The Love Story of Mackenzie and Doug

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This is a story about a boy named Doug who loves a girl named Mackenzie, hope you enjoy

Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



Doug is a twenty year old that lives in a town called Redbank. Redbank is a small town that doesn’t have many people. Doug is really shy and has only one friend. His friend’s name is Jake. Now, Doug and Jake meant in high school and have been great friends since. Doug works at the local grocery store stocking shelves.

Mackenzie is also twenty years old and lives in Redbank, too. Jake, Doug, and Mackenzie graduated together. So, they all knew each other for a long time. Since high school, Doug has had a huge crush on Mackenzie but never really talked to her. He always wanted to, but he was just too shy. If they saw each other, they’d just say hey and that’s it. Now, Jake and Doug hang out often.

They play video games, go for walks, go camping, ride four-wheeler, do martial arts together, and go out to eat. They like a place called EatnPark and go there every weekend. It’s a sit in restaurant with home cooked meals. Friday night came and Doug didn’t get off work until eight. Once he got off, he was going to pick up Jake and then they were going to EatnPark. Doug’s shift finally ended, he clocked out, and then went home to get ready. He finished getting ready and then picked up Jake.

When they arrived to the restaurant it was really busy. It was the only sit in restaurant in town, the rest were fast food places. So, once they finally got in, Doug noticed Mackenzie was eating there too. She was with her friends. Their tables were near each other. Doug and Mackenzie gave a friendly smile to each other. Now, Jake knew that Doug really liked Mackenzie.

During dinner, Jake said, “You should seriously talk to her, sometime.” Doug replied, “I don’t know, I doubt she has any interest in me.” Jake then said, “You’ll never know until you try talking to her.” Doug just nodded and they finished dinner. Then, they went back to Doug’s for the night. They watched some movies and played video games. Mackenzie and Doug are friends on Facebook and on Messenger.

Messenger is the app where you can talk to your Facebook friends. Doug decided to send Mackenzie a message. He said, “Hey, how are you?” An hour passed and Doug figured she didn’t want to talk to him. However, she replied, “I’m fine. How are you?” Doug was glad she replied, he thought she’d never talk to him. He said, “Same here, Jake is over for the weekend and we are just hanging out. How is your night?”

She said, “That’s nice, it’s alright. I have a friend over as well. We are just watching a movie. How’s your night?” Doug replied, “Cool, my night is ok. We are just playing some video games.” They talked for a little bit more and then Mackenzie said, “We are going to sleep, we are getting up early and going shopping.” Doug replied, “Ok, hope you have a great day tomorrow.” Doug and Jake decided to go to sleep too.

Doug always gets up before Jake. So, Doug ate breakfast and decided to go for a walk around the alley. It’s June so it’s warm outside. Doug knew that just because Mackenzie talked to him, that didn’t mean she liked him. He was glad that she replied back to him though. When he got back to his house, Jake was still sleeping. So, Doug practiced martial arts until Jake got up. Jake got up and ate breakfast.

Doug’s family owns a camp near his house. So, they decided to go to the camp and go swimming in the crick. They did that often in the summer and would stay there on the weekends too. They swam for a few hours and then decided that they might as well spend the night there. So, they went back to Doug’s and got showered and got some snacks and clothes and went back down.

They got back to the camp at seven thirty and got a fire started. They sat around the campfire talking. Jake said, “It sure is nice and peaceful here, isn’t it?” Doug replied, “Yes it is, I love it here.” Doug sent Mackenzie a message, “How did shopping go today?” Mackenzie answered, “Great, got some new clothes and we ate at the Texas Roadhouse which was great. What are you guys doing?” Doug replied, “Nice, and we are at my camp just sitting around a campfire relaxing.” Mackenzie said, “I like camping and campfires.” Doug said, “So do I, it’s one of my favorite things to do.”

They talked for a while and then Jake and Doug decided to go for a walk. There’s a trail right near the camp that goes through the woods. They had a flashlight and decided to walk for what they guessed was a mile and then came back. They made sure to put wood on the fire before leaving so it wouldn’t go out.

They stayed at the camp until Sunday evening and then Jake went home. Doug had to be to work in the morning. Morning came and Doug went to work. He hated Mondays because every Monday he had to do inventory of all the items in the store. It took a while. While doing inventory, in the pop aisle, he heard someone say, “Hey, how are you?” He looked and it was Mackenzie. She was getting a few groceries. He replied, “I’m alright, today we do inventory which sucks. How are you?” She said, “I’m ok, just getting a few groceries.” Doug got thinking and decided to ask, “If you aren’t doing anything Friday, would you like to do something with me?”

