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On all of the things that Natasha wanted to do, being chased down by a large, carnivorous dinosaur wasn’t on the top of the list. But then again, these days, she didn’t really have much of a choice. She and her friends ran as fast as their legs could carry them, but it seemed that the Megalosaurus was faster. Natasha jumped over roots and ducked under branches, her breath racing.

“What do we do, Josh?” Jessie said over the thundering footfalls. “That thing will catch up to us soon.”

Tash could hear the dinosaur charge through the forest, her breath coming out in hot snorts. Tash felt leaves and branches brush and slap her face. A sharp tree limb cut her cheek. She felt something warm and wet on her face. She didn’t have to put her hand to her face or look at her reflection to know that it was her blood.

The smell of blood seemed to make the Megalosaurus become more motivated; her roar was more terrifying than before. This dinosaur was thirsty for blood and hungry for flesh.

“I’ll try to slow her down!” Josh cried out. Natasha looked at him as he reached down to his holster hanging from his hip and pull out his Beretta. He glanced back, his tongue sticking out as he aimed. With a loud bang, a bullet was fired, scoring a direct hit into the creature’s right eye. Blood gushed from the exploded eye and the dinosaur wailed in pain and anger. It stopped chasing them as she tried to scratch out the unseen stinger lodged in where her eye once was.

Still, the trio kept running.

“That’ll slow her down for a bit,” Josh said, putting his pistol back.. “But she’ll start chasing us again soon.”

“What should we do then?” Jessie said.

Tash had no time to think. Her mind was racing as fast as her legs, which were starting to ache.

She heard the Megalosaurus bellow and she looked back. It was still at the same place scratching at her bleeding wound, shaking her head violently.

“I have an idea, but we’ll have to cover more ground for it to work” Josh said. The he told them what they needed to do.


The Megalosaurus charged in a murderous rage. First, it was only hungry, now she was hungry and enraged by her prey. How dare they take away her eye! She was going to rip them apart.

But first, she had to find them. The trouble was that, in all the excitement, she completely lost them. But she wouldn’t have trouble finding them. All she had to do was follow their scent. And her nose told her that they were not too far ahead. She could definitely catch up to them.

She trampled and stormed through the forest, snorting, growling, panting, and huffing. Saliva dripped from her jaws. She could feel hot blood rolling down from the stinging would on her eye. She could already taste their flesh.

She finally came to a stomping stop, the scent of her targets were heavy in the air. She could smell their sweat, their blood. She looked around slowly, searching for any signs of life. The slightest movement will be the only indication she would need to go for the kill.

But there was nothing. They were nowhere to be seen.


Tash crouched down low on the tree branch she was standing on, nearly fourteen feet off the ground. She held her bow tightly, her knuckles turning white. She watched from the cover of the leaves as the Megalosaurus looked around, smelling the air like a wolf and scanning the area, moving her head left and right. Tash could see blood trickling from her eye and down off of her scaly chin. She could smell the animal’s horrid breath. But she couldn’t let that distract her. She had a job she needed to do.

Natasha quickly and quietly took an arrow from the quiver on her back. She took a deep breath as she pulled back the string, a single bead of sweat rolling down from her forehead to her cheek. She tried to calm herself by listening to whatever she heard; a blue jay trilling in the distance, the rapid beating of her heart, the soft wind blowing in the leaves and her hair.


She focused her gaze on the large dinosaur as it swayed her head back and forth, checking the environmental. Tash could feel her finger twitching nervously on the string. She let out another long, silent breath and a quiet prayer.

God, please let this plan work...

Then she released her finger. The arrow zoomed like a bullet and sank itself into the side of the dinosaur’s neck.

The monster roared in alarm and pain; she clearly wasn’t expecting to get shot at. She quickly looked towards the direction the arrow came from, trying to find the source of the attack. Luckily for Tash, the animal hadn’t seen her.

