The Legend of the Mage and the Faery

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A love story about a mage and a faery

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



 In the Old Forest of Ríornathnír


It's been twenty years since Silnór left Azos. He came to the North to die alone. He has been exiled when his older brother, Maldor, brutally murdered their father. For years, Silnór lived in an old forest with many dark secrets and creatures that lingered around. Another day has passed, Silnór walked down a lonely path but he still loved the beauty of nature and the strangest animals. In a lake somewhere in the Old Forest, where the elves are hidden from the world, Silnór came across what appears to be a forest maiden or also known as a faery. She is beautiful as nature and very protective of her earthly creatures. The faery left with no words. There Silnór sat underneath a willow tree. Tired of walking and tired of living. He fell asleep hoping he doesn't wake up. He dreamed of his brother killing their father over and over again. The same dream he always dreamt. If only he could have saved his brother from the darkness but Maldor has consumed so much, Silnór doesn't recognize him anymore. Every day he would walk back to the lake and sit under the same old willow tree. Then, something changed. The forest maiden returned but not by the lake. She sat under the willow tree. Silnór didn't say anything to provoke her. So he sat by the lake, lied down and closed his eyes.

"The trees talk," said the forest maiden. "Even the animals."

"Yeah, I hear them," not glancing back at the faery. Silnór didn't say much. He just lied there waiting for the day to die.

"You are a mage," said the faery. She walked closer and sat beside him. Deep down she cares about the weak man. She strokes his golden hair as he sleeps. Silnór didn't make a fuse he just let her. He opens his eyes. She had already left. The next day, Silnór decided not to go to his usual routine. Instead, he went to the mountains. He climbed and climbed where he finally reached the top. The wind blew, the view became a painted picture in his mind. He loved the view yet sad. He remembered watching the same view with his father and brother. Silnór noticed the forest maiden followed him to the mountain. She stood in silence and curious to know about the strange beautiful man who is always alone and sad. Usually, faeries are shy to approach humans but she was different. Most forest maidens are like goddesses, they protect their territories from invaders but since the Elves granted permission to the Mage to stay in the forest. The Faery didn't mind at all. "What is your name?" Asked the forest maiden.

"Silnór, son of Itór," said the Mage. "You are?"

"Elífaen, daughter of the forest," said the forest maiden. For some reason, the faery wanted to be by his side. "You are not human?" She sat by the Mage.

"I'm only half human," Silnór responded. "My mother is human but my father is a Maessér."

"The celestial god is said to be Watchers," said Elífaen. "The trees tell many stories. The good and the bad." She suddenly became quiet and then," they also told me yours. I am sorry." The forest maiden left in tears. Silnór didn't say much. He just sat there watching the sunset as if his past didn't bother him. The pain he once felt has vanished and he will too be gone as well. As the days went by, Elífaen, the forest maiden, hasn't seen the Mage. The trees have been whispering odd conversations. The shadows have been growing ever since the Dark Prince has been sealed away deep beneath the catacombs of Dézûrdal. He's coming. Whispered the Lord of the Trees. But not alone. The forest maiden became worried. "How long?" Asked the faery. Less than a year, he said. Elífaen began to search for the Mage. She went to the mountainside. He was not there. She went to the lake. He wasn't there. She looked everywhere but he was not found. The faery saddened. He left. Perhaps he knew the day will come but then the faery remembered. She went to the lake again and under the willow tree where he was waiting for her. He gave her smile that was never seen before.

"The trees talk," said the Mage.

"Silnór," the faery approached the beautiful man with golden hair and blue eyes. He could tell that the faery missed him and they have gazed into each other's eyes. The faery fell in love with the mystery mage and he has too, fallen for the beautiful maiden of the forest. They spoke in an ancient tongue. The trees described of those who have fallen for each will never leave their side until death them apart. And so, it is written. 

A year has passed, Elífaen is seven months pregnant, Silnór often traveled outside of the Old Forest to gather medicine, food for their unborn child. Silnór finally returned yet he has missed the due date. He sees his beloved wife, Elífaen carrying her baby. Silnór rushed to see them. "She has your eyes," said the Faery. Behind Silnór is a female with strange marks underneath her eyes. She could that the person is a dragon of Mylyra. "The trees talk, my love."

"Yes, I believe he is coming..soon," Silnór saddened. "I have brought, Herra, the Ancient Dragon Queen."

"Lady Elífaen," the Dragon bowed. "The Mage asked for a request for my aid. I am here to take you and your daughter to Mylyra for safe keeping." The Faery frowned.

"Silnór what of you?"

"I cannot go with you. I must put an end to my brother," the Mage angered in silence. "I cannot lose you or our daughter. Please." The Faery disagreed. She refused to leave his side. She kissed her beloved daughter one last time and handed over to the Dragon Queen. Just over the trees, dark clouds surrounded the Old Forest and lighting clashing in.

"I must leave!" Yelled Herra. "Do not regret this, Elífaen!" The forest maiden smiled and disappeared into the forest. As Silnór waited for the arrival of his evil brother. Out of nowhere, a lightning strike came towards him. His death has come for him. The Mage closed his eyes thinking of his beloved wife and their daughter. We didn't get the chance to name her. Silnór thought. Perhaps, Ithaen, Selía, Or——nothing happened to the Mage. He slowly opened his eyes. Elífaen had shielded her body to protect him. Silnór's heart sank. He held his only love in arms crying in agony. He looked up at the sky. He saw a Meassér fighting his older brother, Maldor. It must be Nélnuir, his father's sister. He had heard stories of his father and sister coming to Midgard to learn about the humans and the unknown world. Nothing could stop Maldor. The darkness became his strongest power. He had to help Nélnuir. Silnór carried his wife's body to the trees where they had taken her within them, to become a Spirit of the Trees. He hurried to help his kin. Together they used their life to activate a powerful spell to seal Maldor far away from Midgard.

"Into Derzûrdal we banish you for eternity!" Shouted the Meassér and Silnór. Maldor has been cast away in a blink of an eye. Silnór's kin, his aunt, started to fade away and turned into the brightest star and ascended towards the sky where she watches. Silnór refused to ascend as he is supposed to but he chose to stay in the Old Forest where he fell in love with a faery. He slowly walked to the lake and sat underneath his favorite spot. Under the willow tree. As his body joined with the trees, his spirit lives within them. Their love story will live for generations only known to the Spirit of the Trees and the Elves and perhaps one day it reaches to their daughter. "Allúra", said the Mage as he reunites with his beloved Elífaen where they will be together forever in the Old Forest.



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