This is the take of how an ordinary human named Piper became the Evil Demon Queen otherwise known as Satan. Along her journey to find the entrance to hell, she meets a few angels who try stopping
her before its too late. But she also meets a few rogue demons who help her. But will Piper change her mind or corrupt Lindsay, the angel she fell in love with? In the end will a prophecy foretold
ages ago come true or go down in flames?

Table of Contents


Six years before the birth of Piper, a prophecy was made known to Satan. It stated that a child will be born that will be either tru... Read Chapter

Strange Happenings

Piper woke up the day of her 18th birthday. She sat up and stretched, ignoring the odd feeling that today was gonna be life changing. Fir... Read Chapter

Not Your Normal Birthday

Once Piper pulled up to Lindsay's, she saw the weirdest thing yet. Lindsay had this heavenly glow about her. "Um..what are you staring at... Read Chapter

The Lunchroom

Piper drove quietly to school as her three friends randomly chatted. As she was driving, Piper had the strangest feeling that her life wo... Read Chapter

A Life Changing Event

Up walked Britney, Piper's evil stepsister who just happened to be smirking. "So this is why you don't have a boyfriend?" She asked gestu... Read Chapter

A Day As An Angel

Piper could only stare at the girl. "You are my guardian angel?" Willow nodded. "yes i am and i must say...why must you be such a difficu... Read Chapter

To Corrupt An Angel

Hope skipped over to Lindsay and explained everything. Lindsay looked over to Piper who nodded and then Lindsay ran over and yelled, 'You... Read Chapter

Demonic Trickery

Piper smirked at Lindsay. "i bit you so you could be mine whether as an angel or demon. I want to be with you for all eternity and this w... Read Chapter

Well Shit

Piper looked around and then turned to face Elena. "You demonic bitch! I want my friends and girlfriend back and i want them back now!" E... Read Chapter

Truth Comes Out

Alex sighed. "Well we just screwed up big time. I don't even know what to do now that she did that." Hope shrugged while Willow spoke. "S... Read Chapter

Meeting With a Tricky Demon

As Piper flew faster and faster, she kept having the feeling of being watched. Her eyes were darting left and right looking to see if she... Read Chapter

Say What Now

What Haley had said caught Michael's attention. "Wait, you mean to tell me that Madison has been down here this entire time?!" Haley laug... Read Chapter

A Plan to Fight

Michael and the other angels ran into the meeting room and looked at all of them. "So, it's time for Piper to be on her way to fight Sata... Read Chapter

Fights Commence

Piper looked at Michael and nodded before running off to find Lindsay. As she got closer to the end of the Highway, the screams got loude... Read Chapter

Death Takes its Toll

Michael then began to look around him. Everywhere he turned he either saw a fallen angel or a headless demon. He saw something that made ... Read Chapter

Life or Death

Elena had ran towards where the battle between Piper and Satan was happening. She ran into a badly injured Lindsay and smirked. "Oh this ... Read Chapter

A Twisted Fate Indeed

There is a sequel coming for this book as well. Be on the look out for A Twisted Turn!
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