A Spell Of Immortal Happiness

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Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



The joy perpetuated due to water cascading from the heavens was temporary; as it extinguished as soon as it had come; with the light of the flamboyantly sweltering Sun; stringently fulminating all  seductive sensuousness,
But the water effusively gushing from your impeccably sacrosanct eyes was rhapsodically eternal; handsomely bestowing upon my disastrously frazzled senses; a
spell of immortal happiness.

The joy triggered due to fragrance of the glorious lotus's was transient; as it soon got wholesomely obfuscated; with whirlwinds of vicious dust pulverizing the stem forever,
But the fragrance emanating from your immaculately diminutive chest was ebulliently enthralling; magnanimously bestowing upon my tyrannically manipulative conscience; a spell of immortal happiness.
The joy incinerated due to vivacious rainbows in the cosmos was ethereal; as it soon got ominously massacred; by an unfathomable carpet of sullen clouds threateningly engulfing it from all sides,
But the rainbows of beauty that formed on your freshly born crimson cheeks were timeless; stupendously bestowing upon my murderously sagging countenance; a
spell of immortal happiness.

The joy evoked due to the trail of the mischievous chimpanzee in the forests was short lived; as it soon got washed into miserable oblivion; with the uncouthly
overwhelming floods turbulently besieging it from all over,
But the trail of mesmerizing enigma on your innocuously budding palms was astoundingly divinely; bestowing upon my staggering beleaguered footsteps; a
spell of immoral happiness.

The joy radiating due to fascinating Sunlight filtering from the unsurpassable conglomerate of scarlet clouds was ephemeral; as it soon got diabolically encompassed by the dolorous winds of the ghastly night,
But the light uninhibitedly diffusing from your blissfully godly eyes was perennially triumphant; bestowing upon my hideously faltering stride; a spell of immortal happiness.

The joy stimulated due to the voice of the voluptuous nightingale was momentary; as it soon got brutally annihilated by the roar of the; ferociously marauding lions,
But the voice singing from your celestially tiny throat; was unbelievably ecstatic; bestowing upon my commercially starved ears; a spell of immortal happiness .

The joy aroused due to the ravishing fruits on the branches was evanescent; as it soon got disdainfully squelched; with the Herculean gale savagely uprooting the tree; with every single of its leaf,
But the fruits of Godly creation merrily sprouting from each cranny of your delectably beautiful skin; were unsurpassably bountiful; bestowing upon my
satanically traumatized demeanor; a spell of immortal happiness.

The joy transpired due to the marvelously placid air in the atmosphere was fugitive; as it soon drifted in another direction altogether; with the tumultuously brute force of the stormy winds,
But the air that you indefatigably disseminated from your melodious nostrils was unconquerable ingratiating; bestowing upon my scurrilously wailing soul; a spell of immortal happiness.

And the joy generated due to the love of two blending seeds was fugacious; as it soon got barbarically demolished; with the plant spawning up and then eventually withering with the passing winds,
But the ocean of unassailable love that you forever liberated from your Universally unprejudiced heart was supremely ever-pervading; bestowing upon my devastatingly diminishing life; a spell of immortal happiness.

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