It's 2095... and the apocalypse. It's not zombies or the sun exploding. The dinosaurs have returned, killing everything in sight. In less than five years, over ninety-five percent of all human life
had been brought down to extinction. But there are survivors. Meet Tobias. A young, teenage boy on a quest of revenge on a T. rex named Akuma for killing Tobias's lover. But even though he can
handle himself, he can't accomplish anything on his own. Soon, more survivors appear, all of which are armed and ready to fight in the world's greatest war in sixty-five millions years. The
dinosaurs ruled the world once, now they're taking it back. But man won't give it up without a fight.

Table of Contents


  The fire burned countless trees. Smoke filled the air, so did fear. I clutched Claire's hand tightly as we ran through the rag... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

    The year was 2095. Summer had started. It was hot, which was to be expected in southern Georgia. The fore... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

I felt my eyebrows twitch and my nostrils breathe in and out. I was alive. My head hurt and chest hurt like a bitch, but I was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Natasha fiddled with her thumbs nervously. Despite the fact that she sat close to a fire, she didn't feel safe. It seemed as though it's ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

I made my way through the forest, never straying from the path Hailey followed, a huge bag on her back, just like me. I also held two oth... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The Deinonychus lunged, the sharp, needle-like teeth in the raptor's jaws gleaming. Saliva foamed from the narrow mouth. Marc... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Joshua led Jessica and Natasha through the forest. Nothing seemed out the unusual. Well, except for the sounds of large animals in the di... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

  On all of the things that Natasha wanted to do, being chased down by a large, carnivorous dinosaur wasn’t on the top of the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Hidden in the dense undergrowth, four pairs of eyes watched closely at the trio that brought down the Megalosaurus. They had witnessed th... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Vincent lowered himself to the ground, placing his hand into the footprint. “What do you make of this, Walter?” Walter squatted... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Vincent quickly turned his head around, looking towards the direction of Walter’s gaze. What he saw was a very gruesome scene. A ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Walter kept running and running through the trees, their trunks and limbs were only blurs. Now he was alone with the dinosaur chasing h... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

  “So, tell me,” Hailey said as she poured tea into the cup for Walt. “Why exactly do you wear that mask? Is i... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

The silence that followed was a mixture of shock and terror. I saw the expressions on everyone’s faces. Hailey was obviously scared; th... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Joshua walked through the forest with the girls close by him, stepping over the occasional log, crushing rotten vegetation under his fe... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The man’s head, neck, and some of his shoulders disappeared in the monster’s jaws, but Josh could still hear his dying sc... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Joshua snapped back to the present, his heart a heavy burden. He hadn’t forgiven himself for what had happened. That he couldn’t sa... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Joshua swiftly pulled back against the shelves, his heart slamming in his chest. He had a hard time swallowing, feeling only fear. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Vincent and I walked through the forest, approaching the river. It was hot, but the heat wasn’t too extreme. I could hear the buzzing... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Vincent and I brought the girl back with us to the cabin with no difficulty. I carried her the whole way on my back and let her down on... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

“I’m sorry!” the girl exclaimed, her head bowed low and her hands together. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” “I... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

It was a little past noon and we all sat in the living room as we waited for Natasha to come down the stairs. Of course there was a lot... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

“Alright everyone,” Marcus said, coming to a stop. “We’ll rest here for now. In ten minutes, we keep moving.” Luke and hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

After crying for so long, Luke sat on the front porch of the house, holding his legs together and his head in his knees. He had nearly ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Joshua lowered down to a couch, inspecting the ground in search of tracks. His eyes narrowed and sharp, like a predator stalking its pr... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

It was like watching a scene play out in slow motion. Jessica could see the jaws of the predator open wide, it's yellowed teeth and sli... Read Chapter