The Capture

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Someone kidnapps Alex and Brooklyn, but who could it be. Elizabeth desides to find them. In this action novel there is a fight, some tears, and secrets.

Chapter 1

The Beginning


This story begins with 3 children, Brooklyn Taylor, Elizabeth Smith, and Alexander Jones. The three teens had great powers.


Brooklyn was a bubbly person who loved to have fun, her striking icey blue eyes were beautiful, she had pale skin and loved leggings and her hair was lustrous blond hair, her power is the power to control water and ice.


Elizabeth is very happy all the time, she has a good sense of humor, she can make anyone laugh, she has brown eyes and she loves to wear dresses with leggings, she also has many friends including Brooklyn, her special power is the power to control rocks and earth.


Alexander loves to play outside, his red eyes strike much unneeded attention and he loves to wear leather because it goes well with his bleached blond hair, he likes to draw, mainly pictures of Brooklyn, he also is very smart and intelligent his special power is the power to control fire.



Chapter 2



The 3 teens live in the star kingdom, a very rich kingdom, and they were walking home from school. Brooklyn and Alexander stayed behind and talked. Everyone knew they liked each other and Brooklyn started to say something.

“I think I like you?”.  Brooklyns face turned red.

“I am sorry i just don’t think i like you the same way, can we still be friends?”  Alexander lied. He knew inside that he liked her and he know

Brooklyn started to turn even redder. Inside she could feel her blood bubble. Her fists started clenching. She could almost taste the water she was ready to throw. They could see someone coming out of the bushes.


Chapter 3



Trapper picked up his keys. He stared at his windshield as he started the car.

“This car is so dirty.” He explained to his henchman.

“You will clean the windshield when we get home, understand?”

“Yes master.” The henchman said gloomily.

“We are here.” whispered trapper.

“Let’s go.”

Trapper and his henchman walked into the bushes they could hear Brooklyn and Alex’s conversation.

“These are the right children.” Trapper whispered.

Trapper Walked out of the bushes.

“Hey Kids” Trapper whispered creepily.

“Hello?!” Alexander yelled.

“Do you want to have a good time?” He got louder then paused.

“With me.” He said.

“No, you creep!” Brooklyn screamed.

“I guess I have to be, Pushy.” Trapper quickly grabbed them both.

He knocked them out.


Chapter 4



Alexander and Brooklyn woke up in a lair. They were frightened. They were holding hands.

¨Hey Kids.¨ Trapper said

¨Where are we?!¨ Brooklyn yelled

¨You are at my lair, of course¨ Trapper said


Brooklyn lifted her hand as she tried to pick up the bit of water on the ground. It was soaring around trapper, SMACK! Trapper had a red mark on his cheek.

¨You want to play that game, huh.¨ Said trapper as he lifted his hand.


Soon a rock started to move. Alexander saw the rock moving towards him. Trapper threw it at Alexander. Alexander breathed in then, SWOOSH! Fire was everywhere and the rock became lava. Brooklyn took more water from that puddle and put it on top of the hot magma. It turned back into rock.

¨Stop, please!¨ Brooklyn screamed.

Trapper breathed fire over their heads. Brooklyn and Alexander started to sweat. Trapper threw water on the wall.  Trapper fell to the ground.


Chapter 4


Elizabeth stared at the road where Alexander and brooklyn stood. She felt alone inside of her palace bedroom and as she saw Brooklyn hold up water she was angry.. She ran outside and saw they were gone. Her two best friends were gone. She had to hold back tears. She could almost her her friends screams.


She saw a van just leaving the neighborhood and she got in her bike. She followed it so slowly that the van didn't notice. She saw them going into a cave although they didn't look very lively.

¨He killed them!¨ She thought.


She sneakily crawled into the cave. She saw the paintings, the chairs, and Brooklyn and Alexander! They were asleep. Elizabeth waited until they started to wake up. She watched as they both woke up and fought trapper. She picked up a rock and threw it at trapper. She threw it so fast that no one could see it.

Chapter 5

Together Again


Elizabeth saw Alexander and Brooklyn. She was so Happy. Trapper stood up.

¨This is not over!¨ Trapper yelled as he ran away.

Brooklyn was shocked. She saw Elizabeth.

¨Elizabeth!¨ Brooklyn screamed.

¨Brooklyn, Alexander!, I was so so so worried that you guys were dead.¨ Said Elizabeth

¨Nice moves.¨ Said Alexander.

¨Let? go home¨ Said Brooklyn.

¨Yeah!¨ Said Alexander and Elizabeth

They went to their palaces and they wrote in their journals.


Chapter 6

The Ending


Elizabeth Notember 14/52/2076


Today was crazy. First we went to school. That was super boring. Then we went home and i saw brooklyn and alexander holding hands.crying-face_1f622.pngAlthough when i got mad they were gone and then i thought they were dead but when i found then they fought this crazy man named ¨trapper¨ i think, but in saved them and we went home. Some of the hot magma got on me and i didn't tell anyone.






Alexander Notember 14/52/2076


Today was Great!. I got to save everyone from trapper,  I think today went great, except when I lied to brooklyn about our love life.





Brooklyn Notember 14/52/2076


Today was  bad. I expressed my love for Alexander, then he didn’t like me back. Then Elizabeth saved us. Although in the process of Elizabeth saving us they know my uncle now. No one can know Trapper is my uncle.






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