A Poet, And His Immortal Poetry.

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Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



The clouds in the voluptuously fathomless sky were a poet's eternal dream; enveloping boundless bits of barren space with tinges of profusely unending crimson,
While torrential tumblers of enchanting rain cascading down till times beyond  bountiful eternity; were his immortally poignant and exuberant poetry.

The seductively titillating roses in the garden were a poet's everlasting dream; perpetuating colossal bits of lackadaisical atmosphere with vividly blossoming color,
While the stupendously Omnipotent fragrance that they emanated; the romantic swirl in which they swished; was his immortally unassailable and wonderful poetry.

The ravishingly undulating waves of the gigantically handsome ocean were a poet's cherished dream; perennially smiling under golden rays of the majestically
Omniscient Sun,
While the resplendently tantalizing froth into which they diffused after clashing against the regale rocks; was his immortally profound and Godly poetry.

The rambunctiously uninhibited hives swarming with chattering bees were a poet's fantastic dream; deluging even the most infinitesimal cranny of the Universe with the poignant elixir of life,
While the beautifully ebullient cisterns of titillating honey that relentlessly oozed from them; was his immortally melodious and exquisitely embellished poetry.

The panoramically animated meadows of green grass were a poet's prized dream; harmoniously rustling with the unbelievably exultating breeze,
While the gregarious festoon of dew drops that they exuded at ethereally mystical dawn; was his immortally fabulous and Omnipotent poetry.

The optimistically divine fireball of Sun was a poet's priceless dream; casting a spell of astoundingly miraculous hope; even in the most drearily beleaguered and diminishing abode,
While the enamoring fountain of blazing rays that it compassionately emanated; was his immortally triumphant and patriotic poetry.

The unshakable shadows of the impeccable conscience were a poet's euphoric dream; metamorphosing even the most devilishly inebriated organism into an apostle of
mesmerizing peace,
While the path of irrefutably sparkling righteousness that it philanthropically wafted; was his immortally ingratiating and kingly poetry.

The ecstatically flapping feathers of the spell bindingly amiable nightingale were a poet's  charismatic dream; flooding even the most insipidly lugubrious of spaces around with astronomically rejuvenating energy,
While the unfathomably glorious river of tunes that unveiled from her shimmering beak; was his immortally ever-pervading and holistic poetry.

The piquantly rubicund nostrils of the freshly adorned bride were a poet's insatiable dream; inevitably engendering every other thing in the atmosphere to remorsefully wither down,
While the unconquerable inferno of magnificently bedazzling breath that unleashed from them; was his immortally invincible and fascinating poetry.

And the passionately throbbing heart in innocently volatile chest was a poet's unrelenting dream; irrevocably transcending above every other richness on the trajectory of this limitless earth,
While the superbly rhythmic sky of beats that it fulminated into every unfurling instant; was his immortally ubiquitous and priceless poetry.

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