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Morning came and with it brought Det. Lyn and an ambulance. Samantha was near death when she was rescued. Everyone gathered to see the gruesome scene. This time there was no message written out but it was clear what it was. Samantha is going to be murdered and anyone standing in the way will die as well. Det. Lyn was not gonna have that happen on her watch. Once Samantha was stable enough, two officers were sent to question her. "Miss Grey, mind telling us what happened?" the first officer asked as kindly as possible. The only answer he got from her was screaming and apologies.

 The second officer shook her head and tried a little forcefully to get the answers. She actually got an answer in between apologies and crying.

"" Samantha then proceeded to have a seizure which made doctors and nurses rush the officers out. "A victim blaming herself...typical," the female officer huffed with an eye roll. "At least we got something to go on...a guy is trying to murder Miss Grey and will kill anyone who goes digging into the past or who gets in his way," the male officer said.

 They drove back to the station and filled in Det. Lyn. "So I was right after all. Come with me you two. There may be another attack and soon." Lyn was walking out the door as she got a call. There was yet another attack in progress. It was happening at the trailer park. Lyn and the two officers hurried over to the scene only to arrive too late. The girl, Mary, had been savagely beaten, broken, and murdered. Upon further inspection, Lyn noticed that this murder was to intentionally hurt Samantha.

 Lyn sighed sadly, looking at the girl's broken body. "This is as gruesome as those deaths from a few years ago," the male officer said. Lyn turned and looked at him. "Fill me in on those murders. Were they ever solved? Was there any surviving victim?" The female officer looked at Lyn with a shocked look. "They never told you...the cases went unsolved...the only survivor was Samantha Grey...and her captor is back to finish the job."

 Lyn blinked and asked, "Why aren’t we doing anything to stop him?" This brought out some nervous laughter and paranoid looks before the female responded. "The Fanged Hell's Angel can only be killed by another of its kind. We can’t stop it...ever." Lyn sighed. "So...a creature has been brutally murdering people?" They nodded. "Give it Samantha...or else these deaths won’t stop."

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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