The Renegade's Keep

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A mysterious prison on a faraway island where its guards and renegades reside.

Submitted: January 28, 2018

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Submitted: January 28, 2018



A tall man wearing a suit walked down a dimly lit corridor. None of the inmates, who noticed his presence, jeered at him nor taunted him. Hearing just his echoing footsteps that eluded such strong authority, they already knew it was him- and they feared him greatly. They just watched him silently as he strode off to the last room at the far right: the most heavily guarded room in the entire prison of Bastøy.

Bastoy was the prison of the most notorious people there is of Norway. The prison was built on a faraway island; making it difficult for the prisoners to escape. In the prison, the best prison officers were stationed to make sure none of the inmates would be able to run away. In fact, the tall man, Alex Burns is the one leading the guards in charge.

“Good day to you, sir,” a guard greeted as Alex stood to a halt in front of a door with a number 115 on it; guarded with a passcode and two guards- people that Burns knew well after spending many months with them on the island.

“Not too good actually,” muttered Burns as he just came back from the headquarters in Sweden. “The head asked me to press 115 again regarding the smuggling incident.”

“Ah, that will be a real pain in the butt then,” said the guard on the left, scrunching his face with distaste. “115 doesn’t really like to talk; especially with that mask on his face all the time.”

“Yeah, I know,” said the well-dressed man, scratching the back of his head. “Anyway, since I can’t really do anything about it, might as well deal with it. See you boys.”

Both of the guards bid him farewell as Burns pressed his ID on the scanner beside the metal gate and disappeared inside the cell.

“By the way,” Mark said after the metal gates shut with a thud. “Have you ever seen No. 115’s face?”

The other guard faced the said guard in question. “Why? Does it even matter?”

“No, just curious, that’s all.” The left guard looked across the wall in front of him to ponder. “I mean, he’s the only prisoner here that has a sack on his face. I get that he’s really dangerous and all but why the cover up? His cell has no windows anyway.”

The other guard merely shrugged. “Might be because his face just matches his bad record. Ooh- I bet he must be real ugly.”

“Oh shut up, Jackson.”

And both guards broke into a fit of laughter, holding out their stomachs in the process.


“I never expected that you’d come visit me once,” a man behind the glass of the visiting area spoke. His hands are both locked up to a metal chair and his face hidden beneath a mask.

“Neither did I,” Alex calmly replied across the other side of the glass.

The man chained to the chair chuckled. “You can stop addressing me numbers. Call me by my real name for once. You’re all such inhumane beings, honestly.”

“That won’t happen. It’s done for security measures so there will clearly be no attachments made with the prisoners.”

“Yeah, right,” he sneered. “Anyhow, let me out of this mask already, will ya’? It’s just you in this room anyway- and that bald guy that I suspect is on my far right.”

The bald guy referred to was in the exact corner where the masked prisoner pointed out with his head. The guard flinched in surprise.

“You still have good instincts after being locked up for a year,” Alex said, quite surprised as well. “Arthur, remove his mask, will you?”

“Are you sure, sir?” the guard on the left snapped with haste. “He’s still highly-“

“Dangerous,” Alex interjected. “I know very well his capabilities, Arthur,” he calmly stated. “His capability to capture the structure of this particular area won’t matter. He’ll still have to go through a lot of barriers outside this cell in order to fully materialize in his head the exits possible.”

“A-all right sir.” With hesitating steps, Arthur slowly moved closer to the said prisoner; stepping behind him in order to remove the mask off his head. Untying a few threads loose, the mask slowly came off the prisoner’s face. The bald guard gave the prisoner a wary look sideways before going back to his post and grabbing his rifle in a defense stance.

Number 115 let out a breath of relief for the first time as his mask came off. He inhaled the oxygen around him with much pleasure as he was deprived of its direct source for a year.

“Fresh air at last,” the prisoner let out a smile of satisfaction, his eyes glinting. “I really thought I was going to die being in that mask for so long. People might’ve mistook me as the Zodiac for being stuck in that thing for a year.”

“I wouldn’t be so carefree if I were you, Felix.”

Felix, the Number 115 prisoner, clenched and unclenched his fingers. After hearing his name, he leaned back on his seat comfortably as he properly faced the man behind the glass wearing a suit.

Alex’s forehead creased as he now stared at the mask less prisoner.

It almost felt like watching his own reflection in a mirror; especially with the glass in between the room supporting the aforementioned thought as he faced 115. Even with the prisoner’s messy hair, soulless eyes and unshaven face, he still looked so much like him; so much like Alex as if he was looking at a clone that was a bit shabbier than himself.

“Nice to see you there,” said Felix, now grinning menacingly. “I see that you’re well, brother.”

“Don’t call me with that word,” spat Alex harshly to Felix. “You’re no longer worthy to carry the family name; the name you’ve abandoned to pursue your other life- the life that put you behind these very bars.”

“Now, now, don’t talk about the past anymore. You’re still pissed about me leaving that hellhole?”

“DON’T INSULT THE HOUSEHOLD!” bellowed Alex strongly, standing up now with both palms on the counter, which supported the glass.

“Woah, woah, take it easy, dear Alex,” mocked Felix teasingly. “You’re still so tense after all these years.” Felix was now highly amused of Alex’s fuming, tomato-colored face. If Felix didn’t have the mask blinding him for 12 months, he could’ve sworn that he saw some steam come off of Alex’s head.

“Alex, don’t let him get to you,” said Arthur from the corner, now gripping tightly the weapon he had in his hand. “He’s just testing your nerves.”

