A Single Devil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



A single rotten apple with flies feasting on its succulent body; decays the entire ensemble of robust apples,

A single stain of black dye sprawling rampantly; spoils the beauty of the entire white fabric,

A single hole in its heavy and metallic body; uncouthly drowns the entire ship,

A single stream of venom oozing gently; contaminates the entire river of impeccable milk,

A single bit of sewage smelling fetidly; annihilates the beauty of the entire garden laden with blossoming petals,

A single virus in the blood stream; metamorphoses the individual from rubicund and healthy to insane and sick,

A single particle of dandruff loitering in animosity; pollutes the entire conglomerate of lustrous and shining hair,

A single nail overgrown and dirty; imperils the look of the entire palm embossed with mystical lines,

A single dark cloud in the cosmos; adulterates the entire sky which is blue and
crystal clear,

A single town clock running late; delays the life of the entire city; with most of the people yawning as the sun crept up in brilliant afternoon,

A single loophole in the house; entices the entire team of burglars to maraud at will; pilfer stealthily through closed doors at night,

A single crack in the bone; foments the entire leg to walk in contorted pain; limp across the road for mercy,

A single spark of white electricity; electrocutes the entire family; triggering the house to explode in volatile fury,

A single crease in the crisp shirt; debases the entire demeanor which was otherwise quite sparkling and flawless,

A single snore thunderously emanating; breaks the silence of tranquil and
blissful sleep,

A single shiver down the petrified spine; engenders the snake to pierce its lethal fangs and bite,

A single stroke of stringent red; disturbs the harmony of the otherwise splendid marksheet,

A single lie spoken; condemns a person beyond all anecdotes of his honesty,

And a single devil in the mind; not only ruins all the sanctity previously existing; but also finishes a person in mind, body and eternal soul.

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