a group of friends move from the city to the country to escape horrible crime. What they didn't know was that the town they moved to had a secret. Would any of them survive the creature of the
town's urban legend? Would the Fanged Hell's Angel claim more victims?

Table of Contents

A Short Prologue

Crying is coming from the interview room. "Miss i know you are still shaken up from the attacks of last night, but we need you to tell us... Read Chapter

A Simple Start

Amy was giggling at her phone when her roommate, Mary walked in shaking. A few of their friends were over and noticed Mary. "Uh..Mary wha... Read Chapter

A Meeting of Friends

Amy left their trailer and was making her way over to her mysterious neighbor when someone ran up to her. "Hi, we've met briefly. I'm Bet... Read Chapter

A Bloody Welcoming

Amy smiled and nodded. "Yea, I moved in next door with my friends Mary and Gloria. So we hear that you don't socialize as much as you use... Read Chapter

Friend turned Fresh Meat

It took almost everyone to pull Sam out of that house. For weeks, everyone was on high alert, looking for a killer. Every night, Sam woul... Read Chapter

To Snoop is to Die

Once the creature finished lavishing in Betty's blood, it proceeded to gut and eat her. What was left was a message written in blood and ... Read Chapter

To Kill is to Spare

The creature had grabbed Sam and bit into her neck. It then knocked Amy out and dragged the heavily bleeding Sam over to Ariel, Sabrina a... Read Chapter

So Long Anastasia

Sam looked at her old friend and whispered, "Sorry." She stood up and gave into her instinct craving for blood. She lunged at Anastasia's... Read Chapter

A Brief Glimpse in the Past

Morning came and with it brought Det. Lyn and an ambulance. Samantha was near death when she was rescued. Everyone gathered to see the gr... Read Chapter

A Shocking Twist

Lyn sighed and muttered, "To save people we kill one person...that is not justice." The other two officers looked at Lyn. "We know...but ... Read Chapter

Creature vs Creature

Sam didn’t even fight, she saw no point. Every one she cared for was dead cause of Brendan. That struck something deep down in Sam. She... Read Chapter

Short Epilogue

Be on the look out for the sequel, A Demon's Legacy. Coming Soon!
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