“See, Alex? Even your lower rank knows better,” teased the prisoner. “You’ve got to keep your cool, really.”

Gritting his teeth, Alex forced himself to sit back down and be at the same level of height as Felix. Biting his lower lip- a habit he made when he was frustrated, he slowly calmed himself by taking deep breaths. Clasping his hands over his lap, he now straightly looked at Felix again.

“I see that Mr. Composed has now returned,” joked the man across. He knew that Alex only ever broke his composure in front of him.

“Shut it or I’ll stuff a bullet down your throat.”

“Okay, okay,” laughed 115. “So what is it that you want?” Felix clanks on the chains that were binding him.

“I need you to talk.”

“Straight to the point, eh?” chuckled Felix. “But, no way.”

“Unless…, “ Felix interrupted very quickly. “…we make a deal,” he was now sniggering in a manner that annoyed Alex greatly.

“And what is it that you suggest?” Alex questioned him with suspicion raising in his throat.

“For the information that I’ll spit out, there’ll be freebies. For example, giving me a proper meal for once.”

“That’ll do,” said Alex. “Any more?”

“Oh, and the request to be able to see,” smirked Felix. “I understand that you don’t want the other guards to know that your twin brother is the heinous criminal that’s heavily guarded within these walls. Boring eyeholes in the mask should do.”

“Sir, that’s-“

“All right, I permit it,” Alex said calmly before Arthur could finish his sentence.

“But boss! If you let him wander the jail with his eyes open like that, he’ll start making crazy antics in his head!”

“I know but I won’t let that happen.” He now stared into Felix’s eyes seriously; Felix mirroring his stern face with a lopsided grin and his eyes wide and glinting.  “I’ll be the one to escort him on his duties here in prison.”


As night came, Alex was true to his words; he escorted Felix out of the visitor’s area and to his own cell. While walking up the dimly lit hall; echoes thundering with each step they take, Felix decided to break up the silence.

“I know you turned me in, brother.”

Alex halted at Felix’s words and turned to face him. Felix’s words mustn’t have synced in to Alex yet so Felix reiterated, “I know you were the one who turned me in that fateful night.”

Alex could only stare at him in silence but Felix could see the guilt present in his eyes.

“Felix, I-“

“It’s alright,” he cut Alex off. He smiled bitterly to himself, “It was your duty, I know. But you really betrayed my trust, you know. I trusted you to keep me safe but you gave me to them.”

Felix hung his head low and chuckled, “But its fine. I don’t hate you for that. Because you’re family; I won’t hate you.”

He smiled genuinely to Alex and said, “Anyway, I promise I won’t get out of here until my term ends. You don’t have to be so uptight and all. I won’t be able to escape these highly guarded walls anyway.”

Felix nudged Alex and walked ahead of him, “Let’s go.”

Alex, still hung over Felix’s words, merely heard him but escorted him back to his cell.


As they neared his cell, Alex sported out his ID to the scanner by the gates. He was just getting his card scanned when there was suddenly a sound of metal clanking to the floor.

Alex, hearing the suspicious sound, turned around and he saw Felix, out of his bonds, displaying the key of his cuffs in midair; smirking in the process.

“Felix, you-“

But Felix cut him off with a strong kick in the face. Alex dropped down heavily to the floor and held his bleeding nose. Using his shoulder, he skidded to the floor and quickly made himself sit upright on the wall.

Felix bent down and grabbed the dropped gun on the floor. With a maniac smirk splashed across his face, he pointed it at Alex.

“Felix, how-?” Alex heaved exasperatedly with his hand on his nose; still in shock with Felix’s betrayal.

“It was foolish of you to trust me brother. You made yourself unguarded.”

“But you promised-“

“Ah, that silly promise?” Felix chuckled. “Didn’t you learn brother? Traitors will always be traitors.” And with no unnecessary hesitation, Felix pulled the trigger.

The sound resounded throughout the hall and to the nearby guards, it wouldn’t take them a minute to fully register the sound.


“Boss, what was that sound just now?!” Mark inquired whilst running toward the source of the sound.

“Ah, that was nothing,” heaved Alex, trying to hold himself up on the wall; his suit now dirty and crumpled.

“I-is that?” Mark pointed at the laid body on the ground, unmoving.

“Yes. It’s 115. He escaped his bounds and tried to shoot me with my gun,” Alex showed the said gun to Mark.

“B-but boss, won’t we get in trouble for this? With 115 dead?”

“It can’t be helped,” he replied with his brows furrowed. “With him on the loose, we’d have a lot more on our plate and have our heads hanged.”

“A-all right boss. T-then I’ll get help.” With a sprint, Mark ran quickly to go find help, leaving Alex and Felix behind the empty hall.

What didn’t Mark notice though is that Alex had suddenly a scar on his neck; a scar that Felix Burns wore when he was still young. And with a dark glint to his eyes, the now said Alex, wearing the suit and tie, smirked and chuckled helplessly that he collapsed to the nearby wall.

Facing his brother on the ground, wearing his prison clothes, he chuckled maniacally with both of his eyes wide open in hysteria.

“Aah, brother. That was quite a good act of me, wasn’t it?” Felix said still chuckling.

“Now the one they’d consider as Felix, the dead prisoner, is you. And I -will be Alex Burns: the most trusted corrections officer in this entire facility- and perhaps, also in the entirety of Sweden.”





A/N: Bastoy is a real prison of Norway. But the details of the prison here is just fiction ^^









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