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“Alright everyone,” Marcus said, coming to a stop. “We’ll rest here for now. In ten minutes, we keep moving.”

Luke and his friends sat down on the ground and instantly felt relief begin to spread. To Luke as he walked with his companions in the forest, today was hot and humid. His arms, back, and forehead were sweaty. And the others he was with were in no different condition. Well, except Eli, since all he had to do to cool down was to fly, but he just sat down like the rest.

They’ve been on the move in search of a new home for over two weeks, but their efforts have been fruitless, so far. Even if they were all Homo animalis (the scientific name for the race of humans whose DNA were modified with that of animals), they were starting to get tired of their travels. However, Marcus was determined to find sanctuary. It was he who pushed the group along. And naturally, they had to follow him, he was their alpha.

Luke’s heightened senses were on high alert. He could smell and hear animals all around them, but thankfully none of them were nearby.

Luke took a look at everyone around him. Annabeth was looking at the long, shiny, toxic needles embedded under her fingernails, with a look on her face a lot like that of a curious cat and her tail swishing back and forth. Camilla sat directly next to the cheetah girl, her scaly skin a flushed pinkish color, like someone blushing or burning up, and her tail curled by her legs. Eli had taken roost on the branch of a tree, running his fingers through his silvery hair.

Luke then looked at Marcus, the most physically scarred member of the group. His dark brown skin was stitched in pale scars. He even had an eyepatch to cover the hole on the right side of the face that was once an eye. His dark red hair was wild and spiky, with two tiny bear eyes sprouting up top. He wore nothing but black; a black, spiked, leather jacket, black leather pants and black boots. Everything about him was intimidating, and why not? He was ferocious, fearless, and relentless. He was more of an animal in terms of behavior than anyone else Luke knew.

He remembered the first time they met two years ago, but it was not a happy occasion. It was the night Luke lost the only thing he loved and treasured more than anything. Something he vowed to protect and care for, but failed...


It was a chilly winter night. The sun had set over the buildings that formed the outer rim of the small town in Mount Airy where Luke lived with his family. He used to live with his parents and his grandmother, but only he and his eight year old sister, Kitrina, were all that remained of his family.

After his family was killed off, he and Kit had been living in the house, alone. Luke made it his absolute duty to protect his younger sibling from harm and keep her happy, treating her as a lady.

But a couple days ago, she got very very sick. She had contracted the ebola virus. Luke had never been so terrified in his life, seeing her in so much pain, gobs of blood expelling from her violently. He knew he had to do something, or Kit would die. And he couldn't let that happen. He just couldn't.

Luke knew where the closest hospital was and he could easily go there, grab the vaccine, leave the building, and treat her. But because Kit wasn’t fit to travel, it would mean he would have to leave her in the house alone, which he didn't want to do. He wanted to just hold her tiny form in an embrace and tell her she would be okay. He was conflicted, the decisions running wild in his mind. But that night, he made his decision.

Luke walked into the bedroom where Kit rested. She looked just like Luke, but as a very small girl. Gray hair, tail, and ears. She was wearing a pure white dress that she had Luke dress her in, like a princess. On her hair was a plastic, silver tiara with fake blue gemstones. She didn't look to be in pain, her expression very peaceful, and her smile was still a sight for sore eyes.

He saw Kit’s eyes open as he walked inside. She smiled more as he approached her, which made him smile back. Her smile was just contagious to him, and it gave him the feeling that Kit was going to survive.

“Hey there, Princess Kitrina,” Luke says softly, bowing a little bit. “How is the bestest girl in the world feeling?”

Kit giggled weakly. “Hello, Luke... I’m feeling okay...”

Luke got to his knees and moved some hair from her face, which was burning. “Very good. Do you need anything before you go to sleep? Some water or milk? An ice pack?”

Kit shook her head. “No thank you… I think I’ll be fine…”

Luke placed a gentle hand on her cheek, looking directly into her eyes. “Honey, there is some medicine that can make you much better again, but I have to leave the house to get it. So, I have to leave you here for a bit. But I promise I'll come right back when I’m done. Will you be brave and strong for me until I get back?”

Kit nodded a little. “Yes, Luke... I will be the bravest and strongest... You are the best big brother in the whole wide world… I love you very much...”

