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Vincent and I brought the girl back with us to the cabin with no difficulty. I carried her the whole way on my back and let her down on my bed so Hailey could have a look at her. I left the room so Hailey could do her stuff. It was now night, the lights hanging above us provided the light that chased away the darkness. Walter, Vinny, and I sat on the chairs in the living room talking. I leaned forward with my hands over each other, resting my chin on them.

“There are so many questions about her that I want to find the answers to,” Walt said, his mask shining. “Who is she? Where did she come from? And why did she jump into the river?”

“I’ve been wondering the same things,” I spoke up. “I would also like to know if she knows if there are anymore survivors out there.”

Vinny nodded, folding his hands together. “I agee. When you think about it, we just keep finding more and more people who are still alive. This should theoretically mean that there could possibly be others. Maybe not here in Georgia or any of the surrounding states, but possibly elsewhere in the world.”

The thought of more survivors made me feel hopeful. I knew that within the last five years since the dinosaurs first began their worldwide conquest that the numbers of the human race had dropped heavily. In the first year alone, nearly percent of human lives all around the world had died out. By now, chances are over ninety percent of our species had become extinct, and I estimate that by the end of this year that we will be completely wiped out.

But as long as we’re here, we can still hope that there could be the slightest chance of there being more people who managed to live and fight through all of the chaos these last few years.

“Well, we can only get the answers after she wakes up. And she’ll need to rest and collect herself before we start interrogating her. I think the poor thing needs some time to herself.” I sat up straight and folded my arms. “But I can guess that she may have jumped into the river to escape from a predator. I don’t really see any other reason as to why she would do that.”

“Neither do I,” Vinny said, pushing his glass up the bridge of his nose. “She would have to have been desperate to jump in the water where it is dangerous.”

“I just hope she’ll be okay,” I said. “I have a feeling she’s been through a lot of shit.”

Then came the sound of someone walking down the stairs. Looking back, I saw Hailey appear from the steps, adjusting the white coat she had on. The expression on her face was calm, peaceful. She turned to the living room and made her way towards us.

“She’ll be okay,” she said, taking a seat next to me. She looked at me with a gentle smile. “Looks like the CPR you did saved her neck. All she needs now is a little rest and she’ll be fully recovered soon.”

“Does she have any injuries?” Walt asked.

Hailey shook her head. “Nothing serious. A couple of bruises and a slight bump on her head, which is possibly from something hard hitting her. Otherwise, she’s fine.”

I let out a silent breath of relief. Thank God.

“Any luck finding the nest?” Hailey asked.

“I am afraid not,” Vinny said, shaking his head. “We didn’t spot a single Coelophysis on our search.”

“Oh…” Hailey’s head drooped with a sad expression, looking down at her hands resting on her knees.

“However,” I said, “we have a pretty good idea where to look.”

Vinny nodded. “We have reason to believe that the Coelophysis made their nest near the river not far away from here. It has everything a predator needs: a heavily used water source, plenty of places to hide in, and more than enough prey to go around. If our reasoning is accurate, then the likelihood of finding the nest will increase tenfold.”

Hailey looked up, not really gazing at anyone. “I just hope we can find it soon.”

“We will,” I promised. Then I looked at Walt and Vinny. “How are things going with developing the scopes?”

Walt cleared his throat. “We have agreed on the final design for the scopes. As of earlier today, I began to work my magic. We have more than enough parts to spare, so we will have plenty of scopes for all of us, plus extra.”

“The scopes’ design is something simple,” Vinny said. He then reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a folded piece of loose leaf paper. He carefully unfolded it and outstretched his hand to me. “But I believe you will find it most interesting.”

I reached out and took the paper from his hand and looked at it. It was a pencil drawing of what looked like…

“A contact lens?” I asked, looking at Vinny and Walt.

“Precisely,” Vinny said with a grin.

“These contact lenses will be the scopes we will be utilizing,” Walt said. “They look pretty simple, but in reality, they will be a complex piece of equipment. These lenses will function exactly like my mask and Vinny’s glasses, but with more modifications. Like our lenses, the scopes can zoom in, zoom out, judge distance, and focus on a target.”

“In addition,” Vinny continued, “ they will have the capability of using night vision, detect thermal heat, and, of course, act as a scope to allow the user to accurately aim their weapons at a target. Which should benefit you greatly Toby, since you have a firearm.” He pointed at the Glock that hung from my hips.

“That sounds really cool!” Hailey said with a cheerful smile. “This is gonna be great! And of course you guys remembered to not include X-ray vision?”

Walt turned pale and turned his head away. “Well… ehhhhhhhh.”

I saw a fire light up in Hailey’s eyes’ fierce and angry like the blaze of a forest fire. She growled loudly, gritting her teeth and clenching her fist.

Walt looked at Hailey and a look of pure white fear marked his face. “N-N-Now Hailey!” he stuttered. “You wouldn’t hurt a blind guy, would you?”  


And before any of us can blink, Hailey stood above Walt and repeatedly slapped him in the face, her hands nothing but a blur as she cried out words like “playboy”, “degenerate”, or “lecher”. Walt’s head was hit left and right. I felt my eyes bulge, my body stiffen, and I felt myself grow pale and cold; I could see it was the same with Vinny. All the two of us could do was stare as Walt got the snot beaten out of him by Hailey’s relentless assult.



