying to make him like me. I don’t have to do anything right?

Haru : Baka. Riho, you have to try to make you guys comfortable remember? He might have a hard time too. You are always so cold at times.

Riho : Do  I have to do this…


Aoi was busy doing his work in his room when he heard the door opened. He knew Riho is back so he continued doing his work.

Riho went straight to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. But then as she was taking out the ingredients, she just realized that she was so used to cooking for herself that she forgot Aoi is living with her.

Riho : I forgot that I am married (hitting her head)

Riho put her bag on the kitchen table and went to Aoi’s room. She stood in front of his door for a while thinking is she should knock and ask if he’d like to eat dinner at home. She kept on sighing and she was actually going back and forth infront of Aoi’s door, thinking about it. She turned to Aoi’s door and let out her breath

Riho : Yosh!

As Riho was about to knock suddenly Aoi’s door opened and Aoi was surprised to see Riho infront of his door.

Aoi : Riho?

Riho’s right hand was already up and ready to knock on Aoi’s door but when it flung opened, Riho was too taken aback to even put her hand down and she just stood there looking at Aoi.

Riho : uhhh..aaa

Aoi : Are you alright?

Riho : Dinner..

Aoi : Dinner..?

Riho : Had your dinner?

Aoi : Oh, I haven’t, I was in my room since I got back.

Riho : Do you want to eat dinner?

Aoi : eh?

Riho : No no, I was about to cook but then I suddenly remembered that you are living in the same house. So I before I cook dinner, I need to ask you first if you’d like to eat but then im not forcing you to eat but if you want to-

Aoi laughed as Riho kept babbling and Riho abruptly stopped talking when she heard him laughing at her.

Aoi : I’ll help you cook. What do you plan to cook?

Riho was stirring the curry when Aoi came to her to take a look at her cooking.

Aoi : So this is how you cook curry.

Riho : You take this paste, dissolve it and then put in the bowl. And you wait till it thickens.

Aoi : (nodding)

Riho : is the table ready?

Both of them were busy eating when suddenly Riho’s phone rang. Aoi looked at her phone and he managed to catch the name of the caller “ Arata Hiroki”

Riho : Moshi moshi? Hai Arata-kun?

Riho excused herself for a while and went to her room to talk. Aoi just smiled and nod to her as she excused herself to her room. Aoi suddenly felt weird that he shook his head and continued eating.


Airi : Daisuke!

Daisuke was busy editing the videos from the previous project when Airi came to her whispering from the moment she came into Daisuke’s working room.

Daisuke : Airi?

Airi : Did you know about Ohara Yuna returning from London?

Daisuke : eh?

Airi : My friend work at the Haneda Airport and she saw Yuna at the airport.

Daisuke : eh?

Airi : you remember Moe? She was the one who saw Yuna at the airport last night. I wanted to ask Aoi but he is so busy..

Daisuke and Airi turned to look outside of the room through the clear glass, Aoi was busy adjusting his tripod and rearranging his equipment

Daisuke : Are you sure its Ohara Yuna?

Airi : of course I am sure. Moe was the one who checked her id when she came to Moe to buy her railpass ticket.

Daisuke : ( sigh)

Airi : Do you think we should ask Aoi about this?

Daisuke : Maybe he knows about it?

Airi : (sigh)


Nayuki : So everyone have submitted their book hmmm

Nayuki was busy counting the notebooks on the teacher’s table when Shohei came to her.

Nayuki : Mayeda-kun?

Shohei : lets go send the book to the staff’s room

Shohei swiftly took half of the book and went out of the class. Nayuki was still surprised that she just stood there not moving an inch.

Nayuki : eh?

Shohei : Are we sending the books or no?

Nayuki : yes yes yes, lets go

Nayuki quickly took the other half of the note books and tailed behind Shohei as they walk towards the staff room

Sakurai Nayuki is petite girl with medium short dark brown hair. She is always seen cleaning the class, keeping the books submitted on time and always always cleaning the blackboard despite not being her day to be on duty. She simply love keeping things organized.

As they were walking back to their class, Nayuki were humming to her favourite song and suddenly Shohei stopped and that made her stop walking too

Shohei : You listen to  classical as well?

Nayuki : eh?

Shohei : The song you were humming to

Nayuki : Ah,Vivaldi ?

Shohei : Vivaldi.

Nayuki : My favourite

Shohei : Have you listen to other composers?

Nayuki : I do, I listen to them all the time but Vivaldi is my all time-favourite.

Shohei : I see.