She quickly grabbed another arrow and prepared to knock it. As she did, though, the dinosaur sniffed the air and turned her orange-eyed gaze--

She was looking right at Tash.

The Megalosaurus snarled and roared. It pawed the earth, sending up dust and leaving three shallow claw marks on the ground.


Then the beast charged, slamming her body against the tree trunk. Tash could feel the whole tree tremor down to her bones. The Megalosaurus bellowed and body slammed the tree again. At that moment, Tash lost her balance and could feel herself plummet. Time seemed to slow down. She flailed her arms, hoping to grab something.

Her hand managed to grasp something hard and rough. Pain shot through her arm. She quickly looked up and saw herself holding the branch she fell from.

A lucky break.

Tash heard a low snort and felt a hot, smelly wind blowing behind her. She slowly looked back and found herself looking down, staring at the Megalosaurus, its nose only inches from her. It narrowed it’s eyes, licked it’s teeth, and roared in Tash’s face. Ropes of saliva dripped from its jaws and splattered onto Tash’s face. It was gross, hot, and slimy.

Fear gripped her heart, which felt like beating right out of her chest. Her blood rushed in her veins.

All she could do was scream.

The dinosaur slowly opened her mouth and moved forward. She was going to eat Tash.

Tash closed her eyes and prepared to die.



Two gunshots and a furious roar.

Tash opened her eyes and saw the dinosaur with two bullet wounds--one on the side of her thick neck, the other on her long snout. She shook her head and galed a long, shrieking cry.

Natasha quickly looked in the direction the dinosaur was now facing. Standing there, the barrel of his Beretta smoking, was Joshua. His face had a hard glare and his stance looked tense.

“Keep your fucking tongue off of her,” he growled.

Now the dinosaur was really pissed off. She shook her head, snorting, and rushed towards him, full speed. Josh fired another round, then another, and another, screaming like a warrior in the middle of combat.

Tash watched as the predator as she quickly closed the gap. She knew she had to get down and help him. Those bullets alone weren’t going to bring the dinosaur down and she knew it. Her arrows might not be as good, but it was certainly better than nothing.

Looking down at the ground, she let go of the branch and landed on her feet. From behind the bushes, Jessica came out and alongside her. The both glanced at each other.

“Got my back?” Jessie said.

Tash nodded. “Always.”

Jessie took out her spear from it’s sheath as Tash prepared another arrow. The dinosaur was almost at Josh, who continued to fire at her. Blood dripped from wounds on her neck, snout, belly, and legs. With a battle cry, Jessie charged after the giant, her spear poised to strike. She ran up right at the theropod’s legs and stabbed her blade into the monster’s left thigh.

It shrieked and looked back at Jessie as she pulled the spearhead out of the animal’s leg. She tried to stab the creature again, but it was too quick; it took one step forward and slammed it’s tail into Jessie, the force of the blow sending her airborne. Tash watched as her friend sailed in the air and crashed down, unmoving.

“Nooooooooo!” Josh heard Natasha wail. He stood where he was in shock. He had just watched his girlfriend get wrecked by a dinosaur.

A deep and terrible rage swelled inside him. He clenched his fist, clutching the gun and growling.

“YOU BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!” he roared. He quickly reloaded his gun and started to shoot again. The Megalosaurus returned her cold glare back to Josh as a bullet sank into her shoulder. It looked like it was ready to charge again, but then Tash sprinted between the dinosaur’s legs and pulled out a long knife. Raising it over her head, she slashed a deep long cut into the monster’s right ankle. Blood gushed out.

A furious and terrifying roar escaped from the dinosaur’s vocal cords. She looked down at Tash, growling. Tash raised her knife to slash again, but the Megalosaurus turned around, pulled a leg back and kicked Tash directly into the chest. She screamed as she was sent flying and crashed into Josh. Pain exploded in his chest as he collapsed underneath her and landed hard on his spine. His breath rushed out of him.

