Half a Stone.

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This was the month for holidays and I was glad because I needed this badly. having everything ready, I was just about to leave when...it happened.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Strange Stone

Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



 I packed my suitcase, looked around to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything, then closed it. As I opened the living room door, I heard a soft voice saying, ''What about me?'' I went back inside and up to the window sill where the voice came from. There were a number of small stones lying there, between them was this strange half-stone. While looking at it, I was taken back to the  year when I found it. My shovel had caught it while I was digging a trench for some cables. I don't know why I found it so special because it looked very ordinary to me. Bending down in the ditch, I picked up the two pieces and examined them carefully. The chap digging in front of me looked back and saw me looking at the two pieces of stones. ''What have you got there?'' He asked
taking the two pieces of stones I went up to him. He looked at them in my hand and said, ''Strange looking, aren't they?''
I said to him: ''The outside shell looks rough and greyish. But look here!'' he came closer, ''There's a greenish, yellowish glassy look within.''
''It can't be much if it breaks so easily.'' He said to me. ''Dump it!''
''I tell you what I'll do,'' I said to him. ''I give you this half, and keep the other. When we meet again in old age, we'll fit them back together, Okay!''
Taking the stone from my hand, he thanked me and carried on digging.
Morning break came, and we put down our shovels, got our flasks out; and poured out hot drinks. It was the month of January. I said to him as I took a sip of the hot tea, ''It's awfully cold, isn't it?''
He answered, ''Yes, but you'll get used to it after a while.''
I said to him, ''I hate the cold, I could hardly feel my toes.''
''Give me an island where the sun pours down daily. Oh! What a feeling that is?''
''You'll have to wait until July when we have summer holidays making your dream come true. This project is going to take us one whole year to complete.'' He told me.
''So long?''
He said, ''Yes. And another thing, how do you know that we're  going to live till we're old and meet again?''
''Well, that is a very long story, longer than this trench we have to dig.''
''Where you said you're from, again?'' He asked me.
''That my friend is also a long story, '' I told him. ''I'm from a very beautiful Island, with lots of fruits just hanging there, to be be picked and eaten. The Island is called Saint Christopher.''
''I read about it in school. This part I can't forget. Sir Thomas Warner was a soldier when James 1st was ruling. He went to the West Indies, and it was he who who picked your Island to be a British Colony.''
"You know your history well, ''I told him. ''That man died on the 10th March 1649, and his tomb is in the churchyard at Middle Island.''
''There's a lot of history in that Thomas Warner. Do you know he had a son named Edward by a Carib woman?''
''Yes, I know, '' I answered. ''One thing I found odd.''
''What's that?''
''The nations were fighting for St. Kitts. The French and English fought over it, yet when the Spaniards were there in the beginning, they went away from it. They abandoned it.''
''When you think about it, that's really strange.''
We carried on talking about history until lunch time.

Back in my flat, I snapped out of thinking in the past, took the half stone that was on the window sill, got my suitcase, went down the stairs, open the door; and locked it behind me. I walked hurriedly to the bus stop and got there just as the bus arrived. It took about twenty minutes for the bus to get to the main station. Making my way to platform 3, I waited for the Intercity City. Half an hour later, the Inter City pulled in. I got on, took a book out and started reading. Suddenly,, there was a voice coming from the half stone in my pocket. ''I dont like that book. Shall I tell you how it ended?''
''No, you'll just spoil it for me!''
''Okay, then. But your next train will be delayed at least an hour.'' The voice told me.
''How do you know that?:'' I asked.
''I know quite a lot. For instance, I can tell you where you're heading., and all that's going to happen along the way.''
''Okay! Wise one, where am I heading for?''
''Your next stop is Rozendaal, then you'll take the train from there to Brussels South. From there a train will take you under the tunnel to Waterloo Station.. Am I right so far?''
''Yes, you're spot on. You seem to know quite a lot.'' I told it. I was also glad that there was no one in my carriage. They would have found it strange seeing me talking to myself.
"I know everything that is past, and that is to come. You see, I was broken off from a meteorite billions of years ago.''
''I know a little about the meteorite, but I never heard of one that could speak.''
''See how backward you human beings are! Now you're experiencing for yourself that I'm radioactive.''
''Come on, you don't expect me to fall for that one.'' I spoke softly.
''I came through space glowing with a tail behind me.''
''You'll get a wind behind you, straight out the window if I find you're fibbing .''
''That is also the trouble with you human beings, you know nothing at all about space. Your scientists knows nothing about ''time'' and what it is.''
''We're coming to understand it, just give us time.''
''Your scientists only know the basics.''
''Is that good or bad?''
''It's not enough. I can tell you quite a lot.''
''The next thing you're going to tell me is that you know how many hours a day the earth was spinning in the beginning.'' I told it.
''Of course, I know that. It was approximately 6 hours per day.''
''Is there a creator? The first power over all powers?''
''There is.''
''Explain to me some more.''
The half stone said, ''Everything goes back to that first source or power--which is not visible--but is there.''
''Are you saying that from the invisible comes the visible?''
''What I'm saying is that everything comes from the first power which we call God--the Spirit.''

The train pulled in at Rosendaal, I got off and had to wait an hour before I could board the train to Brussels. Half stone was right. I looked out the window as the train started moving slowly away. "You were right about the train being delayed.'' As I turned back in, I saw that I had a passenger sitting opposite me, she was a young woman around 26 and fairly attractive.


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