Nayuki : (nodding)

Shohei : Next time, don’t carry all the books by yourself. Ask anyone to help Sakura-san.

Nayuki : eh?

Shohei : I can help too.

Nayuki : You are so weird sometimes Mayeda-kun

Shohei : Why?

Nayuki : All the girls are so scared of you actually but you are actually very kind. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to call you whenever I need help with the books!


Haru : Why do I feel like I have gained weight?

Riho : mmmm?

Haru : I think my waist has gotten bigger!?

Riho : Did you eat and sleep the whole time Haru?

Haru : heh?

Riho was adjusting her yukata as they just arrived for their shift at the dango shop.

Haru ; eh! Anyhow, have you invited him to the festival?

Riho : who?

Haru ; Who else might I be talking about!? Your husband of course?

Riho : I don’t think so, theres no need for me to go there with him.

Haru : ehhh, whats with this attitude..

Riho : no its just that I don’t like the fact that I have to… you know.. try to be close to him just becase we are married

Izumi : I can tell that you are actually trying to deny your own feelings Riho-chan. It happens, when you are beginning to feel something in your heart, that is the moment you wil try to deny everything about it. That is called ego.

Haru : Sou sou ( nodding)

Haru and Riho : eh!?????

Riho : Since when were you here, Izumi-san?

Izumi : Long enough to hear your secret ( winks)

Riho : ( turning to Haru)

Haru : (worried)

Izumi : Riho-chan. Omedettou (smiling)

Riho : eh? No no, I think you got it wrong.

Izumi :You got married right? You deserve a reward for being matured to marry at a very young age. I am sure that person is lucky to have such a kind girl as his wife. Marriage life is indeed a new start. But in order for it to be a good start, you have to sail harder and make it worthy of your time deshou?

Izumi went straight to her room leaving both Haru and Riho speechless. Riho just stared blankly thinking the fact more people have discovered that she is now married.

Haru : But she is right Riho. You both are married. Sooner or later, feelings will grow between you two. You live in the same house deshou?

Riho was walking towards her apartment when she saw Aoi in the konbini just beside her. She looked at Aoi and thought of all the moments when she felt weird whenever Aoi is around her. Riho shook her head trying to dispose of the images in her head and suddenly she heard somebody shouted her name

Arata : Mayeda-san?

Riho : eh? Arata-kun? What are you doing here?

Arata : I was going to buy something from the konbini.

Riho : Eh you live around here?

Arata : My house is just up along that street

Riho : I see (nodding)

Arata : You just finished your part-time job?

Riho : (nods)

Arata : I’ll see you in class then! Go home its late Mayeda-san

Riho bowed a little as Arata smiled at her and went into the konbini. Arata actually passed by Aoi as he entered the konbini.

Riho was already walking towards the apartment when Aoi saw her. Aoi quickly walked towards her and swiftly put a can of cold chocolate near Riho’s cheek

Riho : (shocked)

Aoi : Take it

Riho : eh?

Aoi  Your favorite chocolate drink deshou?

Riho took the drink from Aoi’s hand and look at the canned chocolate drink in her hand. It is indeed her favourite  she thought.

Riho : Thank..you..

Aoi :How was work?

Riho : It was fine. As always.. How was work?

Aoi : Tiring but it was fine.  Being old is never fun when you start getting back ache for sitting too long in front of the computer. (laughing)

Riho : Eh?

Aoi was stretching his shoulders as he talks. He kept on massaging his back as he talks about his work and his tired body of sitting in front of his computer.

Riho : Don’t you apply any hot packs on your arms?

Aoi : I did, once, when my friend gave me one of his. I was scared to use it again. My skin was burned because it was too hot. I never tried any of them anymore (laughing)


Aoi planned to go to work a little bit late. He woke up to Daisuke calling him on his phone.

Daisuke : We’ll meet straight at the photoshoot venue alright. Don’t come to the office. Be there by 11!

Aoi look at the time on his phone.

Aoi : Its just 8 am eh (yawning)

Aoi went straight to the kitchen to make some breakfast for himself. When he was waiting for his coffee, he saw a package on the table with a stick note pasted on it. Aoi went closer and saw what’s written on the note.

Aoi : “ Use these hotpacks, it is soft to the skin and wont burn your skin. I used it many times already. Don’t forget to apply them J “- Riho

Aoi smiled to himself as he realized he was so happy when he read the note by Riho.

Aoi : Of course I will.


Haru : So?

Riho : I haven’t asked him yet.

Haru : ehhhhh why!?

