Final Credits

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Submitted: January 26, 2018

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Submitted: January 26, 2018




There is no such thing as closure.

There is only letting go.

Yes, that includes accepting the fact that we can't be together.

Even though my heart feels like bursting, breaking, and I'm at a loss on how to put it back together.

When the things I always take for granted now reminds me of you, I break a little bit inside.

When movie kisses remind of your lips, I felt like slowly drowning in grief.

When romantic stories remind me of how your face lights up when you see me, how you smile your little smile that is reserved for me after we kiss, how you close your eyes as you kiss me and softly murmur I love you, how fast your heart beat as I lay my head on your chest, our bodies close together, cuddled up inside our own cocoon.

We were happy.

I was happy then.

I felt your love and I sincerely hope you felt mine too.

But every movie has its ending, every book has its final chapter.

As our relationship reached its ending, as I'm drowning in our memories together like credits rolling at the end of an amazing movie, I am tempted to hit pause, rewind, and bring us back together.

But I can't.

As amazing as our love had been, there are just things our love just couldn't fix.


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