As Josh gasped for air and while Tash got to her hands and knees, the ground began to tremble. They both looked up and saw the Megalosaurus stalk menacingly to the, a ravenous gleam in her eyes. Tash and Josh were completely vulnerable. It stood over them, growling with satisfaction.

The dinosaur had won. And it was about to cost their lives.

She tilted her head and looked at them with her good eye. That big, ugly, nasty eye. Then she leaned down, jaws wide open about to--

Suddenly, she pulled back, as if something had just hit her. Josh raised a brow.

What the hell is going on?

He and Tash quickly sat up and tried to find the source of the commotion. Josh then noticed a flash of pink and scarlet underneath the beast. He looked right at it.

It was Jessie. She was holding her spear with both hands. The blade had sunken in…

Did Jessie just stab its ass?!

His eyes didn’t deceive him: Jessie had jabbed her spear up through the dinosaur’s anus. Blood rushed down the blade and along the shaft. Although it was good to see she was alright, but seeing her stab the dinosaur’s the butt with her spear was something he could’ve lived without.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jessie said angrily through her teeth. “I thought you like ANAL!”

She yanked the spear out of the Megalosaurus’ anus, making blood erupt, and charged under its belly and came to a stop beneath it’s head. Before the dinosaur could look down, with one mighty thrust, Jessie rammed her blade right through it’s throat and out through the top of it’s head.

The screech the ripped out of the dinosaur’s throat was an unworldly scream straight from the deaths of hell. The sound hurt Josh’s ear, as if it just went full blast into his brain rather than go through his ear.

But it was brief. Jessie quickly ran out from beneath the animal as its legs buckled onto the ground. The large dinosaur collapsed, the spear shaft snapping from it’s massive weight.

There was no way anything could survive that. It was dead, without any doubt.

A strange silence overcame them all. Jessie stood in front of Josh and Tash, her breathing coming in soft gasps.

She turned around, looking at the two of them. The glare on her face melted into a smile. “You should see your faces.”

Then she laughed. That seemed to break the silence. Josh felt a smile stretch on his face. He and Tash raced to her and threw their arms around her.

“Thank goodness you’re okay,” Tash said, as though she was holding back tears.

“You had me worried there, babe,” Josh said, sneaking a kiss to her forehead. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” Jessie replied, breaking away from the embrace. “I think I have a cracked rib and some bruises, but otherwise, I’m okay. I wish I could say the same for my spear.” She looked back at the carcass, the blood covered blade and some of the shaft protruding from its skull. Then she looked back at Tash. “I’m more worried about you, Natasha. Are you okay?”
Tash nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Jessie and Josh just looked at her, dumbfounded. To Josh, that kick looked like it could’ve knocked her out, or at least crack her ribs. But she looked fine.

“But… but that kick should’ve seriously injured you?” Jessie said. “How come you’re still standing without so much as flinching?”

Josh took a good look. “Maybe because of her boobs.”

Jessie and Tash--especially Tash--looked at Josh like his head decided to dance on his shoulders. They all knew that Tash had very large breasts. They were big and almost perfectly round. Josh sometimes thought that back before the dinosaurs returned her rack would turn quite a lot of heads.

He then quickly added, “I mean, maybe her boobs were big enough to absorb the--”

“One more word and I’ll cut off your dick!” Tash yelled with venom in her voice.



Submitted: September 16, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Tyrannos Senpai. All rights reserved.


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Great chapter. It's nice to hear it from the dinosaur's point of view. Well all else fails kill a dinosaur by stabbing it in the butt.

Mon, October 8th, 2018 12:32am


Lol. That is ture.

Tue, October 9th, 2018 5:19am

Megan Fox

I almost feel sorry for the Megolasaurus. That really had to hurt.

Mon, October 29th, 2018 3:23am


Well, someone has sympathy.

Mon, October 29th, 2018 6:05am

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