Riho : He’s busy with work. Plus, why do I need to ask him?

Haru : (looking at Riho)

Riho : Its not that I like him or something (rolls her eyes)

Haru : I can bet you’ll fall for him soon. I mean look at him, even Shohei said he looks like a good guy. Very soft-spoken and gentle. What more can you ask? (laughing)

Riho  just ignored Haru and continue doing her work. Riho was actually thinking about what Izumi-san said to her before this. It does make sense but some parts of her refused to accept the feeling building inside of her.


Nayuki was browsing through the books when she suddenly bumped into Shohei.

Shohei : You read these genre too?

Nayuki : (nods)

Shohei : I see

Nayuki : What kind of books do you like Mayeda-kun?

Shohei : I rarely read but I prefer fiction books.

Nayuki : hmmm, not a bookworm are you?

Shohei : Definitely not.

Nayuki : perhaps you can try this.

Nayuki reached for a book and handed it to Shohei.

NAyuki : This is by far my favorite book. Who knows you might like it.

Shohei took the book from Nayuki’s hand and look at it.

Shohei : Murakami?

Nayuki : You’ll either enjoy it or sleep through it (laughing)


Airi : Daisuke!(whispering)

Daisuke : ??

Airi : Have you asked?

Daisuke : (shook his head)

Airi : heh…

Daisuke : Aoi seems to not about it. He looks just fine.

Airi : But why would Yuna come back ne? I thought she moved to London for good?

Daisuke : How will I know. None of us talks about Yuna anymore.

Airi : (sigh)

Aoi : Alright, lets take a break.

Aoi went straight to Daisuke and Daisuke handed him a bottle of plain water.

Aoi : My body is definitely getting sore of all this standing

Daisuke : Aoi.

Aoi : ??

Daisuke : Do you have anything to tell me?

Aoi : tell you?

Daisuke : Like.. anything anything?

Aoi : About my wife?

Daisuke : …. Your wife?

Aoi : Are you asking about my wife?

Daisuke : (rubbing his head)

Aoi : I’ll ask her if she’s okay to meet with you. You might just bring Airi as well.

Daisuke : She didn’t know yet .

Aoi : She’ll know. Shes a woman. They know everything (laughing)


It was already near to 9.30 pm when Riho finally arrives at her apartment. She was already so tired of the part-time job and she suddenly felt so hungry because she didn’t eat anything ever since lunch.

Riho : lets see what I can find in the kitchen

Aoi : Welcome back.

Riho turned around when she heard Aoi’s voice. Aoi was leaning at the doorframe of his room,looking straight at Riho.

Riho : You are still awake?

Aoi : Was doing some work .

Riho : Oh..

Aoi : are you hungry?

Riho : Eh?

Aoi was pointing her that was trying to open the fridge and Riho slowly closed the fridge and she just look at Aoi with a blank face.

Aoi : Go and shower. I’ll make some ramen for you.

Riho : No no, its okay. I can make it myself.

Aoi  walked towards Riho and pat her head.

Aoi : Go and shower. I’ll cook some ramen for you. But I can only cook ramen though hmmm..

Riho :….

Aoi : Is ramen enough for you?

Riho : More than enough (grinning)

Aoi was pouring some juice into a glass when Riho got out of her room after showering.

Aoi : All yours (smiling)

Riho : Thank you very much

Aoi : Thank you too.

Riho : eh?

Aoi lifted his sleeves to show the hot packs that Riho gave him earlier this morning.

Aoi : It feels good actually. Where did you buy this? My skin don’t feel irritated at all.

Riho : I use them all the time. Bought it at the konbini. But I have like boxes of them .I often get muscle soreness thus I have a stock for the hot packs.

Aoi : Seems like you are going old too I see.

Riho : I think so too (nodding)


Haru : You haven’t asked him!?

Riho was busy putting on her muneate (chest protector) as she was preparing for her kyudo training.

Riho : Do I look like I have time to ask him that?

Haru : eh..

Arata : Mayeda-san!

Riho : Hai?

Arata : Have all the other members gather?

Riho : they are taking out the mato (targets) from the store.

Arata : I see. Have you decided if you want to join us for the upcoming tournament?

Riho : Can you give me time to think about it?

Arata : No worries. Take your time. But it will be great if a great archer like you can join us.

Riho : (smiling)

Haru : You are still scared aren’t you.

Riho let out a long sigh and look at Haru.

Riho : Its an old story. Wait for me outside alright, it wont be long.

Haru : Hai hai, I’ll be at my training place.


