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Once the creature finished lavishing in Betty's blood, it proceeded to gut and eat her. What was left was a message written in blood and bone bits. Betty's severed head was left by the message. When it was all over, Sammy looked at what she had done and ran off to her new house crying. She cleaned herself up while mumbling. "It had to be done...she was snooping in my one can know." It wasn't long until what remained of Betty to be found. Sabrina screamed loud enough that almost everyone came running. Everyone but Samantha that is.

"Sabrina step away from the remains...let's see what that message says," Ariel said. Sabrina walked over shaking badly. Ariel pulled her into a hug before letting go to read the message. It read, "Stop looking into the past or else you will suffer her fate. By the way she was very tasty." People ran and threw up after reading that. Anastasia covered her mouth and looked at Sabrina. "How did you not hear this happening?" Sabrina cried as she responded. "I...I was passed out. I swear I didn't hear anything!" Detectives Lyn and Rachel walked up. "And you wouldn't have heard anything since Betty's vocal chords were severed in the home. Do any of you know what it meant by stop looking in the past?"

Detective Rachel went inside to investigate as Lyn questioned the girls. No one said anything as Rachel walked back confused. "Who was researching Samantha Grey and her attack from years ago?" The girls looked at her like she was stupid. "Come with me so I can show you." Everyone followed Rachel to a small computer room. Rachel showed them what she had found when Ariel spoke up. "That's Betty's personal laptop. What are those notes about?" Everyone looked and saw she was making connections from the past to now. Strangely it all revolved around Samantha.

"This is something I'll look into back at the station. Girls we suggest you stay with family or at a motel for a while. Well a least till we get this sorted out," Detective Rachel said. The girls nodded and packed some clothes they went to stay with Sam, who had generously offered them a place to stay. Time went by and nothing was heard from the police about the killer or about what Rachel had found from Betty's notes. Two months went by when Samantha's door was being banged on. She heard it and looked out the peep hole but refused to answer the door.

Detective Rachel growled and banged harder. Amy heard the banging and walked out of her trailer. "She won't answer the door so stop banging. If you have a message for her then give it to me. I will let her know you stopped by." Rachel turned and faced Amy. "She is being taken to a government testing facility. She is the reason why people are dying! I looked into her past. I made the rest of the connections Betty didn't. Samantha-" Rachel's eyes widened as a clawed hand was protruding from her chest through her back.

The creature yanked its claws out slowly. It made sure to rip her heart out through her back. Amy screamed in horror as blood covered her. The creature's burning red eyes looked at Amy as it bit into the heart. It began growling at Amy as Gloria ran out to see why Amy screamed. "Amy what's - oh my god!! It’s Samantha!" The creature dropped the heart and attacked Gloria. Amy looked on on horror as Gloria was ripped limb from limb with teeth and claws. Sammy ran out of her trailer clawed up with fresh bite marks still bleeding on her neck. She ran to Amy and started pulling her away. "Amy you have to leave, now before-" Samantha didn't get to finish her sentence.

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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