9000 miles and a date

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Review Chain

Part 2 of the 9000 miles series of short stories.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked with a smile.

"You'll see..." replied Ray.

As he led a blindfolded Cass further into the woods by her hand, he still couldn't believe this was finally happening. She was with the woman of his dreams, not many were lucky enough to have that. He silently thanked the heavens above and held her hand tight. He made sure she didn't lose her footing, he kept cheking every step she took, guiding her, preventing her from tripping or her dress getting caught in the thicket.

Looking back, they had been through a lot. There were times when they argued, they were times when they fought but at the end of the day neither could stay away from the other for long. They had a connection, unlike any other. A connection that transcended the 9000 miles that kept them apart till now. A connection he never wanted to give up.

Now that he had finally met her, he was even more keen on what he wanted. He knew what he had to do. He knew what it would take to be with her. It was never going to be easy, that much was obvious. But he was a fighter. He had hope. There could not be a more powerful combination.

Eventually they reached a small opening among the trees. The air around them was noticeably cooler. The forest was quiet but one distinct sound gradually started growing louder. The peace and tranquillity of flowing waters. Cass seemed to notice the sound too. He tilted her head, listening carefully.

She wanted to ask him where they were but she already knew the answer he would give. She decided to try being patient for a bit more.

Cass didn't need to wait long. Soon enough, she felt Ray stop walking. He placed a hand gently on her waist to prevent her from bumping into him. She heard him take a deep breath. The curiosity was now burning inside her. She wanted to smack him on the head and tell him to hurry up already. That thought made her suppress a laugh.

"What?" he asked.


Ray smiled, "we're here..." he said, walking up behind her.

Very gently he undid the knot at the back of her head, losening the blindfold. He let it drop to the ground but covered her eyes with his hand. He made her take 2 more steps forward then lifted his hand off.

"Open your eyes" he said.

Though Cass had been waiting eagerly to see what lay before her, she kept her eyes closed for another second and then opened them slowly. In front of her was a beautiful brook, it's waters flowed gently downstream, babbling over the pebbles along the way. The sun was setting gracefully, leaving behind the very last shimmers of light for the day, paving the way for the ascent of a majestic full moon.

"Beautiful..." she exclaimed.

Cass felt his hand on her hips. They eased in together and met wrapped themselves around her. She smiled as Ray moved into her body and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Yeah, you are." he responded.

Cass felt her cheeks go red, she raised a hand and cupped his face. She stroked his trimmed beard lovingly and closed her eyes, savouring the moment. If only there was someone around to take a picture of them, she thought.

On the ground beside the breathtaking view, she saw a thick collection of blankets, placed in front of a small tent. There were two pillows on it, placed together along the edge. How and when did he do all this, she wondered. But before she could ask, he tilted his head and kissed her sweetly on the cheek.

"Shall we?" he asked, letting go of her hip and offering his hand.

She took it with a smile and a nod. Together they walked up to the blankets. Ray slid in first, resting his head on one of the pillow and he patted the other, awaiting her.

Cass sat down. It was rather comfortable. She edged closer to him and moved the other pillow away, instead resting her head on his chest. Both of them smiled, he wrapped his arms around her and she couldn't help but think how comfortable she was in them.

"This is nice" she said, planting a kiss on his chest.

Ray gently started brushing her hair with his fingers, enjoying the feeling of her cheek on his body. He was elated that all his planning and work he put into it had paid off. He'd seen this moment in his dreams. But this right now was so much more amazing than he could ever imagine. He took out a small speaker from his pocket and played a song on his phone.

Cass recognised the song as I Don't Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. She laughed remembering all the times she had heard it thinking of him in her mind. She rememebred it was him that made her fall in love with the song. She held him tight and smiled into his chest.

"Dork..." she called him affectionately.

"Maybe... but i'm yours" he replied.

"You better be."

"I will. Always..." he began.

"...and forever" she finished.

For the next few minutes they merely laid there talking about random things. Him making her laugh and her slapping his chest playfully. They were so engrossed in their silly chatter that the almost missed something truly magical.

Dozens of fireflies had made their way out of the trees and were hovering over the brook. Their illuminated tails dotted the air like flickering stars. For the next several seconds their eyes stayed transfixed on the scenery before them. It was beyond beautiful, only made more wonderful by their bodies intertwined with each other.

Just then, Perfect by Ed Sheeran came on the speaker. The two of them looked at each other knowingly. Ray smiled,

"Want to dance?" he asked.


He stood and helped her up. They stepped out of the blankets and onto the soft grass. He pulled her slowly by the hand towards him. Ray let both his hands linger on her waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck. Then they danced. Slowly, gracefully, enjoying every passing second, wishing time would stop for them even for a little bit.

This was it. This was the happiness he was seeking. He knew in his heart that it was true. There was no other woman he wanted, no other joy he rather have. He reached out and touched a tiny box inside his back pocket. That tiny box held his future. The second he takes it out everything would change. He wanted it, more than anything in the world but he also knew it wasn't the right time. He loved her, she loved him. For them to work he needed to be patient. It was hard, he was so close. But he liften his hand and placed it back on her hip.

He sighed softly.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"we've been here for half hour and you haven't kissed me yet" he responded.

She blushed lightly, "you never asked" she said defiantly.

He lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes. The view, the moment and the girl were all perfect, just like the song playing in the backround. He parted her lips and moved into them. The kiss that followed was powerful enough to silence the whole world for the next several seconds.

'One day', he thought in his mind, 'one day i'll ask you to be mine. I will go down on my knees and tell you much i adore you. I will promise to give you all the happiness in the world for as long as i possibly can. I'll never let you shed another tear, i'll never let you feel alone, i'll never make you feel unwanted. One day I will ask you to be my wife, my future, my everything. And i hope that day your answer will be yes'

With these feelings resounding in his heart he continued to hold her close, moving to the music. These thoughts were to remain thoughts for now. He decided he would wait. He might have been ready but he wanted to be sure she was too. He smiled knowingly. He bent his head slightly and kissed her forehead.

'One day....' he thought.

Submitted: January 26, 2018

© Copyright 2021 R.M.Ray. All rights reserved.

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