Doug was really scared but he couldn’t take not asking anymore. She said, “Sure, what did you have in mind?” Doug was stunned because he didn’t expect her to say that, he expected a no. So, he said, “How about we go swimming at my camp? There’s a nice swimming area with a big rock we jump off of into the crick.” She said, “Ok, sounds fun. Did you want to meet me somewhere?” Doug replied, “Give me your address and I’ll pick you up.” So, she did and then she left.

Doug was so happy that she actually was going to hang with him Friday. During his break, he called Jake and told him. Jake said, “See, all you had to do was ask. Hope everything goes ok.” Doug replied, “So do I, I think everything will be great.” He went back to work and then went home. He got a shower and relaxed.

All Doug could think about was Friday, now they did message each other every night, but Doug was happy they were finally going to hang in person. Friday came and they agreed that he would pick her up at one in the afternoon. Doug was scared, he pulled up to her address and she came out right away. She had her swimming suit on and he couldn’t believe how beautiful she really was. He never saw her in a bathing suit, she was in shape and he was too.

She got in the vehicle, and they went to the camp. Doug knew if he wanted a chance with Mackenzie, he’d have to talk. It’d be weird if he didn’t say anything to her. He said, “It’s a great day today.” She said, “Yes, it is. I’m glad you asked me to do this, I love swimming.” He said, “I’m really glad you decided to come.” They arrived at the camp and went swimming. They had a great time; they jumped off the rock a few times and just had a nice time.

They swam for four hours and they started getting hungry, Doug said, “Would you like to go somewhere to eat?” Mackenzie said, “Yes, I know a place about fifteen minutes out of town. I’d like to go home and get ready first.” Doug said, “So would I, how about I pick you back up at six thirty?” She said, “That’d be great.” So, he took her back home and he went back and got ready too.

He was beyond happy, this was something he always thought of, but never thought it would actually happen. He picked her back up and she looked gorgeous. She had her hair in a ponytail and she had a nice blue dress on. As soon as she got in the vehicle, he said, “You look gorgeous.” She smiled and said, “Thank you, I hope you like the place we are going.” He said, “What is it?” She replied, “It’s called The Clarion Diner.” Doug liked diners, so he knew he’d like it. They arrived at the diner.

It wasn’t that busy and Doug was thinking about what he wanted to talk about. Mackenzie asked, “What are your hobbies?” Doug answered, “I like martial arts, exercising, riding four-wheeler, shooting guns, and camping. How about you?”  She said, “That’s really cool, I like camping, exercising, shopping, hanging with friends, and swimming.” Doug replied, “That’s nice, have you ever been on vacation?”

She said, “Yes, my favorite place to go is Myrtle Beach, SC. What about you?” Doug smiled and said, “Same here, my family and I have been there a few times. I love going out in the ocean and jumping the waves.” She laughed and said, “So do I, it’s fun. I also love sea food.” Doug said, “I love shrimp and crab legs, I don’t like fish.” Mackenzie said, “Yes, same here.”

They finished eating and Doug took her back home. He said, “I had a great time today, we should do this again.” Mackenzie said, “Yes we should, I really had a nice time with you.” Before she got out of the vehicle, she gave him her number. They said goodbye and she went in and he went home. He was proud of himself for finally doing what he said he’d never do, asking her to do something.

The next day, Jake came over and they hung out. Doug told Jake about what happened and Jake was happy for Doug. They went riding four-wheelers all day and then came back and had a fire at Doug’s house. Doug has a fire pit in his backyard. Doug texted and asked Mackenzie if she wanted to come over. She did and asked if she could bring a friend, too. Doug said yes, and her friend’s name is Camilla. He texted her the address and they came over.

They hung out for a few hours. They told stories and made pizza pies on the fire. The girls left around ten. The guys stayed out for a while and talked. Jake looks at Doug and says, “I wonder if Camilla is single.” Doug laughs and says, “I could tell you liked her. I know she’ll be around again. Maybe ask her for her number.” Midnight came around and Jake went home. Doug decided to go bed.

It’s Sunday now, so Doug just relaxed. He texted Mackenzie and talked to Jake on the phone some. He went for a ride and then came home and watched some movies to finish the weekend off, it’s back to work tomorrow. It was the same boring work week again. It’s Thursday and Doug was thinking about asking Mackenzie, Camilla, and Jake to go to his camp for the weekend.

When he got home from work, he texted and asked Mackenzie if her and Camilla would like to go to his camp for the weekend. Mackenzie said she would let him know later. He then asked Jake and of course Jake was up for it. Mackenzie let Doug know later and she said that they’d go. Doug was glad that everyone wanted to go.

