A Writer Is Never Unemployed

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Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



A needle is never soft; pierces the elastic periphery of the bombastically inflated balloon with a thunderous bang,

A tree is never symmetrical; has branches of all dimensions and sizes dangling from its severely corrugated body,

A fire is never cold; sizzles the mockingly cold night with its festoon of hostile of rays,

An ice is never solid; metamorphoses itself at astounding speeds into a stream of cold water when caressed by the slightest of heat,

A rose is never stinking; inundates the barren and profoundly gloomy surrounding with the tantalizing aroma wafting unequivocally from its crimson body,

A bird is never walking for long miles on the ground; leans overwhelmingly on its pair of flamboyant wings to impart it with that delectable flight,

A diamond is never dull; punctures the eyes of even the blind with its glitter and scintillating shine,

A mushroom is never clean; extrudes disdainfully from the jungle with tufts of incorrigible dirt; loose specks of worm and deplorable soil,

A demon is never sweet; devours millions of innocent in the swirl of its insatiable desire which never dies or subsides,

A potbellied tortoise is never fast; crawls painstakingly through the leafy meadows chewing grass; while its counterparts execute several rounds of the finishing line,

A man eater leopard is never vegetarian; has an unrelenting zeal for flesh engulfing him every minute; after once relishing the taste of human blood,

A frog is never beautiful; spending its entire life in boundlessly deep interiors of the sordid well; having its coat enveloped with garbage and obnoxious slime,

A scorpion is never innocuous; ardently awaiting to strike its venomous fangs any minute into impetuously innocent flesh wandering unsuspectingly,

A fired bullet is never harmless; as even though it might miss its intended target; it nevertheless ricochets against impeccable wildlife,

A Kangaroo is never slow; bounces several strides at a time; even while harboring clusters of immaculate babies in its bulging belly,

A cow is never unholy; generates new life in all those who consume its supremely sacrosanct and salubrious milk,

A heart is never silent while it lives; palpitates tumultuously inside the chest; increasing its pace to unsurpassable limits after sighting the love of its life,

A breath is never dry; besieges the atmosphere around with Herculean loads of compassionate fervor; triggers the body every minute to run and live,

A life is never disciplined; replete with ups and downs that encompass an entity unsparingly every second; irrespective of the color he possesses or the religion he believes in,

A mother is never cruel to her child; no matter how much the infant cries and kicks her incessantly with its feet,

And a writer is never unemployed; although he might not go to conventional office from 9 in the morning to an exact 10 in the night; yet the fantasies he evolved impregnated new hope and charm; in millions others who monotonously survived.

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