Saving the Romanovs; The Emerald Fire

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Hoi My name is E of West Glendia. So if you enjoyed the first 2 chapters of this story then I'm happy. Don't lose interest because there are no new chapters. I'm a super slow writer and sometimes
it might take me a couple of months to publish a chapter. I'll try to get one out every month but there are no guarantees. With that said enjoy the story, leave a comment, shelve it, and tell a
friend. Down below is the story summary Blurb, -E

Bella is a normal 13 year old with normal friends (Vivi & Quinn), a normal family, and a normal school. The most exciting thing that has ever happened to Bella is going on small family vacations to
visit her grandparents. The day before spring break seems to be just as normal as every other day. Until the shadow shows up. That is if something without a body can be a shadow. The shadow is the
shape of a little boy. all throughout the day the shadow follows her. When Bella confronts the shadow it tells her it needs help. Suddenly Bella and her friends are sent back in time to help
Russian Royal family avoid their assassination.

Table of Contents

The Bodiless shadow

The school hallway was noisy as always. I couldn't help but wish that it would be quieter sometimes. There was no need for people to s... Read Chapter

We learn that talking shadows are Russian

That was the most thrilling and terrifying thing that's ever happened to me. In fact that was all I could think about for the rest of ... Read Chapter

It’s a show not tell type of thing

I was distracted all throughout dinner thinking about the shadow. Every question that was asked of my basically went over my head and I... Read Chapter

Finally An Explanation

My vision is hazy as I start to wake up. I have a pounding headache and my whole body aches like I just fell into a ditch. I struggle ... Read Chapter

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