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This is just an observation.

Submitted: January 27, 2018

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Submitted: January 27, 2018



  I often hear people talk about other people who talk to themselves.  And the one common remark that they all make is that it is okay to talk to yourself, but it's not okay to answer. 

  Well, guess what folks, whether you want to admit it or not, we all talk to ourselves at one point or another and I'll give you some prime examples.

How many times have you ever watched a sporting event, especially football and yelled at the Television set when your player dropped the ball or the ref. made a bad call. Now admit it, how many times?  Do you really think the television set could hear you, or the player or the ref?

How many times have you watched a scary movie and the person (usually a woman) walks back into the house or the dark room, attic, cellar or where ever only to be sliced by the serial killer or attacked by the monster/alien/whatever and how many times have you yelled at them to not "go in there" or a comment about how stupid they were?  It is just a movie and the person can't hear you through the television set.Again be honest. 

  We do tend to give our possession a personality though, like cars for instance when it is either a male or female and give it a nick name.  And the same applies to a lesser extend to our television sets and radios so it's like talking to a friend.

How many times have you commented about things you hear on the radio in your car as well when you are driving alone?  Or complained about the guy in front of you cutting you off, or any other number of things concerning other people on the road???  Now be honest. Do you think the radio, or DJ can hear you? 

We don't voice those things in our head, instead we speak them out loud with our mouths.  But to who?  So who are we really talking to no one but our self. 

  The truth is we ALL speak to our selves at one point or another.  (I freely admit that I yell at the television set on bad calls, or when my guy drops the ball). It is actually human nature. We love to comment on things, we love to voice our opinion on everything under the sun. 

  Sometimes its simply to formulate our thoughts or what we have to do next, like "Okay, that entrance is locked, lets try this other one" , etc.  It's just a way of thinking out loud, truth be told. 

  I think it is only a problem when a person "grumbles" to themselves.  When they stare off into space and "grumble" to themselves, that is when it is a problem.  There is a clear difference between grumbling while you stare off into space and simply remarking to yourself about something going on around you.  More times than not, you are simply reacting to whatever is happening around you and near you, whether that is a television set, radio, bad driver, etc. 

  Hopefully most people can tell the difference and will admit  (at least to themselves) that what I've observed is true and that everyone does it. 

  So the next time someone catches you talking to yourself and tries to make you feel bad about it just ask them if they ever commented on a game, or movie and see what they say. 

 Or you could simply laugh and tell them you talk to yourself cause you're a really good listener and you also find yourself really interesting. 


No grumbling here, I assure you.


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