The paradox of our own life

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Submitted: January 25, 2018

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Submitted: January 25, 2018



  When we are very small children we wish we wish we were older, elementary and then  teenagers. When we are teenagers we wish we were out of high school, out of our parents house and on our own, maybe in college.  When we are college age we wish we were out making money instead of going to school. We are never happy with just it being a week day, we live for the weekends, spring breaks,  vacations, etc.   When we are in our thirties we think we will be better off a little later in life, when we have money put away.

As we get to a certain point, we start looking back wishing we were younger. When we are very old we just wish we had more time. 

  The point is that we are never truly happy at any one point in our life. It is always with a yearning at some mystical time in our life, some moment that is not RIGHT NOW that will give us happiness.  It is always tomorrow. It is always some day.

  We (as a collective) never learn to just be happy in the NOW.  Instead we waste half our life wishing for something that will never appear.  To never realize that there really only is today. That the rest of it is only an illusion. 
I think this is human nature because we are never truly happy with our self. We are always wanting to be thinner, taller, shorter, heavier, more muscles, different color hair, eyes, skin tone, whatever.  We can't just be happy with what we've been given. We always want to look, live, and be like someone else.  Or worse, to BE SOMEONE ELSE.

  What a shame really. Because we are put here to be our self, and no one else.  And we are meant to be in THIS moment in time, not some other down the road that will never give us the happiness that we should already possess.

  That is all just an illusion. 

  The paradox of change is that it is constant. The paradox of our life is that while we are existing in the now, we are living somewhere else in our own mind.


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