Friday came and after work Doug got ready and everyone meant at Doug’s house. They loaded everything in the back of Doug’s vehicle and then headed for camp. Once they got to the camp, they unloaded everything and then decided to go swimming. They swam and then started a campfire. They sat around the fire and it started getting dark. It was a little cold but the fire was nice and warm.

Now, Doug’s camp is a trailer. It has a porch and then inside it has a little living room. The living room has two couches and then back the hall is a restroom and a bedroom. The bedroom has two beds. Then, back the other hall is the kitchen and then the master bedroom. The master bedroom has a big bed and a restroom. The fire ring is beside the porch and there are chairs around it and a swing.

While enjoying the fire, Jake asks Camilla, “What all do you like to do?” Camilla replies, “I like a lot of things, hanging with friends, bike riding, camping, and just a lot of things.” Jake says, “I like a lot of things too.” It was obvious that Jake and Camilla already liked each other despite not knowing each other long. You could just tell by the way they were with each other. They had a lot in common.

Jake and Camilla talked and Doug and Mackenzie talked. They decided to go to sleep around one in the morning. The girls slept in the back bedroom with the two beds. Jake slept in the master bedroom and since Doug liked the couch, he slept in the living room. Doug woke up at eight and was the first one up. He made himself some toast with peanut butter and decided to go for a morning swim.

He swam for around an hour and saw Mackenzie walking the road coming towards him. The swimming spot is up the camp road a little ways from the camp. Mackenzie must have wanted to swim because she was in her bathing suit. She climbed up on the big rock and jumped into the water. She said, “How’d you sleep?” Doug said, “I slept alright, I hope you slept great.” She replied, “Yes, I did. Jake and Camilla decided to go for a walk on the trail. I looked up the crick and saw you swimming so I decided to come join you. Your camp is really nice.”

Doug said, “Thank you, can you tell that Jake and Camilla like each other?” Mackenzie laughed and said, “Yes I can, it’s really obvious.” They swam for an hour and saw Jake and Camilla walking towards them. They were holding hands. Jake yelled, “Hey Mackenzie and Doug, we have something to tell you. We are a couple, we talked and have a lot in common and really fell for each other already.” Doug laughed and said, “Congrats, I’m happy for you both.” Mackenzie said the same thing.

Now, Jake was the type of person who always rushed into relationships. Doug on the other hand has liked Mackenzie for years and never said anything. She had no idea how strong his feelings were for her, he wanted to tell her though. For lunch they had hot dogs on the fire. After lunch, they decided to go for a walk back the trail into the woods. They then just hung out at the camp.

Night came again and the stars were out. It was a beautiful night. They were sitting around the fire and Doug asked Mackenzie, “Would you like to go for a walk with me?” She said, “Yes, let me go in and grab my hoodie.” Doug waited for her and they walked on the camp road. They went and sat on the big rock and listened to the animals and looked at all the stars.

Doug said, “I need to tell you something. I have liked you for years, ever since I meant you in seventh grade. You are the most beautiful and gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. You are so kind and nice and to me you’re an angel. I wanted to tell you this for so long but was scared and shy. When I first asked you to hang out I thought you’d say no. I couldn’t believe you’d say yes to someone like me. When I’m with you I’m actually happy and you honestly mean everything to me.”

Mackenzie sat there for a moment and got teary eyed. She then said, “That’s the nicest and sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. You’re such a nice guy, Doug. I’d love to be with a guy like you.” They then shared a nice, long, and meaningful kiss under the stars. They sat there on the rock holding hands, and Doug was so happy that the girl he loved for years was now his girl.

They walked back to the fire. Jake and Camilla were kissing and Jake asked Doug, “Where did you two go?” Doug said, “We walked on the camp road and went and sat on the rock.” They stayed up late and went to sleep around four in the morning. This time, Doug and Mackenzie slept in the master bedroom and Jake and Camilla slept in the other bedroom.

Mackenzie and Doug woke up at eleven and ate breakfast. They kissed and went swimming. Jake and Camilla didn’t get up until one. Doug asked Mackenzie, “Would you like to go on a four-wheeler ride later?” Mackenzie said, “I’d love to.” So, once they left the camp and got back to Doug’s house, Mackenzie and Doug went riding. Jake and Camilla went to Jake’s house.

Two years have passed and Mackenzie and Doug are still together. Their relationship is as strong as can be and so is their love for each other. They recently bought their own house and they have different jobs too. Mackenzie is a registered nurse and works at the local hospital. Doug works at a factory and makes really great money. They get along perfectly and their relationship is really great.

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