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Amy left their trailer and was making her way over to her mysterious neighbor when someone ran up to her. "Hi, we've met briefly. I'm Betty...I wouldn't bother Samantha. She doesn't like to be bothered anymore unless it’s by her roommate Sarah." Amy looked at Betty with a look that said I’m ignoring that warning and talking to her anyways. "Listen Betty, thanks for telling me but I’m still gonna try." With that Amy walked up to the trailer and knocked. Betty shook her head and mumbled something as she walked away.

The door cracked open. "H-hello...can I help you?" Amy smiled nicely and said, "Hi, I'm of your new neighbors. I was coming over to invite you over to our house for dinner." The door closed in Amy's face and she sighed and turned away and was about to walk away when the door opened again and a different girl was there. "Hi, sorry for that. Samantha is a bit paranoid around new people. I'm Sarah. When is this dinner scheduled for?"

Amy smiled. "Friday night at eight. It’s a come as you are party so we can get to know our closest neighbors." Sarah flashed a quick smile. "Samantha and I will be there. Why don't you and your friends come over and introduce yourselves later. Give time for Samantha to get comfortable around y'all." Amy nodded. "We will be back around eight if that's alright?" "It’s perfect. I'll make sure Samantha doesn't run." Amy smiled and thanked her and left. As she was walking back to her trailer she saw something out of the corner of her eye running up to her.

It was moving pretty quickly. She tensed up and prepared to fight when a soft tap on her shoulder made her look. There was a girl with black hair and blood red highlights standing there. She gave a slight smile and softly spoke. "H-hi. I'm Samantha. I just wanted to apologize for closing the door on you. My anxiety got to me and I had to get Sarah. “Amy relaxed and smiled. ”Hi Samantha, as you know I’m Amy. And it's perfectly fine, I am not mad." Samantha smiled a bit more and was a bit jumpy at any noise. "Please call me Sam or you are a new neighbor?"

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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