A Person Lives

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A person eats; because of the insatiable hunger of his stomach; the unrelenting pangs of famished gluttony; playing cats and dogs with his impoverished intestines,

A person sleeps; because of the overwhelming dreariness circumventing his eyelids; the insurmountable tiredness enveloping his feet and each of his exhausted senses,

A person desires; because of his intriguingly restless mind; wandering in umpteenth number of exotic directions; in a single complete minute,

A person kills; because of the insane lunatic freely philandering in some part of his countenance; his delirious desire to avenge the uncouth massacres that struck his beloved,

A person gallops; because of the ardent tenacity in the muscles of his feet; his irrevocable yearning to achieve the most exuberant targets in life,

A person sings; because of the unfathomable melody trapped in the agonized chords of his throat; an eternal yearning lingering in his soul; to blend with all the ravishingly beautiful on this colossal planet,

A person laughs; because of the ebullient state of fantasy he rhapsodically enjoys; all the good things that stir up revolutionary miracles in his life,

A person cries; because of  horrendous pain engulfing his dwindling visage; the inexplicable trauma embedded in each ingredient of his veins,

A person trusts; because of the innermost voice of his conscience; incessantly urging him to blossom into immortal bonds of friendship,

A person hates; because of ghastly circumstances which compel him to slither miserably on cold ground; while his fellow compatriots snored in the aisles of opulent
luxury and salacious lechery,

A person embraces; because of the fulminating agony in his chest; the piece of restlessly inconspicuous caricature that he was rendered; when he lived life in
realms of disgusting isolation,

A person evolves; because of the mesmerizing mysticism of this fathomless planet; the intricately ingenious dormitories of his brain; perpetuating to create astounding paradise,

A person procreates; because of the inevitable  mechanisms of his fertile persona; his intransigent urge to leave his mark upon the planet; even after he died,

A person devastates; because of the things most cherished to his heart deserting him in his face; metamorphosing his every ambition of life into infinitesimal bits of threadbare chowder,

A person angers; because of bizarre provocation to his impeccable senses; the uncannily miserable feeling of losing his invincible stranglehold on things which
were his tireless slave,

A person possesses; because of his incomprehensible feeling to care; his inherently augmenting virtue to defend his mate in every pain,

A person shares; because of the uninhibited spirit of freedom encapsulating his demeanor; the irrevocable longing in each of his veins to benevolently donate
till the time he celestially exists,

A person loves; because of the immortal beating of his philanthropic heart; the inferno of unsurpassable attraction; that made him incessantly feel in the land of the divine,

And a person lives; only because God wants him to; till the time God wants him to; and for countless more births till God wants him to take birth again, Romantically discovering and exploring; more importantly disseminating the irrefutably sacred
essence of humanity; enlightening each cranny of earth with the Omnipotent light of life.

Submitted: January 27, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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