Impressions Of My Childhood.

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Here is another fantastic poem about childhood that I am presenting to you. Read it and try to quench your thirst for getting your old days back. The poem describes the feelings of the poet that
how passionate he is about his childhood memories and his eagerness to get those lovely days back. The thought of his old days drives the poet to tears. He wants, somehow, to get those days back.
But this competitive world makes him give up his notions about his childhood. At the end of the poem, the poet poses an interesting question to the readers that if anybody can bring his old days
back and take everything that they want in return.

The day when I was resting in a chair,
the day when I was playing with my sentiments.
A nostalgic wave started revolving in my power box.
The paragon of love, it palpitated feverishly,
the box of perception, it started to immerse utterly,
my notions languished in despair,
my joy revelled in delight.
My veins questioned each other,"what's happening?
Why the ichor streaming through us is fastening ."

My ears tried to catch the waves,
but no effect, it had.
My lips tried to utter some inklings,
but the tongue started stuttering.
Subsequently when my orbs saw everybody in quandary,
they tried to quip the answer competently.

A Flashback  started,
everybody got stuck into it,
they beheld  'little me' hooting and howling  beyond worries,
listening, with wide-stretched eyes, to the fables of fairies
and trying to conceive the planet and everything that it carries.
Sometimes flying on the earth, sometimes falling over,
sometimes covered in sludge, sometimes disturbing the mower.
Sometimes cackling, sometimes giggling,
sometimes sobbing, sometimes weeping.
They saw me entertained by the present
and not fretting about the time ahead.

The crowd saw whales of things that are unfathomable,
that are inconceivable, that are impenetrable.
The crowd  grasped  the reason,
the reason that got the man down.
They started to feel for the man sequestered in prison of memories,
the memories which answered each of their queries.
The theatre, after revealing the movie, started showering tears.
The man was broken into pieces,
he attempted to pick himself piece by piece.

Taking his hot coffee, he got out of the chair,
with his feelings still upset, still boiling,
with his irrelevant desire to get the days back.
Predestinately, he had to give up the images of his splendid days,
as he has to catch up with this dog-eat-dog world with a great pace.

He still sometimes thinks of those times that he now lacks,
but it can never take him, through time, all the way back.
Now he has several works to be done, several paths to be covered
and several riddles to be solved.
He has to compete in this cutthroat world.
that's why he had to give up airs of his childish world.
The world that he misses, the world that he longs for.
This is the story of a man who wants his childhood back.
Can anybody get him the thing that he yearns for
and take everything in return that he desires for?


Submitted: January 25, 2018

© Copyright 2021 noman. z. k.. All rights reserved.

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