Aoi was busy editing the photos from the previous photoshoot when his phone rang suddenly

Aoi : Airi-san?

Airi : Aoi, can you come to my room ? Bring Daisuke along, I need to discuss some stuff with you both.

Aoi : hai hai, we’ll be there in a while.


Daisuke :Kyudo tournament?

Airi : Yes yes, I just got a call from the director of the kyudo club from Tokyo High School, the one with the big hall yes. If you remembered .They asked if we can attent to their timing for their tournament next month. 20th May.

Aoi : A kyudo tournament ?

Airi : So I shall prepare the details . So I hope none of you request any annual leave alright.

Daisuke : Hai hai.


Riho was putting on her shoes when Shohei came to her

Shohei : You haven’t ask him?

Riho : (turning to Shohei)

Shohei : You should.

Shohei just bowed to Riho and walked away leaving Riho blank with nothing to reply.

Haru : (laughing)

Riho : You both are definitely brother and sister (rolling her eyes)

Haru : But he is right, you haven’t ask didn’t you. You better ask him.

Riho : Never in my life Haru.

Haru : I might be going with Shohei. I practically forced him to tag along.

Riho : Hmmmmm


Riho was staring into space while stirring her chicken soup. She was thinking about the festival that Shohei mentioned to her.

Riho : Should I ….

Riho let out a long sigh and she just kept sighing that Aoi whom were standing at the entrance of the kitchen accidentally let out a laugh

Riho : eh?

Riho was shocked to see Aoi laughing at her and Aoi couldn’t help but to let out a loud laugh that he needs to hold on to the chair infront of him

Aoi : Why are you sighing Riho.

Riho : eh?

Aoi : You were so into your thoughts that you didn’t realize I came in just now. I was sure I made ample noise

Riho : you did?

Aoi : So, what is troubling you?

Aoi pour some juice into his glass as he seat at the wooden dining table.

Riho : eh? No no nothing.

Aoi : It cant be nothing when you sigh like that (laughing)

Riho : Nothing. I was just thinking.

Aoi : about school?

Riho :.. yes.. about school.

Aoi : You must be really caught up with work and school. But you still have time to work part time. Don’t you join any extra club activities?

Riho didn’t know if she should tell Aoi that she is the vice president of the Kyudo club in her school, she just stared at her soup and she simple didn’t know what to reply to Aoi.

Riho : Not..not really.

Aoi : I see.


Riho : Eh? A demonstration?

Arata : yes  we are going to have an open day next week for the middle school students who is going to be visiting our school .So every active club will have to do an exhibition and demonstration . in our case, kyudo demonstration.

Sakurai : I can prepare the materials for the exhibition. I believe photos are necessary.

Arata : We are going to do a round of talk on kyudo and practical demonstration for all 5 groups of schools. So we can take turns.

Riho : (nodding)

Sakurai : Chinen-kun, can you do the timetable?

Chinen : yes I can.

Riho : So who would be giving the talk?

Arata : both of us. And demonstration as well. The 2nd vice president would need to at least do a practical demonstration too.

Sakurai : Hai hai.

Riho : Okay, it is settled than. I can do 2 rounds of its. 2 for Arata and one round for you Sakura-san.

Sakurai : Alright, no problem at all.

Arata : They will be an official photographer accompanying on the open day, they will, perhaps request for a photoshoot of all of us in our yukata. So make sure you have everything including the accessories. Make sure all your bows are labelled before the open day. Those who are not using their bows, lock it in the store room. Mayeda’s, Sakurai’s and mine shall be put outside for us to inspect it before the open day

All of the Kyudo club members listen attentively to their president briefing about the open day that is going to be held on Wednesday the week after. The club consists of 5 members of the high committee, the president; Arata Hiroki, 1st vice president; Mayeda Riho, 2nd vice; Sakurai Nayuki and 2 supporting committees; Harada Misaki and Chinen Yuki.


Riho : again!?

Haru : Because you haven’t ask him !

Shohei : Hmmm

Riho : Why are you here Shohei? (rolling her eyes)

Shohei : Im buying some dango, can you see?

Shohei lifted a plastic bag filled of boxed of dango as he was munching the free dango Izumi gave him earlier.

Haru : This is bad bad. The festival is tomorrow Riho.

Shohei : Eh?

Haru and Riho was busy gossiping behind the counter as they were busy arranging the new packaging that just arrived just now. They didn’t realize that someone just came into the dango shop.

Shohei : You got customer.

Riho and Haru quickly got up and greeted the customer.

