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Hidden in the dense undergrowth, four pairs of eyes watched closely at the trio that brought down the Megalosaurus. They had witnessed the battle as soon as it begun. It was hard to miss the shouting and the roaring of the fight, so it seemed worth investigating. And it was.

The hidden figures watched as the three of them were on the move, bruised, scratched, and moving slowly, sometimes limping with each step.

“That was a sight,” said one of the figures--a male. “And their fighting skills and strategy was quite something as well.”

“I agree,” said another--a female this time. “However, their plan nearly cost them their lives. If that one with the pink hair hadn’t have delivered the final blow in time, they all would have been killed.”

A brief silence.

“Do you think it’s possible that the light-skinned African American might be the one?” said another male voice.

“I don’t think so,” said the first voice. “I’d think we’d recognize the person we’re looking for. He’s not the one we are searching for.”

“Still,” said a fourth, another female. “I think we should keep an eye on those three. I have a feeling that they might makes things… interesting. None of them might be the one we’re looking for, but I think that they’ll make excellent pawns for our goal.”

She turned to face the others. “Keep close tabs on the three of them. I want to know everything about them. I want to know when they sleep, eat, wake up, everything.”

“Your wish is our command,” said the third voice. “We’ll see to it that your will be done.”

“There is one thing I’d like to know,” said the first voice. “If they do not assist us with our objective, what then?”

The fourth voice answered almost immediately. “Then they will not have any use to us. If they do not cooperate, kill them.”

Another brief silence.

“However,” the fourth voice said, “if the one we seek meets the three we saw today, then they might be of further use. But for now, we watch and wait.”


Josh could still feel the pain in his chest where Tash had crashed against him. It wasn’t as bad as before, but still…

He, Tash, and Jessie were walking deeper into the forest. Every now and then, he heard the cries of dinosaurs in the distance. Josh didn’t really care about which species they were, he just wanted them to stay far, far away from him. He had had enough excitement and frights for one day. Instead, he listened to the sound of his feet landing on the ground with each step. Ever since he and the girls killed the dinosaur, they hadn’t spoken much. Well, actually, the didn’t speak at all.

I guess that happens sometimes after you kill a dinosaur that tried to make a meal  out of you, he thought.

The sun’s rays shown through the the tops of the trees, peeking through the leaves. Josh listened to his feet touching down on fallen leaves with each step. His throat was dry, his lungs stung, and sweat rolled down his face and collected on his chest and armpits. He noticed that Jessie and Tash were also pretty worn out.

But, in spite of their condition, they kept moving. The sun was just about to set. Sooner or later, they would have to rest. But Josh didn’t feel like braving the night. With their luck, some nocturnal hunters would find them and make an easy meal out of them. He felt that the girls might have felt the same way. But--

Suddenly the ground began to tremor faintly and there was a commotion. Josh felt himself grow stiff. What now? What could possibly be the problem now?

As Josh reached for his gun, he saw it: a small, long head attached to a long, a hefty body, elephant-like legs, and a long whip-like tail that swung slowly side to side. Along it’s back was a single row of short spines. The animal’s neck long, slender neck was blue. It’s bright orange head had a thin gold stripe going around the nostrils located near the top of it’s skull. It’s huge body was jade green and had a gray underbelly. It had gold bands around the base of the neck and around it’s tail.

Josh stared in wonder and awe. This animal was huge! It had to be a least over a hundred feet in length. Not to mention that it was so beautiful. The huge animal let out a moaning cry, which was answered by another one that lumbered along side the first. Then came another, and another, and another; a whole herd of them, each one ranging from the size of a oversized elephant to a basketball court.

“Oh, wow,” Josh heard Tash say. “They’re beautiful.”

Josh snuck a glance and saw the girls stare at the magnificent creatures with wide eyes and open mouths. “Jessie, what are they?”

It took a minute for Jessie’s voice to finally escape through her lips. “Diplodocus,” she said, not taking her eyes off of them. “One of the biggest dinosaurs of all time.”

Josh turned his gaze back to the dinosaurs. He saw one particular individual--not even half the size of the adults--look at him with peaceful gray eyes. It looked at the trio for a while until it passed them.

Josh had seen many kinds of dinosaurs in the last five years, but nothing quite so big and graceful and--


A peculiar scent filled the air. It started out faint, but it grew so intense, that it burned inside Josh’s nose. It smelled AWFUL!

“Ewwwwwwwwwww!” Tash cried, holding her nose. “What is that smell?”

“Dino farts,” Jess replied, covering her nose as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. “I read that sauropod dinosaurs eat constantly, which results with them passing gas very often.”

Another fart ripped through the air, like a whoopie cushion the size of a tank. The foul odor singed his nose hairs. That definitely took off some beauty points from these dinosaurs. They had to get out of there before they started to choke on the smell.

“Hey, Josh,” Tash said, still holding her nose. “What’s that over there?”

Josh turned to look where Tash was looking. He saw a huge clearing with tall grass about knee high. He saw the Diplodocus lumbering in that direction, wailing, bellowing, moaning, and farting. His eye caught sight of something gray and curving out from the grass in a smooth arch.

That’s weird, he thought. “Let’s go check it out.”

“Sounds better than standing here and having all my hair get burned off from dino poots,” Jessie said.

The three of them rushed--and Josh really did mean RUSH--to the strange arch in the ground. He saw the sauropods as they lumbered passed the arch, not giving it much thought. As he and his friends got closer, he noticed that the arch itself was made of thick concrete, about seven feet high and connected to the ground. Underneath it was what looked like a trapdoor lying flat on the ground. A black, slender door knob was bolted on the side.

“Josh,” Jessie said. “Do you think that this could be… some kind of shed?”

“I don’t know,” Josh muttered, squatting down. He had heard of underground sheds before, but he had never seen one.

A flash of realization struck him like a whip.

This place could be our shelter!

“Let’s see what’s inside,” he said, reaching for the knob. He gripped it and turned it. He heard a soft click and he opened the door. In the light of the day, he could see a flight of stairs going down. However, he couldn’t see the bottom.

“What do you think is down there?” Tash asked, peering over Josh’s shoulder.

Josh turned to her and Jessie. “I don’t know,” he replied. “But if there’s anything down there, be ready to fight.”

I hope we don’t have to, though, he thought to himself.

Then he and the girls cautiously made their way down. Josh shut the door behind them, blanketing them all in darkness. As he descended, he kept his hand on the wall, hoping to maybe find a switch. He listened to the footsteps of him and the ladies echo.

Suddenly, Jessie said, “Hold it! I think I’ve found a switch.”

“Well then turn it on,” Tash said.

In no time, Josh felt the slight sting of bright light in his eyes. He let them adjust for a moment and looked around. What he saw took his breath away.

They were in an underground house.

Submitted: September 22, 2018

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Hopefully these three can rest for some time before having to battle any more dinosaur for at least a little bit.

Fri, October 12th, 2018 2:28am


One can hope.

Fri, October 12th, 2018 8:33pm

Megan Fox

That was a handy find - maybe. I'm surprised the diplodocus didn't knock the arch down - hefty clumsy giants that they are.

Mon, October 29th, 2018 3:41am


Truly, they are.

Mon, October 29th, 2018 6:06am

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