Dear Abrielle

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

To Abrielle and Arden

Leaves are falling and the sun is high up, the rays hit little Arden's face and woke him up from a deep slumber.

''Mommy, I dreamt about a kite and I was holding the thread and I was running in the meadows happily as it kept going high up and I reached the hill...'' mumbling so excited and joyful Arden talked to his mommy while he is being carried down for breakfast.

''Mhmm...'' his mommy agrees and listened and put him in the baby chair.

''Oh how could you be so talkative at your age?'' his daddy glistens as he continued eating his sandwich.

''...and...and...I stumbled and saw a basket full of pretty butterflies and a beautiful baby lying in the fur blanket inside!'' he gestured to help visualise and his mommy and daddy looked at each other and smiled.

''I want a little sister!'' he blurted. ''I feel I'll have one!''

His parents laughed at his wit.

''Will you pray for it then?'' his daddy whispered and pat his said and kiss his mommy goodbye for a day of work.

''Always. Bye, daddy!'' he waved.


Arden kept asking his parents if he is going to be a big brother every waking morning since then. One super rainy night, thunder strikes so loud he curled up his daddy's arms and eyes fixed at the windows while the heaven's pouring it's greatest blessing, he wondered how could he protect her little sister like his teddy fighting the dragons in his nightmares. Lightning strikes somewhere and flashed like a camera in his face and just like that he stood from the bed and hurried to his room.

''Arden, where are you going?'' the glass of milk is served warm.

''I'm going to get my sword mom and so I could be my little sister's teddy!''

He get back and curled up his daddy's arms again putting his toy sword beside him. Daddy combed his hair by the hand and asked him, ''Did you forget something, Arden?''

''A shield? Do I need a shield too, Daddy? Will I lose with my pajamas?'' his daddy smiled.

''Milk will help you survive the thirst...'' mommy said giving him the milk and he drank it in no minute.

''Prayer will help you beat the biggest dragons in your dream!'' daddy followed and they both kneeled down on the side of the bed and pray.

In his dream he was again walking to the meadows, no kite this time, the sky is blue and the flowers are blooming. He continued walking up to the hill and searched for the basket. He frowned when he found nothing but the entire land covered with green grass. Tired from running with his sword, he sat on the rock facing the horizon, his two little hands supporting his face in a look of sadness.

''Arden...'' a voice from the sun, he thought.

''Are you the dragon?'' he asked wondering and no respond.

''...but whoever you are I don't feel like playing today'' Arden sighed.

''Don't be sad, child. I have a gift for you...'' the voice again and echoed. He woke up at the sound of the alarm.


Everyone is so happy down the kitchen, his mommy singing songs of lullabies and daddy's holding his teddy welcoming him a bowl of his favorite cereals. When Arden settled in the kitchen table his mommy and daddy sat both sides facing him, somewhat in state of felicity.

''Son, we have a gift for you and I think...Teddy'' his daddy said pointing Arden's Teddy twiching his lips, ''could spill the secret...'' folds his arms an d glanced his wife, heart brimming with gladness.

He took the paper rolled in a pink ribbon from his teddy and gave it to his mother...for he can't read it yet. His feet blushing from their cold floor.

''Will you read it, mommy?'' asked Arden in a mellow tone.

''Teddy, Daddy and I, are pleased to inform you, Arden, that you will be a soon a big brother!'' hearing the news it felt like clouds are taking him to the highest part of the sky and he ran around the house filling every part with his audible laugh. He get back jumping and his feet tugging the floor, ''Where is she now? Where is she? Did you see the basket? Is she outside the door? we have to open it or she will be cold!''

Daddy explained as he held Arden in his lap, ''Son, with that gift, comes patience...the baby is in mommy's tummy and we might have to wait a little longer until it's time for the baby to go out''

''Is is a girl, daddy?''

''We don't know yet, best we find out until it's time'' Arden ran to his mommy and hugged her belly.

''May it be a boy or a girl, we have to be grateful!'' his mommy said.


Arden's prayers includes a baby girl. His mommy's belly is growing and he kept talking to it and loved when he see the movement as if it's the greatest thing on earth he could look at. Sometimes he got so bored in his play pen, he'd lay his head in her tummy and would say ''Come out, I want a playmate now...'' and then fall asleep.


Daddy came home so wet and rushed inside to change. There is a typhoon, he heard his mommy and daddy talk over a cup of coffee. Again, thunder strikes and light came flashing, this time Arden is dressed like a knight not leaving his mommy's side.

''The baby's coming!'' the pain is all-over her body.

Daddy rings grandmother asking if they could drop by Arden so they could go straight to the hospital. They drove fast but safe heading to his grandma's house, leaving him there and his Teddy.

''Granny, I might not sleep tonight. Can I stay in the couch?'' his granny hugged and kissed him good night.

A glass of milk and a pair of chocolate chip cookie's has been forgotten and the knight fell asleep in a company of Teddy and Lambert, his grandparent's cat. Grandpa covered him a blanket in the middle of the night to keep him warm.


Finally! The day has come, the night has gone by so fast not only the milk and the cookies forgotten but the dream. He jumped off the couch as he hear the sound of a car parking at the porch.

''Daddy!'' he blurted with excitement.

''Okay, we have to be careful, mommy is still a bit tired...''

''Okay...okay...'' clapping his hands in bliss.

The basket came and a beautiful baby girl is sleeping soundly. Arden, so gentle, touched her cheeks and whispered, ''hello!''

''What shall we name her, daddy?'' he asked and reaching his daddy a sign to carry him up.

''Abrielle...'' his mommy said.

''Dear, are so pretty!'' he then coyed in his daddy's neck.


Arden, a happy boy, fulfilling his duties as his sister's knight. He would play with her, protect her in all ways possible. Make her laugh and would pray and sleep beside her.

''Abrielle, you are worth the wait...'' he whispered and passed out from a day of playing.




Submitted: January 25, 2018

© Copyright 2021 theblessedcereal. All rights reserved.

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