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An alcoholic man forgets to lock the bird cage. Finally it's time to escape. Not everything goes according to plan however.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018




“How are you fuckers doing?”
“Does Polly want a cracker?”

The birds were unaffected by his comments. Their owner would ask that question whenever he was drunk, which was getting to be more frequent. This time however he left the bird cage open.

“Look Gwendoline, we can finally fly toward our dream.”
“Oh Charly, I’m scared. What if something awful happens?”
Charly convinced Gwendoline and both birds made their escape. Although they forgot about their owner’s cat.
“Watch out its Paws! That beast always has it out for us!”

Charly was cornered and feared for his life.

“Leave now Gwendoline, go on without me! Live like we always dreamt of doing.”
“I can’t Charly…not without you!”

Gwendoline fought her tears and reluctantly flew away through the open window.
Even though she heard Charly screaming, she never looked behind. She vowed to keep their promise. After days of flying she reached a land filled with her species. It was filled with birds of all shapes and sizes.

“I noticed you’re new here…I’m Alex.”
“Oh…hi…I mean I’m Gwendoline.”

The two started a new life together although she never forgot about her former life.

“Dear diary…today marks the second year of my life in paradise. I regret Charly couldn’t be here to see it. I’m thankful for Alex and the life I have here. My eternal gratitude goes out to my hero…Charly.”

The couple birthed many children and they were raised free from caged oppression. As for our lovable owner, he got a dog and named it Bobby. If Paws the cat is to be believed…that dog is always out to get him.


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