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Joshua led Jessica and Natasha through the forest. Nothing seemed out the unusual. Well, except for the sounds of large animals in the distance. Which he guessed was kind of normal now with dinosaurs and their "worldwide conquest." He just didn't quite know anymore. Maybe nothing was normal after all, even before the dinosaurs returned.

"Uuuuurgh," Jessica whined. "How much longer are we gonna keep walking, babe? We've been doing this for hours. Maybe we should rest."

Josh looked back at her with a firm face. He loved Jessie, no doubt there. But he had to show her that they had to show determination if they were to survive in a kill-or-be-killed world. Still, he didn't want to seem mean. "I know you're tired. But we should keep going for another mile. After that, we can stop."

Jessie sighed, and not gratefully.

"I'm kinda tired, too, Josh," Natasha said. "Maybe we should take a little break. I feel like I've just walked around the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium three times in a row."

So we're goin' to go by the majority rule, now? Josh thought. He sighed. Fine.

Before he could open his mouth to speak, a smell slithered into his nostrils. A nasty, putrid smell. It reeked of rotting flesh and death. Josh nearly gagged; the scent was to powerful. The girls must have smelled it, too, seeing that they covered their noses and made sickening sounds. Natasha actually convulsed and wretched and powerful stream of vomit. She took a ragged breath and shivered.

"What is that smell?" she said shakily.

"I don't know," Josh said. He looked around, trying to find the source of the smell. Whatever it was, it was close by. How else could the smell be so strong?

"Look!" Jessica cried. "Over there!"

Josh turned to Jessica, who was pointing at something. He followed his gaze and saw the cause for the stench.

A huge dinosaur carcass. 

It was almost fifty feet long alone, and it appeared to have a long neck, a single row of tiny spines along the length of it's back, a snake-like tail, and four pillar-like legs. The head was savagely torn off, leaving a puddle of blood on the stump. It's side had been gouged out, exposing large, curved, bloody ribs that seemed to have been fingers that had been frozen as they tried to claw the air.

"That's just sick," Josh said, shaking.

"If this scent is this strong, then it'll be like a flashing neon sign for scavengers; impossible to ignore," Jessica said.

"Then let's get outta here," Jessica said. 

He was almost completely turned around when Josh heard a loud, harsh shriek that sounded like a screaming caribou.


Josh turned around watched as a small dinosaur less than eight feet long jump out of the bushes, barking. It wasn't very tall, but it looked pretty scary. It was covered almost entirely in deep violet feathers that had a faint blue hue and light brown stripes, but the longer feathers on the arms that looked like the ones on birds had jagged green stripes. Its long, narrow snout full of sharp teeth and head where attached to a long, slender neck. It had a light build, probably making it a fast runner. It had three, long, grasping, clawed fingers in each hand, and a wicked looking toe claw on the middle toe claw that was lifted off the ground.

A raptor! Josh thought. He'd only heard about them, but he hadn't see any in person.

A second dinosaur jumped out of the bushes beside the first one. It looked exactly like the first one, but it had long , sulfur yellow feathers behind it's head.

A male.

"Stenonychyosaurus," Jessica said.

Four more dinosaurs surged from the bushes. The looked at Josh and his friends, barking and hissing, their yellow eyes seeming to dig holes into him. He bared his teeth back at them, looking as menacing as possible.

"Come on!" he shouted. "Come at me! I'll kill you all with my hatchet one by one."

The Stenonychyosaurus hissed loudly, clearly pissed.

"Josh, stop!" Natasha cried. "You're seriously ticking them off!"

"Josh, Stenonychyosaurus are the smartest of all dinosaurs. Even more so than Velociraptors. Maybe as smart as ravens. They could possibly planning how to kill us right now. And those killer claws on both their feet are no joke. Plus, they're fast and agile"

"So what?" Josh growled, not looking at the ladies. He was going to take down these dinosaurs.

Without warning, they charged. Josh reached for hatchet, ready to strike--

The Stenonychyosaurus pack ran past them, as if they were never there. Josh's eyes widened as he watched the raptor-like dinosaurs scamper past them and towards the mutilated corpse. They leaped onto the body, barking, screeching, and trilling. They sank their small, sharp, pointed teeth into the beast's thick hide and pulled out strips of red, veined, bloody flesh and swallow them whole, blood painting their snouts.

"What the hell?" Josh said, kind of freaked out.

"It's not us they want," Jessica said, her voice with just a tiny hint a relief. "It's the carcass."

Josh put his hatchet away. "Why would those demonic parrots want the dead thing and not us."

"Well," Jessica said, "the Stenonychyosaurus is an omnivore, meaning they eat meat and plants. Mostly, their diet consists of eggs, fish, fruits, seeds, insects, small animals, and, of course, carrion. They'd never turn up their noses over a free meal."

"Huh," Josh said, feeling a little relieved. So as long as those guys are eating the carcass, we should be fine.

"Just to be safe, I think we should give these guys some space," Natasha suggested.

Josh looked at her and nodded. "Yeah. Let's get the hell outta here before they decide to go for us."

They all turned around. And at that moment, Josh wished they hadn't. 

Looming over them was another dinosaur, only this one was much bigger and scarier than a Stenonychyosaurus. It looked a lot like an Allosaurus, but smaller, and it didn't have feathers. Plus it didn't have the snout ridges along the side. It was covered in ash gray scales with thin, black tiger stripes. It's belly was pale purple, almost gray itself. It glared down at the trio with raging orange eyes.

The monster bellowed at them, showing off it's numerous, sharp, teeth inch teeth throughout its maw. It's breath smelled worse than the carcass.

"Megalosaurus!" Jessie cried over the dinosaur's war cry.

The dinosaur growled and moved it's huge, three-toed foot. It was about to crush Josh.

"Josh! Lookout!" Natasha screamed. 

Josh quickly jumped out of the way, but just barely in the nick of time. The huge foot crashed down, shaking the ground a bit. 

The dinosaur, however, continue to advance. 

Josh, confused, tried to figure out where it was tramping off to. 

She could've just turned around after realizing she didn't step on me, he thought. So why is she not turning around?

He saw the Megalosaurus come to a stop in front of the carcass, bellowing. This made Josh realize what this was about.

It's not us she wants! It's the carrion!

However, the Stenonychyosaurus didn't look like they weren't going to give up the daily special. The jumped off their perches on the corpse's side, making a barrier over the corpse. They showed off their feathered arms and tails, screeching and barking at the intruder.

Those Troodon don't stand a chance, Josh thought. That monster is over four times their own size.

And yet, the Megalosaurus looked like it took a step back.

"Heh," Jessie huffed. "She may be bigger, but those Stenonychyosaurus have her outnumbered."

Then, as if the dinosaur heard her, she slowly looked back with a menacing and unsettling glare. Her orange eyes ablaze like fire. She snarled at the newly found targets, showing off her yellowed teeth.

"Uh, guys," Natasha whimpered. "Is that thing looking at us."

The dinosaur roared and thundered toward them with alarming speed.

"RUN!" Josh cried. 

Which they did. As fast as they could. With a twenty-six-foot long predator chasing after them, roaring and huffing.

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Megan Fox

Good pace to this chapter and descriptions are good. Sorry about the delay, I'm doing Fin year end.

Wed, June 20th, 2018 1:35am


No worries.

Thu, September 6th, 2018 6:02am


Great chapter. Good descriptions. Let me know when you update this story. I'd really like to see where this goes.

Tue, August 14th, 2018 2:46am

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