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The Deinonychus lunged, the sharp, needle-like teeth in the raptor's jaws gleaming. Saliva foamed from the narrow mouth. Marcus narrowed his eyes, a grin of pleasure spread on his face from ear to ear, and dodged, the dinosaur completely missing him. He turned to face the dinosaur, which looked back at him. It hissed, clearly pissed off. 

The animal was dangerously beautiful, covered in deep sapphire blue feathers, like a bird. Its arms and stiff tail had longer feathers, as if he had wings. It flexed its three clawed hands and stabbed the killing claws on his hind feet. A small crown of iridescent red quill-like feathers sprouted from the back of his neck.

The most striking part was the creature's eyes. They were red. Dark as blood, the one thing it craved the most. The gaze seemed to attempt to pierce fear into the heart.

This was the most thrilling part of fighting such dangerous dinosaurs. He knew that from experience. He knew that a whole pack of these dinosaurs were deadlier than a fully grown Allosaurus, even though they were only half as tall as a man and just over ten feet long. This raptor, however, was alone, which was not very thrilling. But still, this dinosaur had to be terminated.

Marcus looked right into the predator's dark, demonic red eyes, its pupil nothing but a long, thin slit, and released a loud battle scream. He lunged, grasping his lance with an iron grip, his spiky, dark red bangs flowing wildly in the wind. The predator bellowed and charged toward his prey. Marcus could heart his heart drumming hard in his chest.

The two met in the middle. Marcus didn't hesitate. Not for one second. He thrust his lance hard, impaling the dinosaur into it's heart. He felt the bones give way. Blood splattered on the weapon. The raptor screeched like a banshee, blood surging out of his jaws, dripping from his saliva and spilling onto the ground.

Marcus grinned wider and yanked the lance out, spilling more blood. The dinosaur threw its head back, trying to screech, but it came out more like a gurgle. It shivered and collapsed.

Marcus chuckled. "Another one down," he said, tracing his finger along the scar over where his right eye had once been. The black eye patch was the only thing that covered it. He felt something warm and wet and looked at his hand. It was blood from the raptor.

Must have sprayed my face, he thought. No matter.

He adjusted his black leather jacket studded with metal spikes. Tiny beads of blood from the raptor were flecked here and there.

Marcus heard wings flapping and he looked up. The full moon revealed a dark, human-like silhouette. The odd part was that the person had wings that resembled those of a peregrine falcon. Grayish blue and white with delicate black streaks.

The winged boy touched down, folding his huge wings. He was tall and slim. His chin was long and narrow. His eyes were the same shade of blue as his wings. His long blond hair blew in the faint wind. His face was stony and grim.

"Marcus," he said. "Are you injured?"

The tiny brown, bear-like ears on the top of his head perked. "No, Eli," he said. "I'm unharmed. Are there anymore Deinonychus nearby? It would be such a shame if we had to wipe out the whole pack." Marcus grinned. "For them, that is."

Eli shook his head. "No, Marcus. I checked already. That dinosaur was alone."

Marcus tsked. "Oh, well. I suppose one kill will suffice."

"Marcus," Eli said. "This is the eleventh dinosaur attack this week. Sure, we've only had to deal with VelociraptorsDilophosaurus, and Deinonychus. But who's to say that the next dinosaur to attack won't be much bigger than the ones we've faced?"

Marcus sighed. He knew this was true. Of course he enjoyed killing dinosaurs, but so far, he only managed to kill small predators. Even though he wanted to try to kill larger monsters, he knew that his followers would become more and more concerned. Why should he have to think for the entire group? In his mind, only those strong enough were the only ones who should live.

"All right," he said. "Let's head back home."

* * *

They returned to the rundown bungalow that they made their home in. Back a few years ago, it looked very well-kept. Now, however, it was different. Almost all the windows were shattered and were boarded shut with planks of wood. The doors creaked noisily. The roof shingles were falling off. On one side of the house, vines snaked their way up onto the walls.

Marcus opened the door and walked to the living room with Eli behind him. The inside of the house looked like a pig pen. It smelled like mildew. Trash bags and remains of food--crumbs, bones, and even decaying bits--were scattered along the floor.

In the living room, three more figures sat down in torn up recliners and couches.

