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Lyn sighed and muttered, "To save people we kill one person...that is not justice." The other two officers looked at Lyn. "We know...but this has got to end." Lyn sighed again and shook her head. "What’s to say killing Samantha will stop him?" The other officers were silent at this observation. Then the female spoke up. "Well...I...I know something that could be useful." Lyn looked at her and motioned for her to continue speaking. "The few officers...who were there...there is a second fanged hells angel...its Samantha." Lyn blinked then got an idea. "We have to get her to face the one who did this. She could end it all..." The female officer shook her head. "Samantha won’t do it...she’s very...mentally fragile due to the attack on herself." Their discussion got interrupted by a call saying Samantha had fled the hospital. "Who is left alive that Sam would socialize with?" Lyn asked. "Amy and Brendan...we best hurry before another death happens."

Meanwhile, Samantha knew that the next target of Hellions would be Amy, her new best friend. Sam couldn’t have that happen. Even though she knew she would most likely die, Sam deemed Amy worthy to protect. So she gathered her inner demonic strength and broke out of the hospital ran to the trailer park. She banged on the door, "Amy! Brendan!!" Brendan opened the door quite shocked to see Samantha and let her in. Samantha was shocked when she saw a tied up Amy and was about to turn around when her vision went black as her head throbbed. She came to at the sounds of a cursing Amy. "Brendan unfucking tie us right fucking now!" He just chuckled and back handed her. "I’m surprised you haven’t figured this out yet." He backed up slightly and took his true form as the Fanged Hells Angel. "That’s right girls, I’m the murderer. And you two are my last victims." He grinned with a mouthful of fangs before turning to Amy and cut a deep 'x' across her body.

She screamed out in pain and anger. To shut her screams up, he ripped out her tongue. He let her sit there and bleed out some before purposely jabbing his claws into her cut open body. He slowly pulled them out and thrust them through her throat. He repeatedly stabbed her bloody body making Sam watch as her friend went lifeless. He yanked out the large intestine and wrapped it around Sam's neck and drug her outside the house. 

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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