Luke smiled again and kissed her forehead. “That's my little princess. Now, don't move until I get back. Just stay in bed.”

Luke then left the house with his pack, taking with him a hunting knife for protection.


It had taken Luke over an hour to get to the hospital. Thankfully, he got inside with no trouble and finding the needles was easy enough, but finding the right vaccine was a completely different beast. However, after a mentally painful search, he found it.

Now he was running just around the corner to the house, carrying everything he needed. As he ran, he felt hope surge into him. Just one dose of the vaccine would bring the Kit he knew and loved. They would be together again, playing dress-up and checkers, going to tea parties, and sleeping together when the day was over. Just like how it used to be.

He would see her smile in full bloom again.

Hang in there just a minute longer, Kit!! he thought. I’m coming home!!

And then he turned to the house. Luke felt hope build up in him, ready to explode like a volcano. But before he took one step onto the property, he noticed that the front door…

“What the hell…?”

The screen of the door had been ripped to pieces, as if something had slashed it, leaving a gaping hole.

Luke felt his hope fade as his instincts told him something was very wrong. He went from running to walking as he approached the house, as if his energy had been taken from him. When he came to what remained of the door, he smelt it: the rotten smell of a reptile, the sweet-bitter smell of blood.

The smells of death…

Luke went through torn door and walked inside. The house was dark, but Luke could easily see the interior, but he didn't see the source of the smell. He quickly sniffed the air, inhaling the repulsive scent, tracking the source. His head then faced the direction where the smell was coming from.

It was coming from Kit’s room. And the door to it was wide open.

Luke crept forward, feeling himself grow cold with each step, his heart hammering rapidly. He could feel himself shake just a bit. He knew that he was terrified; something had happened.

He started to hear disgusting sounds; the sound of flesh tearing, the sound of bones cracking. It grew louder as he got closer, and it sent shivers down his spine.

Luke came to a stop at the threshold and peered into the room. What he saw made him freeze in fright and hold his breath.

A Velociraptor, roughly six feet long and as tall as a medium dog, stood in the room. The burgundy and white feathers that covered it’s body shown darkly in the moonlight filtering through the window. The dinosaur’s large yellow eyes were full of predatory satisfaction. It’s long jaws, the killer claws on both feet, and the finger claws on each hand were covered in fresh blood. Hanging in its mouth was a ragged strip of flesh.

And under the little raptor’s feet was the envicerated body of Kit. All of her dress and bedding was soaked in blood. A huge wound in her abdomen revealed intestines and whitish bones. Her eyebrows were high up, her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was opened slightly.

Luke felt himself shake uncontrollably. He could hear his heart in his ears. What was once terror became rage. He unsheathed his knife, and with an angry roar, he rushes the dinosaur.

The Velociraptor looked up from its kill and hissed angrily, raising its stiff tail and spreading its feathered arms. Luke could see the killer toe claws were poised, ready to stab when it gets close enough.

Luke lunged, slashing with his knife, but the feathered menace dodge by leaping onto his back, screeching. Luke felt the weight of the predator as it sank its finger claws and numerous sharp teeth into his back and shoulder, insuring a firm grip. Pain rang out in him, but his rage made him ignore it.

Luke growled as he reached behind him, grabbing  the raptor's long, S-shaped neck, attempting to strangle it. The dinosaur fought back, ripping into his flesh with its claws. However, Luke gripped the creature's neck firmly and swung it off his back and onto the floor.

The dinosaur attempted to get up, but Luke had it pinned down. It writhed wildly, snapping its jaws and shrieking. He raised the knife and with a scream, he slitted the raptor's throat. In an instant, the Velociraptor went limp. It's eyes became lifeless, it’s bloody jaws open in an eternal dying scream.

But Luke was not satisfied. Killing it wasn't enough. So he slashed it again. Then again... And again... Again…

By the time he stopped maiming the corpses, Luke’s face and chest was covered in blood. He may as well have looked like a psycho killer. He dropped the knife and shakily came to Kit’s lifeless body. It was too late. Luke knew that she was dead.

He held the lifeless body of his little sister in his arms and sobbed. He knew he had just lost everything he had left.

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Great chapter. Great characters. Poor Luke and Kit.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 10:16pm


Great chapter. Great characters. Poor Luke and Kit.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 10:16pm

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