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Natasha fiddled with her thumbs nervously. Despite the fact that she sat close to a fire, she didn't feel safe. It seemed as though it's dangerous by day, but even worse by night.

"Are you okay?" asked Jessica, Natasha's best friend, with a concerned look. She was three years older than Natasha, but they were the same height. Her pink hair reached her lower shoulders. Her deep scarlet eyes were soft. She wore a pink hoodie and a miniskirt. 

Natasha smiled. "Yeah. I'm just worried about Josh."

Jessica smiled reassuringly. "He's fine. He'll come back soon."

They waited for some time. The night was alive with the sounds of dinosaurs  and crackling fire. But there were no signs of movement in the underbrush cloaked by the night's darkness. All seemed placid.

Moments later, the bushes rustled. A surge of alarm shot through Natasha. In less than a second, her hand was on her bow and took out an arrow. Jessica's hand gripped the spear laying next to her.

"Hold it!" cried a voice. "Don't shoot! It's me!"

A figure emerged from the bushes. He was tall, muscular, and handsome. His hair was bright orange and was spiky. His eyes were chocolate brown. His beard was very short. He wore a white T-shirt and a black over shirt. The girls lowered their weapons.

Jessie smiled. "Josh!"

She stood up and rushed over to the big man. They wrapped each other in their arms and plugged their lips together. At that moment, Natasha felt a deep and desperate longing. A longing that clawed in her heart. She longed to have love. She'd give anything, and everything, to fall in love. Just like the way it was three years ago.

But those days ended, along with everything else. She moved on, yes, but memories kept haunting her dreams. Memories of blood and death. 

Josh and Jessica pulled away from each other, smiling at one another.

"How is it?" Jessie asked. "Is it safe?"

Josh nodded. "As it can possibly be. No signs of trouble."

"Good," Natasha said, forcing a smile. "That's a relief."

"Yep, so we can sleep peacefully tonight," Josh said, folding his arms.

"That's music to my ears," Jessie said, her smile never fading. The two shuffled towards to Natasha and sat down.

"I'll keep watch for tonight," Josh said, scratching his scalp.

Jessie looked at her boyfriend with concern, but it was Natasha who spoke. "Are you sure? You haven't slept in two days. Maybe one of us should take the watch."

Joshua laughed. "I'm fine Tasha. I can go a little while longer without sleep. But I promise I'll rest tomorrow night."


Natasha sighed, rubbing an eye. "Okay."

Josh smiled wider. "Good night, ladies."

Natasha and Jessica laid themselves onto the ground and drifted to sleep. Tasha, however, didn't sleep soundly. Her dreams were haunted by memories.

* * *

It began three years ago, when the dinosaurs had nearly conquered all of the planet. The night was dark and rain hammered down. Natasha was soaking wet, her clothes clinging to her skin. She'd been trying to find shelter for hours.

Please, she thought. Please let there be a dry place.

And when things were at their darkest, she found it. A hotel. Granted, it wasn't pleasant, the white paint on the walls were chipped and the windows were boarded shut. But it had a roof, so at least it was dry, which was all that mattered.

Adjusting the quiver of arrows and the bow on her back, she rushed to the building. She grabbed the door knob and opened the door. She walked inside and closed the door quietly. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. When they did, Tash noticed that the inside of the hotel was better than the outside. The desk had neatly stacked papers, the walls weren't chipped or damaged. Even the floor was welled cleaned.

She immediately found the stairs and made her way up. She then shuffled down the hallway on the second floor, testing each door to see if they were locked or not. After several attempts, she finally found an unlocked room. She dropped her quiver and bow next to the door and walked in. She stripped out of her sky blue robes and shorts, walked to a bed, laid down, and drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Hours later, she woke up to the sound of a voice.

"Who are you?" it growled. "And what are you doing here?"

Natasha clutched the blanket, shaking in fear. She could make out the shape of a person in the shadows. "I-I'm sorry," she stuttered. "I didn't mean to intrude. I was o-only trying to get out of the rain."

The figure reached the wall and turned the light on. Natasha got a good look at the boy. His cherry red hair was untidy and spiky. His eyes were deep amber orange. He wore a black and white shirt and a pair of khakis. A white bandage covered his nose.

He looked grim at first, but his features softened at the sight of Natasha. "That's understandable," he said.

Natasha sighed. "Sorry to bother you. I'll leave," she said.

"No, no," the boy said. "You can stay. I was just surprised." He smiled, which made Natasha's face turn warm .

"Th-Thank you," she said.

"Anytime." He ruffled his hair. "Name's Stefan. What's yours?"

"Natasha," she replied. It was at that moment when she felt comfortable with Stefan. She felt herself smiling.

"Well, Natasha," Stefan said, giving a peace sign, "welcome to my humble dwelling."

The months flew by like birds in the wind. Stefan and Natasha became close friends, surviving on whatever resources they could find, tell jokes and good stories, living peacefully. Then one day, Natasha found Stefan on the roof of the hotel, watching the sunset.

He looked back and saw her and smiled. "Hey, Natasha," he said. "Come and sit."

She smiled and shuffled to Stefan. She took a seat next to him. They both watched the sinking sun. It painted the sky orange, pink, and purple. It was truly astonishing.

"It's kinda ironic," Stefan said. "That the most dangerous places are the most beautiful."

"Yeah," Natasha said.

They sat for a moment in silence, taking in the moment. Then Stefan broke it. "Can I tell you something crazy?"

Natasha turned her head and saw Stefan looking at her. "Sure."

"I have this dream," he said, "that maybe one day, human and dinosaurs can coexist with each other as the dominant species." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I mean sure, they're killed billions of people, but they're just animals. And all animals are just trying to survive."

He chuckled. "I know. It's silly to believe such a thing."

"No, no," Natasha said quickly, waving her hands. "I think it's a good dream. I think it can be done."

She meant it, which surprised her. But she meant every word.

Stefan looked at her with a surprised face. Then he smiled, the sun reflecting from his eyes. It seemed like he was meant for sunsets, or that sunsets were meant for him.

"Thank you, Tash," he said softly. "Now I know for sure it can be done."

Before she could say another word, Stefan leaned forward and put his lips to hers. Her eyes bulged and her face burned.

Her very first kiss.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.

This was where she belonged. This was where she was meant to be. With him. They became the strongest couple in existence, savoring every moment.

Then one day, something happened. Something terrible.

Stefan was being attacked by a large pack raptors as tall as a man. He fought bravely, trying to protect Natasha. But there were to many of them. Natasha tried to help, firing her arrows, but the raptors kept moving, making her miss her mark.

Stefan and Natasha's gaze met, the left side of his face covered in fresh blood, a huge laceration on his forehead, as the raptors slashed and bit into his chest and limbs. "GO, NATASHA!" he cried. "LEAVE ME!"

"No!" Natasha shouted over the screeching and snarling of the raptors. "I have to help you!"


Natasha had no choice. Crying hot tears, she ran away, leaving her first and only boyfriend to die.


If anyone saw Natasha as she slept, they'd see the single tear rolling down her face.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Megan Fox

Good chapter. I liked the "plugged their lips together" and their colourful eyes and hair. They sound very vivid.

Sun, March 25th, 2018 10:34pm



Mon, March 26th, 2018 4:08am


Great chapter. Poor Natasha. I feel sorry for her, she lost a good friend and boyfriend. I'm glad that she has friends though even if the sight of them makes her remember what she once had and makes her sad.

Sun, July 8th, 2018 2:18am


That, my friend, makes the reader wonder how she'll cope with her problem.

Thu, September 6th, 2018 6:04am

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