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He stared into the emptiness stretching out in front of him. He felt miserable. He shouldn’t be feeling this way, since he has it all working out for him; his career was a success, so much that his hobby was buying cars and his wife-to-be was a super model who had her own international clothing line.

He sighed as he tried to understand what was holding him back. Maybe it was his past? He shook his head violently to let go of that thought. He hated to ponder about the by gone, the what could’ve been. But perhaps had he been a little patient… or a little less stubborn… or more matured… he shook his head furiously again. He wasn’t going to go there again.

He got up, dusted damp grass off his bottom and walked away hands in his pockets. He kicked at the grass, almost slipping once before he actually did. He landed on his palms, scratching them against the pebbles. He was astonished by how much his mind was occupied as he didn’t feel the fall or the bruises. Was it human to worry about nothing?

Submitted: January 26, 2018

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