Adorable Sister

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Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



Tangily mischievous; yet supremely compatible whenever I needed her the most,

Boisterously bouncing; yet profoundly empathizing with the myriad of difficulties that encountered me in my way,

Incessantly chattering; yet metamorphosing to more silent than a leaf; when I needed to be in perpetual solitude,

Overwhelmingly pampered; yet ready to relinquish the last iota of her riches for saving my life,

Nostalgically childish; yet comprehending all my agonies more sagaciously than the greatest of saints; putting me off to blissful sleep,

Profusely dreaming; yet stirring me completely out of my weird reveries; tumultuously pepping me all the time to march ahead in life,

Crankily agitated; yet triggering me off into an unrelenting festoon of smiles; as I sat devastated in the corridors of gloom,

Insatiably ambitious; yet surrendering herself to incoherent bouts of frolic; to keep my spirits indefatigably soaring higher than the clouds,

Enigmatically nervous; yet standing like an invincible fortress when I came to defending my wave of stupendous integrity,

Inexorably chirpy; yet sitting by my side for hours immemorial as I fervently awaited my examination results to come,

Irrevocably stubborn; yet commiserating and earnestly blending with all what I remarked,

Cheekily extravagant; yet harboring me in realms of secure introversion; when my wounds slit apart with manipulative malice of the extraneous world,

A cyclonic whirlwind; yet waiting with insurmountable patience for me to grace every occasion of her life,

Prudently mature; yet shunning the entire Universe; endeavoring her best to uplift me from my cloistered shell of eccentric recluse,

Nimble statured; yet swirling higher than the most fulminating of volcano's at every heinous finger that dared to stretch even a trifle towards my countenance,

Euphorically artistic; yet confronting an unfathomable battalion of monotonous vagaries in life; so that I remained enchantingly engrossed in the ocean of poetry
for centuries unprecedented,

Magnetically glamorous; yet melanging perfectly with the most aboriginally rustic lifestyles; while trespassing with me on a holiday,

Candid tongued; yet pacifying the belligerent agony torrentially exploding in my heart; with her mesmerizing tunes of immortal love,

Are just frugal words; for even if I assimilated all the philanthropic goodness lingering on this planet; it would be still prove a fraction too less; to describe my
sacrosanct and adorable sister

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