Hailey eventually stopped. Walt--what was left of him--laid limply on the couch, his face bruised and bloody. His fingers and legs twitched.

“I think you killed him,” I said.

“Eh… ack… I can’t feel my face...” Walt whimpered.

Walt and I let out sighs of relief.

Hailey rubbed both of her hands and huffed. “Hmph. Be grateful you’re still alive, scumbag.”

Then she turned her gaze to Vinny, her face dark and demonic. She might as well have had devil horns and fangs for teeth. “And unless you wanna end up like your friend here, I suggest you don’t make those scopes with X-ray vision.”

“EEEEEK!!” Vinny screamed, throwing his hands up in fear. “Of course! Of course! Whatever you say! Just please don’t kill me!!”

Hailey smiled innocently. It was as if her demonic rage had just went poof! and vanished. She giggled. “Good boy.”

I finally managed to find my voice. I cleared my throat. “When do you expect them to be finished?”

Vinny returned his gaze to me. “I imagine that, at the pace we are going now, the scopes should be ready within three weeks time. Hopefully we will find the Coelophysis before then.”

Hailey sat back down, her hands folded on her lap. “I pray that you’re right. I can’t afford to lose this home.”

I nodded. “Neither can I. And I think I can speak for all of us when I say we all feel that way.”

Hailey looked at me, her green eyes soft, and smiled. “Thank you, Toby.”

I heard Vinny yawn, and from the corner of my eye, I saw him stretch. “Well, I think I should  get some sleep. I have had a long day.”

Hailey rubbed her eyes with her hands. “Knocking Walt out and looking after that girl really wore me out, too. I think I should get some rest as well.”

I turned my head to look at Walt, who still laid sprawled out on the couch, his face swollen. It was obvious that he was out cold judging by the peaceful rise and fall of his chest… or, at least, whatever peace he felt after being maliciously being attacked by Hailey.

And in all honesty, I felt a bit drowsy myself now that they mentioned going to sleep.

“Well,” Vinny said, rising from the chair and leaving the room. “Good night you guys.”

Hailey stood up as well and stretched her arms. “I’ll go hit the sack,” she yawned. My gaze followed her as she made her way out of the room and headed up the stairs. Before she disappeared behind the wall next to the staircase, she stopped.

“Oh,” she said. “And by the way, Tobias. The girl is sleeping in your bed tonight. She’s already tucked in.”

I shot up and looked right at her. “WHAT?! SHE’S IN MY ROOM?!”

But my words entered through deaf ears. Hailey had already left. I gritted my teeth and felt a vein pop in my head.

These guys are total douchebags! I thought. Why is this happening to me?!

Then I let out a sigh and I let myself relax.

No big deal. It’s no big deal. She’s our guest, so she needs to be comfortable. So I guess my room was the best Hailey could think of. I’ll just have to sleep on the floor and deal with it.

… I just hope she wakes up soon…


Natasha’s eyebrows twitched. A tiny moan escaped from her lips and she opened her eyes. When she did, she saw daylight; a wooden ceiling high above her.

I’m… I’m alive, she thought. I survived the river…

She felt warm and comfy. She definitely was not on the riverbank. She slowly sat up and looked down, seeing that she was covered in a thick blanket and that she was lying in a bed. As the blanket fell off of her front, she realized she was only in her bra and panties.

How did I get here? Where am I? Is there anyone else here? And why am I only in my underwear?

Tash didn’t recall much, and yet she thought she dreamed for a brief moment that someone held her as she coughed and gasped. She thought she saw black and red, and the pale color of a person’s skin.

She heard a groan close by and she froze. It was a human groan. There could be no doubt about it.

Josh, maybe? Jessie?

Tash slowly looked over the edge of the bed, looking down next to her.

And there he was. A boy laid there on the floor, his head cushioned by his hands and then a pillow. His body was wrapped around in a bedsheet, but Tash could tell he was average sized. He laid on his back, his face was hard yet peaceful at the same time. Tash could see his black, messy hair and his pale skin. His bangs nearly reached his eyes. Tash could see the rise and fall of his chest under the sheet.

He’s cute, Tash thought, leaning forward more.

That was a big mistake. The next thing Tash knew, she lost her balance and tipped over. She flapped her arms, trying to stop herself, but it was too late. She slipped right out of the bed and from under the blanket.

Tash felt something squish beneath her and her face grew warm. Slowly, she looked down. She was laying on top of the boy, who had his vivid red eyes wide open, his cheeks flushed, and a bit of blood coming from his nose. She looked down further and--

His face was in between her breasts. Right in her canyon of a cleavage.

Tash froze. The boys face turned red like a thermometer. She imagined that her face did the same thing, because her face was as hot as magma.


“Uuuuhhhhhhhhh,” Tash choked out, just before she released a long, loud squeal.

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Great chapter. I'm glad that Natasha is alright. Well that is interesting way to wake up for sure.

Sun, May 19th, 2019 4:19am


I tried to fit a little bit of humor. Every anime I have seen has to have the occasional scene where something perverted happens, so there you have it.

Mon, May 20th, 2019 5:41am

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