After A Good Nights Sleep

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My eyes felt overwhelmingly revitalized; with their focus seeming to be crystal clear,

The network of bones in my body seemed to be well oiled; with that extra ounce
of energy incarcerated,

The breath flowing through my nostrils was holistically pure; without the slightest trace of impurity,

Sweat glands under my arms had started producing fresh perspiration,

The mass of curly hair on my palms had stood up alert; with pungent alacrity,

There seemed to be melodious sounds congruously humming in my eardrum; as an
aftermath of nocturnal dream,

Scarlet blood circulating through my veins had acquired a lighter tinge; and now flowed with pumped exuberance,

Dried crusts of dirt lined my eyelashes; which I wiped off ecstatically with my nail,

A serene calm now besieged my stomach; after onerous turmoil of the previous day,

Languid yawns now occurred; impregnating my demeanor with robust spurts of exhilaration,

The flesh circumventing my chest glistened all the more profoundly in golden rays of the sun,

New buds of taste had sprouted in clusters on my tongue; producing tantalizing sensations in my mouth,

The fortress of my teeth seemed to be fortified and strong enough; to masticate the hardest of coconut shell,

There was a perfect co-ordination between the mind and brain; a perpetual harmony which harnessed constructive thought flow,

Bouts of intense infuriation had dwindled substantially, replaced by the tendency to gently caress the grass and care,

The clouds had never seemed so blue before; and the Sun had never seemed as
dazzling as I could spot it now,
There was passion to work; gleeful run and perspire profusely in the heat,

My voice reverberated loud and stringently from my throat; blended with a perfect crispness to project authority,

All the laziness now seemed to have vanished into thin oblivion; with the last
trace of dreariness thoroughly annihilated,

Mind you there was no mystery behind this; I had slept like a hooded monster
last night; with thunderous snores piercing the stillness of air,

And as the first rays of dawn hit my eyes; I possessed unprecedented strength
to fulfill my duties; love with reinvigorated vigor the ones I ardently admired.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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