The Motorcycle Wreck

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I had posted this story before but someone trashed it and tore it to pieces. I pulled the story but after thinking about it I'm reposting it. Please no cruel comments like before. This is a true

Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



This is a true story


  While I was living in Michigan I was partying with some friends one night.  We all got pretty "lit" and feeling no pain.  One of the guys, my friend Mike came up with the suggestion that we should get on some motorcycles and drive 40 miles or so away to this field where they were gonna be having a "Wood Stock" like concert there the next day. The venue was suppose to have 16 bands or something and the idea was to get there real early, park the bikes somewhere up the road a bit, jump a fence and trek over to where the concert was suppose to take place. (We were suppose to wait somewhere off in the local woods and hide and wait for the crowds to begin to filter in and then fall in with them unnoticed and get to see the whole thing for free.

  Now, mind you, we were all pretty drunk at the time and probably wouldn't have done this or decided that this was a good idea, but you know what stupid decisions people sometimes make when they are drunk so this seem like a fun thing to do. On the bikes we all went and off down the road.

  I didn't have my own bike at this time but I wanted to go and not be left out so I rode on the back of Mike's bike while our friend's Jessie and his girl friend at the time (I forget who now, but for the sake of the story we'll call her Debbie) on the back of his bike.

  By the time we finally got around to get our stuff together for the road trip it must of been around 5 a.m.  Around 6 we made it to a little country store and stopped in for some coffee and such. The sun was just beginning to come up. The air was chilly and the ground was wet with dew.  After the quick coffee break we headed on down the road.
It must of been about another 30 minutes down the road when we were approaching a hair pin turn and I was thinking to myself that we were going a little too fast. I tried to tell Mike to slow down a bit but he couldn't hear me because of the wind blowing by his ears.

  Sure enough when we hit the turn, the wheels caught the gravel on the edge of the little country road and next thing you know the bike was in mid air. I closed my eyes for a second and it was like slow motion or time stopping or something. There wasn't even time to react. It just happened so quickly.

  When the tires hit the gravel the bike sort of went air born side ways like. I felt myself come to a "thud" and sort of grunted as a I bounced along and slid a ways. Finally I came to a stop and opened my eyes.  I seemed to be okay.
I looked around me and I was sitting in the grass on the side of the road. Behind me a bit was the bike and behind it was Mike.  I dusted myself off and walked over to Mike to see if he was okay.  About that time Jessie and Debbie pulled up behind us and they both ran over to us.

  Mike was sitting up on the edge of the road and sort of in a daze. I noticed a rip in his jeans at one knee and pulled the pants tear down to see if he was okay and didn't see anything bad other than a little scrap on the skin. Debbie however runs over and pulls his pants tear up to reveal a huge gapeing hole in his leg above the knee. (Apparently when we finally leaned all the way over his knee is what took the full impact of the wreck and sort of burned itself into the pavement and he just stayed right there while the bike and I continued forward).

  As soon as Mike sees that he turns white as a sheet and the pain suddenly sinks in and all he can think about is getting to a hospital like right then.

Now understand, we were in the middle of no where on a country road where there was a lot of territory between farms. This was farming country after all and some of them along this stretch of road where pretty big so you could go a ways without seeing a house or anything. Besides it was early in the morning. ( A saturday I believe so there was NO traffic or people or anything. )  This was back in the days before cell phones so that wasn't even an option.
Jessie remembered a friend who had a farm house about 5 miles down the road so we had decided to drive there. Mike of course couldn't drive himself now so Jessie had to load him on the back of his Mike's bike and drive him to the friends house. I had to drive Jessies bike with Debbie on the back.

  Now I had never driven a bike other than a couple of times around the parking lot but this was all we could do so off I went after Jessie and Mike with Debbie clutching on behind me.It seem like forever for us to reach the friends farm house.  Once there though they called Mike's boss to come get him (since there was no such thing as ambulance service out in the country where we were).  It took her a while but she finally made it and took Mike off the hospital. 
(It would take surgery to repair his leg and he was in a knee brace for many months after that and physical theraphy for six months. He was bascially out of commission for a long time.)

  Jessie drove Mike's bike back to Battle Creek with Debbie on the back and I had to drive Jessie's bike back.  I didn't think I would ever get home.  Once I did though I jumped off the bike and literally kissed the ground to give thanks for making it home safely.

  Later that night I had terrible night mares about the wreak mixed with ones of me being the incredible Hulk.  The next day I was walking through the trailer when Debbie said "What the heck did you do the back of your shirt?"
When we looked I had shreaded it like the incredible Hulk when he's tearing off his clothes. I guess because of the stress or something.

  Now the whole point of this blog is to make people think about drinking and driving. You don't always hurt someone else and you don't always go to jail. Sometimes you end up wrecking your vehicle and loosing part of a leg or worse.  And WHY? All because of a lack of good judgement.

  At the time of the party we were all feeling "good" and thought we could do anything and get away with it.  We didn't think about the "what if's".And even though I wasn't actually driving I was just as much responsible for what happened to us as Mike because I should of known better and just said let's not do this. Instead I went along for the ride with someone who was drunk and shouldn't have been behind the wheel. (None of us should have at that point when we left the party).

  I learned the hard way and so did Mike and Jessie and Debbie. It's just not worth it to risk your life or someone else or their health simply because of a lack of judgement and feeling "good".

  Because of this I will never let this happen again (either as a driver or passenger) and I strongly urge others to do the same. 


It's just not worth it. 

  Mike lost a good part of the rest of his year in rehap and physical therapy, not to mention out ragious insurance premiums after that.  I think he always had a limp afterwards.  And he tore up his bike as well (breaking off the rear view mirror and scaping the gas can in the process).

And we never did make it to that concert.

  So take it from one who's been there.  If you are ever "partying" and getting drunk or you're with friends who are getting drunk, and someone suggests that you get in a car or on the back of a bike and drive somewhere (even to the store for a beer run), I say DON'T!!!!It's not worth it.

 And the truth is, it NEVER is.  You might get lucky like we were on so many other occasions, but eventually the odds catch up with you. You might be lit and feeling no pain but that doesn't mean you won't.  I'm definitely NOT telling people that they shouldn't drink or have fun (the good Lord know's I've had my share, all I'm saying is that you should "think before you drink".


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