Lunar Vacation

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for Mike S.

Dear Mr.  President of the World I',m sending you this text on my phoine. Forgive the typos;

I am writing to you from Olympus Mons; by the time you get this message I wil have eaten 3 sqaure meals of dehydrtated fast food, pooped them out, reconstittued that poo  into fetilizer and have re-grown them into tommorrows next 3 meals. I'm only explaing all that becauee it seems like a good metaphor to explain how politics see,m to work these days; I thought this was the future.

  I am safe and sound here, but I fear that saying such a thing back on Earth might cause me troublres; and sicne I have enough torubles here, I can;t helop but laugh about all your  silliness and such.

So, just to explain real quick, I bought  this time share here, very far away from your divisive words, with bot-coin through dank-net wiki-pithia where sunburnt skin concerns us not in this outer-space., built a little rocket ship called the "Pussy Grabber", flew it around Uranus , then landed back on Mars, 'coz boys go to Jupiter to get more stupiderr, girls go to Mars to get more candy bars, so I want to find all these girls and candy bars.

I was told I should have gone to college to get more knowledge, but instead I read a book; The Art Of The Surreall, I think I want my back, you know, in god we trust and all.  

For now, here I am, far away dancing around in my own tower, where I do all the cleaning myself. I don't get tired of my help, use them for a while, then send them away across any sort of border, because here there is only the horizon and me; and lots of meals I grow from that 'you knwo what' I think of you.

To  conclude, I will summarize, I am far away from you, it is very nice, not as much a shit-hole as the one under your nose, I am very happy, and now I can forget about you. Have a nice day and enjoy your funeral, I know many others will.








Submitted: January 26, 2018

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