The first of which was a female. Her hair was long and vivid yellow. Her eyes were a chocolate brown. A pair of two, pointed, cat-like ears sprung from the top of her head in her hair. They were as gold as her hair and had black spots. A long, cheetah tail flicked back and forth behind her. She stared at her nails, which had tiny needles embed beneath them. She wore a white, cut-off shirt with a small denim jacket and shorts.

The second, another female, looked rather odd. She was covered entirely in dark green, lizard-like scales. Her eyes were two blue pools. Her hair was black and reached her midriff A long thin tail was curled onto her lap. She only wore a black T-shirt and khaki shorts.

The third and final figure was a male. He had milky white skin, like the moon. His eyes were a piercing gold. His hair was shaggy and gray. Like the girl, he had pointed ears, but these looked more canine. A bushy, gray and white tail swished behind him. He wore a dark purple shirt with a white wolf howling at a full moon.

The three looked at Marcus the moment he set foot inside.

He grinned. Show time.

"Camilla, Annabeth, Luke, my friends," he said. "Once again, we have been attacked. However, the danger has passed. But Eli has been brought to my attention that we have had numerous dinosaur attacks over the last few months, especially this week."

"No kidding," said Luke, the wolf boy.

"I don't have an issue with it," Annabeth, the cheetah girl said, returning her gaze to her needles. "That just means more test subjects for testing my poison."

"Of course, but we don't know how long we can keep this up," Marcus continued. "So, I have made a decision: we must leave and find a new home."

All the faces, except Eli, looked at Marcus like he pulled out a gun.

"Are you crazy?!" Camilla, the lizard girl, cried, white swirls appearing on her scales. "Out in the open, we'll be killed!"

"It's much too dangerous," Luke said. "There are worse animals out there than the ones we have fought."

"That is not an issue," Marcus said. "We worked together to take down various predators. Of course we haven't seen anything like Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus, but that doesn't mean we can't take them down. Besides, this place is not really in the best conditions. Not to mention the numerous attacks we've had. What other choice do we have?"

"We can still fight," Camilla said, standing up. "We can defend our home from whatever opposes us. And we could do a little better job of taking care of this place."

"Camilla," Eli said. "This place is in the shambles as it is. Even if we got rid of all this junk, this place wouldn't look any better."

"Eli is right," Marcus said. "I understand that it is risky and we would be in constant danger out there in the world, but we will prevail. We wouldn't have lasted for this long if we weren't meant to. I believe we can conquer this. This is just another obstacle we have to jump over. Now, are you with me?"

The three turned to look at each other, as if they were attempted to read one another's mind. After a moment, their faces turned hard and they all nodded.

They all looked back at Marcus, but it was Luke who spoke. "Bro, we'd follow you through hell and back. We are all with you."

Marcus grinned. "Perfect. Then we set out tomorrow at dawn. Back your bags with everything we need."

Without another word, he turned away and walked out of the room, his boots clacking on the floor. He liked it when the group cooperated with his decision. It showed that they were loyal to do whatever he wanted them to.

Finding a new home would be difficult, but Marcus believed they could manage, even if there were casualties. He knew that at least he would survive.

And of course, there was the possibility that they could encounter other survivors. But that wasn't a problem, either.

And if they happen to have a place we think is perfect for the taking, it won't be hard to get rid of them.

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Megan Fox

Wow Marcus is a bit of a shady character. Nice on the surface and a real self-serving streak on the inside. Agreed, the place sounds like a dump and if the roof is missing shingles not that hard for the dinosaurs to break into. They need to move, which I assume will present it's only problems. A couple of typos you need to fix.

Mon, May 7th, 2018 4:20am


Thank you. Understood.

Mon, May 7th, 2018 4:12am


Great chapter and descriptions. I don't like Marcus because he believes in survival of the fitness and wouldn't mind taking someone else's home away from them. I mean at least he's trying to protect his group but it sounds like if he wanted at the mercy of someone else, another survivor(s). Camilla, Annabeth and Luke sound unique, are they some sort of mutant?

Sun, July 22nd, 2018 2:13am


They have animal DNA fused into them. You'll see shortly.

Thu, September 6th, 2018 6:05am

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