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She rolled off him and felt her life slowly slipping away. She knew she had to make someone a fanged hells angel. Sam looked around till she spotted Lyn. Sam crawled her way over there and bit into her ankle. Lyn screamed out and fell clutching the bitten ankle. Sam began whispering in a demonic language while continuously biting Lyn. Once the biting and pain subsided, Lyn looked around. Brendan laid dead in a pool of blood. There was a trail of blood leading to her. And that’s when she noticed the pool of blood and Sam's body. Lyn felt for a pulse but Sam was deader than dead. Then everything in Sam felt on fire and her world went black. The two officers that was with Lyn just stared in shock. The female spoke up. "Dante....we just witnessed the deaths of two fanged hells angels..." Dante nodded and sighed. "Alice, our supervisor is now the new fanged hells angel. May god help us now."

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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