Riho : Eh?

Haru : Mayeda-san! Welcome !

Aoi : Konbawa (smiling)

Haru : Good chance !( whispering to Riho)

Riho : heh!?

Aoi : So, this is where you’re working Riho (looking around)

Shohei : Buy their dango. It’s really good. Especially the azuki bean ones.

Aoi : really.

Shohei swiftly pushed the plate towards Aoi and gestured to him to taste the ones Izumi gave to him.

Haru : Mayeda-san, are you working tomorrow?

Aoi : Tomorrow is…Saturday? No Im not.

Haru : Would you like to join us? We’re planning to go to the festival tomorrow.

Aoi : Festival?

Haru : A festival near the complex. Riho is going too.

Aoi : A festival sounds great to me.

Shohei : it is.

Aoi : Hmmm I don’t see any reasons why I should not tag along.  So, we’ll see you both tomorrow?

Riho : we?

Aoi : (nodding)

Riho : We..?

HAru : Oi baka, he is referring you and him. You both are living in the same house remember!? (whispering to Riho)

Riho : Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hai hai, alright.

Shohei just shook his head looking Riho being such a slow girl.

Haru :So, we’ll go together tomorrow. Meet us at 6 pm alright?


Riho was vacuuming the floor of the house when Aoi went out of his room. Aoi woke up a bit later than usual and he was surprised to see Riho had her hair in a bun and wearing a face mask.

Aoi : Eh?

Riho : Ohayou gozaimas

Aoi : You should have woke me up. We can clean the house together.

Riho : its okay, ive been doing it alone for years. No big deal.

Riho just kept vacuuming the floor and arranging the furniture as she cleans the living room. Aoi came to her and took the vacuum from her hand.

Aoi : Let me do this.

Riho : ehh, its okay. You go and have your breakfast first. Ive prepared your meal on the table.

Aoi : My meal?

Riho : (pointing to the table)

Aoi turned around to look at the table, his breakfast is properly arranged on the table, together with some drinks and some snacks as well.

Aoi : You cooked breakfast for me?

Riho : (nods)

Aoi just laughed she look at Riho nodding as if she just did something wrong when he asked about the breakfast.

Aoi : Riho, now you sit down and watch the tv. Let me vacuum this and then I’ll eat.

Riho : No no, its okay. I can do this. I love doing this.

Aoi : Riho. I can do this.

Riho : Aoi, its okay, I can just finish this. Just a little bit more.

Aoi swiftly took Riho’s hands and removed it from the handle of the vacuum. Riho stopped talking when Aoi actually took her hand and grasp it.

Aoi : Riho,listen to you husband. Now go watch the tv. Let me continue.

Riho slowly took her hand and she went straight to her room. Riho tried to catch he breath as she was breathing heavily because of what Aoi did. That was the first time for Aoi to actually hold her hands and it was definitely nerve wrecking she thought.

Riho : Breathe Riho, breatheeee.

It was around 4 when somebody rang the bell of their apartment. Aoi was at the kitchen table doing his work, as he needs some fresh air for a change. Aoi went straight to the intercom and pushed the green button

Aoi : Hai?

Haru : Kaneko Haru and Shohei reporting for duty!

Aoi just laughed when he heard Haru’s voice on the speaker. He went straight to the door to greet both of them

Aoi : Come in, come in.

Shohei : Please blame Haru for this. She insisted that we come here. And don’t look at me. She forced me to wear this yukata from home

Aoi : (laughing)

Riho : Haru?

Haru : Riho-channnn. I have come to bless your beautiful day. Alright, let’s go get ready.

Shohei : Sorry for the interruption (bowing)

Aoi : Its okay Shohei, make yourself at home.



Riho : haru! Don’t shout.

Haru : eh eh eh ehh.

Riho : What?

Haru  : So that was the first time you hold his hands?

RIho : Were you listening to me. It was not me. He was the one who grabbed my hands.

Haru was helping Riho with her hair as they were gossiping about what happened to Riho earlier this morning.

Riho : My heart just..

Haru : what?

Riho : I don’t know. It just..

Haru : Your heart..skipped a beat?

Riho : it stopped.


Riho : What eh????

Haru : Is this a sign that you are falling for him?

Riho : What nonsense are you talking about.

Haru : Come on Riho. It’s almost impossible to not fall for Aoi. And it is entirely impossible not to fall for your own husband deshou?

Riho : He is my husband just because we had to marry.

Haru  : And that does not mean feelings can’t be nurtured.

