A new life in a new world-it's been done before but this'll be my take after writing a few stories on Fanfiction.net.......

This story will be a prelude to a series i hope to publish. Based in the World of Elemental(Fallen Enchantress-Legendary Heroes).

Likely won't have a refined book on here till at least next year so please keep in mind that this will all be a very rough draft. At least for the current book.

Table of Contents

An end and a beginning

Ajax falls to his death and wakes on a beach. Goes for a walk in what must be the afterlife. Finds a crystal on the beach....
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A Different World

An introduction to the general world and those that inhabit it. Basically a setting for the story.

*The World of Elemental* -some races/factions/facts+my own improvised input -Also, spell-checker doesn't seem to be working for me today......but this is only the prelude story and version 1 at
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Strangers in Town

A scribe arrives in town. Inslow tells Ajax of a war while at the Tavern. An old friend of Inslow's comes to visit.
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Going Camping

A tense atmosphere leads to a camping trip. Ajax and Inslow talk of the ability to channel the elements.

(Short chapter, possibly a part A for version 2?)
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S. Rasmussen

Interesting start. One thing I found jarring is how we heard the other person's thoughts. Are you going to have omnipotent point of view? Or limited? Or alternating limited?

Mon, January 29th, 2018 6:04am


I just added that in there to show that Inslow wasn't as......nice, as he appeared to be is all.
For the most part, Ajax is the only one's who's thoughts should be noticed and if anyone else's thoughts are heard then it likely means something.

In this case, I was hoping to hint that this friendly guy has a darker side....

As far as point-of-view goes? I'm not sure. First thought is: Limited with occasional Alternating?

*Thanks for comment!*

Sun, January 28th, 2018 10:28pm

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