A True Poet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A true poet is the one; who indefatigably fantasizes in the aisles of uninhibited freedom; without caring even an inconspicuous trifle about the conventionally
tyrannical society,

A true poet is the one; who romanticizes art even in the most languidly dreariest of stones; relentlessly floating in the planet of harmonious melody,

A true poet is the one; who irrefutably trusts his pen more than anything else on this Universe; intransigently keeps embodying mystical verse; irrespective of a barrage of criticisms; by the incorrigibly cynical society,

A true poet is the one; who nurtures every alphabet with his very own crimson blood; harnessing a bountiful entrenchment of dreams; with every iota of his ravishingly sensuous breath,

A true poet is the one; who frantically gropes in versatile shades of majestic light as well as ominously sinister darkness; to evolve the most fantastically blossoming tomorrow,

A true poet is the one; who philanders with gay abandon even in the most incomprehensibly unassailable of situations; stretching the realms of his fathomless
mind; to blend with the sparkling; as well as the esoterically bizarre,

A true poet is the one; who mesmerizes countless with the compassionately poignant cadence in his spell binding voice; as he divulges voluptuous rhyme from the bottom of his soul; and with maximum impact,

A true poet is the one; who has the astronomically intrepid tenacity to confront the most acerbically treacherous of times; dance rhapsodically under pearly beams of moonshine; even as the lecherously corrupt society spat gallons of penniless saliva at his; miserably sagging countenance,

A true poet is the one; who ardently caresses all that is beautiful; with an insatiable fire to endlessly discover resplendent newness; as each second rampantly unfurled into a wholesome minute,

A true poet is the one; who timelessly wanders in lanes of exotically tantalizing enchantment; groping for the ultimate seductress of blooming jubilation,

A true poet is the one; who is not bonded by any caste; creed; religion or society; ubiquitously spawning a civilization of perennially endless excitement; with the unprecedented artistry in his magically exquisite words,
A true poet is the one; who is an unsurpassable idol of piquant sensitivity; yet not being the slightest perturbed by hideous tongues; ignominiously condemning
and rebuking; his divinely art,

A true poet is the one; who wakes and sleeps at the moments of his choice; at times dreaming in  realms of unconquerable yearning for countless hours on the trot; even as the turgidly pragmatic society lambasted him with lethally venomous swords of diabolical manipulation,

A true poet is the one; who immutably gyrates in the corridors of unfathomable belonging; embracing and philanthropically assimilating all heavenly goodness;
lingering profusely on this ebulliently euphoric planet,

A true poet is the one; who enshrouds every vein of his mind and body alike; in a whirlpool of fabulously inscrutable enigma and kaleidoscopic grace,

A true poet is the one; who sights the luminescently embellished canvas of this Universe; in its ultimate epitome; of unparalleled splendor and vivacity,

A true poet is the one; who audaciously dares to venture into uncharted territories where no organism has ever been; despite Herculean vindication by the tumultuously ostracizing society,

A true poet is the one; who sacrifices fathomless births of his; to beautifully evolve his art; more importantly to royally bless every ecstatic wind; of a vibrantly brilliant tomorrow,

A true poet is the one; who incessantly loves his beloved more than anybody else on this world could ever conceive; immortalizing the spirit of his eternal romance; in every line of his; graciously benign poetry,

Over and above all; a true poet is the one; who solely listens to his invincibly throbbing heart and nothing else; perpetually bonding with symbiotic spirit of
synergistic existence;  metamorphosing every unfinished desire of the benevolent soul; into a charismatically endowing paradise.

Submitted: January 27, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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