Riho just look at herself in the mirror as Haru was still doing her hair. She let out a sigh when she thought about what Haru said.

Haru : Riho,listen. One thing I know about you is that you are easily scared by your own thoughts. You think too much. And you are too comfortable not having the comfort of a companion. I know you. You’d rather do everything alone because you’ve been alone for so long.

Riho :…

Haru : I know it is hard to get used to this feeling but one day, you’ll need to. And that one day is now.

Aoi and Shohei were waiting for them downstairs as Haru insist that Shohei talk to Aoi and become friends. Shohei can be a bit stoic at time but he can a tad bit friendly at times too

Aoi : The weather looks good.

Shohei : definitely

Aoi turned around to look at the lift as he heard Haru and Riho’s voice coming from the lobby.

Shohei : They are as usual, noisy. (shaking his head)

Aoi : (laughing)

Haru was donning a soft blue yukata with small sakura flowers printed on them while Riho wore a more classic soft pink yukata with red flowers printer on the sleeves and the bottom area of the yukata. Riho looks different as chose a more traditional style yukata instead of the modern prints .

Aoi was surprised to see Riho looking so different that he cant take his eyes off as Riho was walking towards them. Shohei cant help but to realize it but he just smiled wryly and tap on Aoi’s shoulder.

Shohei : OIii, walk faster. It takes forever to wait for you both.

Haru : Urusai baka!

Riho : Sorry sorry we are late (bowing)

Aoi : (looking at Riho)

Riho : Aoi?

Aoi : ….

Riho : Why ? Eh.. do I look weird?

Aoi : No no.

Riho : Is there anything on my face?

Aoi : (laughing)

Riho : Why are you laughing? Do I look weird in this? (worried)

Aoi laughed looking at Riho checking her hair and face using her small mirror thinking she looked weird. She even dragged Haru to look at her but Haru  didn’t do anything as she was busy checking on her own  make up.Suddenly, Aoi bent toward Riho and look at her.

Riho :Eh?

Aoi  You look beautiful. Don’t worry.

Riho didn’t know what to say nor what to do when Aoi suddenly did that. Her heart, again is doing the same thing, skipping a beat whenever Aoi is around her. She didn’t know what to reply to Aoi so just stare at Aoi blankly trying to think of what to do next.

Aoi : So, shall we go?

Haru : (laughing)

Shohei : Come,we must not be late.

Aoi : Riho? Lets go?


Riho was sitting on a bench when Haru came to sit beside her.

Riho : (sigh)

Haru : Whats with that sigh, you’ve been sighing all day long.

Riho : Haru..my heart hurts.

Haru : heh? Are you sick?

Riho : I don’t know. Its just feels weird.

Haru : Weird?

Riho : it feels heavy here (touching her heart)

Haru whom were munching on her takoyaki stopped eating and laughed all of a sudden.

Haru : Riho-chan, that is a good sign.

Riho : eh?

Haru  : You are actually falling for Aoi ne?

Riho : No no, its impossible.

Haru : Okay, now,look at me.

Riho : ??

Haru : You never had a boyfriend deshou?

RIho : (nods)

Haru : But you liked somebody before?

Riho : (nods)

Haru : You never even talked to any of your crushed right. Don’t disagree.

Riho  : (nods)

Haru : Thus, your heart is actually reacting to Aoi’s presence.

Riho : My heart is ..what?

Haru : Riho-chan, you are falling for Aoi. Trust me.

Riho : Prove it.

Haru : Its all proven. I have never seen you being so scared like a cat talking to a guy before. Even that hottie good looking Arata didn’t have that effect on you. Arata is really good looking but you’re just fine talking to him. But to Aoi, you look different.

Riho : What do you mean I look different

Haru : There’s light in your eyes Riho. Eyes never lie. Sometimes, you just need to let your heart leads your brain.

Riho : Im falling for Aoi?

Haru : yes you are.

Shohei and Aoi were buying some drinks for the girls while they girls wait at the bench, waiting for them to watch the fireworks together. Shohei asked Aoi to go first as he was talking to his friend whom were selling the drinks at the festival

Aoi was walking towards the benches area when suddenly he saw somebody that looks exactly like his ex-girlfriend, Ohara Yuna.

Aoi : eh?

Aoi tried to look at the girl closely as she was actually moving towards the other direction , he was unconsciously tailing the girl with his eyes trying not to lose sight of the girl.

Shohei: Mayeda-san?

Aoi : eh?

Shohei : Sorry to keep you waiting, lets go?

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